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  1. Stu2863860

    Aurora to become adult only.

    Excellent news. I certainly will not be going on the two new ships as great as they will be.
  2. Stu2863860

    Still being ripped off

    So I looked at a Ventura cruise and noted the price last week for d deck for two was £13098. Today after a web update the price is now £14998. No way will I ever book ahead in future. If I can't get a cabin short term so what. P and o rip us off. Fluid pricing my foot £1900 increase they must be laughing at us when we book. And Bolsover don't complain on our behalf because there commission increases
  3. Just looked at another 2018 cruise on p and o. Price in de lux balcony increased by £900. Fluid pricing my ...... More like we like ripping you off 

  4. Stu2863860

    Still being ripped off

    Once again p and o are ripping us off. I enquired about a cruise 3 weeks ago for February 18 and was given a price for a delux balcony. Today I went to the same travel agent re the same cruise and it has been reduced by £436 per person. It's about time the travel agents so called association did something to knock on the head the excuse if fluid pricing. I would have paid £872 more had I booked it though I will admit the obc was £100 less. I am not being conned any more and will only book about a month prior to departure. If I cannot get the cabin or cruise I want no problem.
  5. Stu2863860

    Onboard Photographers - What's Your Opinions?

    Photos on ships are a good idea but the price of them is a nonsense. Too much in time face all the time
  6. Stu2863860

    Price rip of

    I think it's about time the travel agents all got together and discussed with all cruise lines their pricing policy. Personally I think their excuse of 'fluid pricing' when they adjust fares on a regular basis is wearing thin. I looked at a cruise with Cunard for later this year and obtained a price. When I went to book the next day it had increased £400. And there were exactly the same amount of cabins available. Not that they would be bothered because someone else would be willing to pay the inflated price ( if they knew ) but I was not. I found a very similar cruise elsewhere for less money but not Cunard. So what.
  7. Stu2863860

    Electronic Smoking

    No way will cruise lines stop smoking. They would loose a large number of passengers. Onlyallow smoking on a small area of a deck not a whole deck like p and o does. That stupid
  8. Stu2863860

    To Tip Or Not?

    It's about time all cruise lines included the tip in the price so all passengers pay the tip. To put it on the shipboard account then allow you to remove it is unfair to those who pay. I overheard some people on the Ventura say that they have been cruising 5 years and don't pay the tip as it adds a hundred or more pounds on the holiday. Sort yourselves out cruise lines.
  9. Stu2863860

    SMOKING !!

    It's about time p and o in particular designated just one area per deck for smokers. You have the stupid situation that they allow smoking all on one side if a particular deck. Pure nonsense
  10. Stu2863860

    Balcony cabin

    Not interested in the Britannia at all. It's like a block of flats ugly
  11. Stu2863860

    Cruise Prices

    Who agrees with me that it's about time the cruise industry sorted out their price structure. There should be one price which remains thought the sale process. They keep moving goal posts and P and O are the worst offender though others are not out of the woods if you book by a certain date there are certain benefits but when that dare comes and goes the benefits are still there of greater. I can accept the structure where you pay a lower price and don't know the cabin and you gave to pay for extras but this price can and has increased.