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    love holidays especially cruising,
    Celebrity is favourite cruise line,
  1. We too book Celebrity and Bolsover have never charged us for using either Visa or Amex, unlike some TA's. This is why we keep coming back to Bolsover or Celebrity direct.
  2. Hi all, shorthaul we use Jet2, they are usually on time and their seats do NOT recline and come with 22kg allowance. we try to use British Airways as a first choice for long haul and if we can use Avios we do, however if not possible then for the Far East it would be first choice Etihad and then Emirates. We did like Monarch for short haul but sadly no more. will never touch Ryanair.
  3. update on my post, we have now changed our package and are only staying the night at the Hilton and are going to park at the dock with ABP, thank you for discount Bolsover.
  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL looking forward to next years cruises and adventures
  5. My hubbie did think about it !!!
  6. We have been looking at MSC and they do have some good looking itineraries. However feedback so far is not good on their service levels. Has anyone out there had good experiences of them and had their other cruise line loyalty levels transferred to MSC too. HELP undecided
  7. thank you all, we have looked at all your suggestions, at present we have booked the Hilton Ageas Bowl with parking transfers and breakfast. now to study the excursions for this trip. merry Christmas to everyone
  8. Thanks for info so far, we are also going to Kristiansand, Copenhagan, Tallin, Helsinki, and Skagen, Sillhouette 7th May. any info gratefully received.
  9. We have just booked a baltics cruise and would appreciate ideas on what to see and what to avoid. Would you use ship tours for St Petersburg or a private tour? Also we have never cruised from Southampton before, always fly cruised, where do you park and any recommendations for overnight hotels would be appreciated.
  10. we have cruised on this ship when it was Airtours Sunbird, apart from the loo loosing its vacuum we had 3 very good back to back holidays. Hubbie watched which lever the plumber pressed to recharge the system in the cupboard in corridor and after that we did the recharge ourselves. Hope you enjoy your cruise
  11. Years ago we did an Airtours cruise that went into Havana, what a lovely city, yes it was faded and needed renovation but lovely non the less. We felt safe wandering around the city and when we got lost we never felt threatened. It will be nice to go back to revisit, hope everyone else who goes enjoys it as we did
  12. Hi, we switched using this system over a year ago, we moved to Santander and we didn't have any problems, Apparently the outgoing bank forwards any transactions to your new account for 3 months before sending back to whomever, hope this helps, I am sure that some people may say otherwise, as its all electronic things can sometimes go wrong.
  13. Hi We did this tour quite a few years ago when we were a lot fitter. It is well worth it, you get to go to the very top of the crater and look down into the volcano, and then it was still smoking. The views are amazing and the air clean, Hope you enjoy it.
  14. Big thank you to Celebrity and all the security guys who kept us safe during the 3 nights of L.O.V.E. (lights out virtually everywhere). A tanker following 3 hours behind us was taken by the pirates,
  15. I agree, good video, also visited several times including old building. Always a warm welcome. thank you Bolsover