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  1. baldeagle

    St Maarten Airport Beach

    We visited St Maarten last Monday on Britannia. Not sure if it was the bad weather or the number of tourists from the ships but apparently it took 3 hours for people to get back in taxis due to heavy traffic. Give yourself plenty of time. Have a good cruise.
  2. baldeagle

    Crossing Atlantic

    Crossed Atlantic several times to caribbean and weather has been OK from Southampton, however, warmer weather has started when we have got to Ponta Delgado(Azores) or as Ron stated, Maderia. Have a good cruise, we have always enjoyed the days at sea, just relaxing.
  3. baldeagle

    Describe A Cruise In 3 Words!

    Case overweight again.
  4. baldeagle

    Is Itsafe To Walk Around Naples On Your Own

    Caught a bus to the railway station & then circumversuviana to Herculaneum & then onwards to Sorrento. The day ticket was really cheap and provided a good day to see the ruins and visit a beautiful town. Care though as the return from Sorrento to the ship takes at least 90 minutes. Did not see much of Naples, but it seemed OK to walk around although a little grubby in places. Hope you have a good cruise.
  5. baldeagle

    Solar Eclipse 2015

    Although rather cloudy in Lancashire, they broke sufficiently for a few good photo's of the eclipse as it neared its 95% view. Happy to get a few shots as I was working during the 99 eclipse and didn't have camera with me. Must admit, it didn't seem to get very dark and the birds were still singing.
  6. baldeagle

    How Big Is Too Big?

    Personally I prefer the 70-80k ton ships which feel like a ship and not a floating holiday resort. This is just my preference but I am sure that the larger ships have something for everyone. I have enjoyed cruises on Azura & Ventura and if the Itinerary is to my taste, then I would cruise on any size of ship.
  7. baldeagle

    Recommended Holiday Reading

    Visiting Rome inspired me to read "The Empire" series of books by Conn Iggulden. They were excellent, but normally I just sit in the sun and read books that are easy on the brain - Lee Child, Peter James, Karin Slaughter etc.
  8. baldeagle

    Memorable Food

    I have eaten in many memorable venues but not all the food was that memorable. The following are probably the most memorable because of the setting and excellent food. Great Pizza at an Italian in The Rocks, Sydney. Large Baracudda cooked and eaten at a beach shack in Cavelossim, Goa. Steak cooked over charcoal at Mercado Del Puerto, Motivideo Conger Eel at Matetic Winery in San Antonio valley between Valparasio and Santiago. All were delightful and helped me arrange a diet when I returned home.
  9. Never faced this problem, but have heard a few TV's in the late evening from next cabin. I agree with Ron and feel that if you virtually camp at reception, they should sort it. Maybe ask to speak to the "accomodation manager" if nothing done in the first couple of attempts. We took this approach when noisy Air Conditioner and Pump room kept us awake, it worked eventually.
  10. baldeagle


    Enjoyed cruise on Aurora and having never been on her before could not compare past & present. Sailed from Rio to Valparaiso and thought she was a very nice ship. Not sure about the standard of the refit, as this was taken in Montivideo prior to the paint job being repaired temporarily.
  11. baldeagle

    Valparasio To Santiago

    Just back from Aurora cruise from Rio to Valparaiso and report that if anyone wants to get from Valparaiso Port to Santiago, do not hesitate to try Christian The Van Man. Collected us at Cruise Terminal at 08.30 and did a tour of Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar before travelling to Winery for a Lovely meal and wine tasting. Then onwards to Santiago for 17.30. We called at several places that P&O tour buses could not navigate. If anyone interested contact is christianroymx@hotmail.com Excellent english as he is American who was born in Chile and charge was $100 per person based on 4 sharing.
  12. baldeagle

    Adonia Up The Amazon

    Was originally booked on this cruise but when itinerary was changed (after full payment made), we contacted P&O and complained as we had been to the caribbean islands and therefore missing Orinoco and French Guinea was a major alteration to us. We swapped to South America cruise on Aurora (Rio to Valparaiso). Glad you enjoyed the cruise but as you say, a lot of sea days on small ship not for the fainthearted in a heavy swell.
  13. baldeagle

    Valparasio To Santiago

    Richard Just eaten in Mercado Del Puerto @ La Charca. Absolutely brilliant, steaks are out of this world for value. Mike
  14. baldeagle

    Valparasio To Santiago

    Richard Many thanks for the advise, I have booked a tour from Valparaiso with "Christian The Van Man" who I found through various reviews of the area. He is picking us up from the ship at 8 am for a tour. He suggests a tour of Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar, calling at a winery in Casablanca Valley for a tour and tasting and lunch or afternoon stop at a typical Chilean rustic restaurant. He will then deliver us to hotel in Santiago at approx 4.30pm. Good reviews of his tours by various people and he is charging $120 each. Not bad value considering a quote of $100 each just for the transfer between ship & hotel. Will post and let you know if he was good on our return. Flying to Rio for a couple of nights before boarding Aurora. Mike
  15. baldeagle


    Flying to Rio to join Aurora next week and disembarking in Valparaiso. Never sailed on her before, so the above is a great recommendation. Will visit Mercado Del Puerto and sample some of that wonderful food that Richard highlighted in Montivideo. Can't wait.