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  1. Victor

    Luggage Service

    Yes, used Baggage Handling Company many times. Always been reliable.
  2. Victor

    Inter Cruises Or Cruise Connect

    So are we.
  3. Victor

    Anyone Using Eavesway…. Information

    Thanks for that. Going with Eavesway on 26th and if driver doesn't mention it,will give him a gentle nudge to do so.
  4. Victor

    Please Keep This Forum Friendly!!

    Well said Admin.
  5. Victor

    Oriana In The Arctic Circle

    Loved the photos.
  6. No way! World cruise would be first on the list.
  7. Victor

    Kotor And Korcula

    Been to Korcula on two occasions and looking forward to another visit this year. Both times ship was at tender. It's a lovely,scenic,easy to stroll round town, with a cathedral,museum and Marco Polo's house which is now a museum. Worth going ashore just for a walk round the bay.
  8. Victor

    Kotor And Korcula

    Lovely to see photos, they bring back happy memories of a lovely place.
  9. Victor


    Hope it's only a rumour. She is a favourite of ours.
  10. Victor

    Kotor And Korcula

    Agree with Shetlander, Kotor is a gem and sail in is not to be missed.
  11. Victor

    Worst Ports Of Call?

    Casablanca gets our vote too. Stayed on ship second time we were there.
  12. Well said Wilba, our sentiments exactly. They deserve every penny they get....and more.
  13. Victor

    The Baggage Handling Company

    Have used them a number of times. Very efficient and reliable. Cost per case for pick up and return was £60 August 2013. Haven't booked this years yet so do not know if there has been an increase this year.
  14. Always use Holiday Extras due to health issues. Have found their quotes very reasonable.