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  1. Mickb

    Cunard Advice for Regent Seven Seas Cruisers Please?

    We have cruised with Regent and Cunard in Princess Grill. On the QM2 the PG cabins are similar in size and facilities to Voyager aboard which we cruised. However the bathrooms are way better on Regent. On the QV the PG cabins are much smaller and are not comparable at all. IMO you would need to book QG on the QV/QE for a similar style of stateroom. Like you we drink the odd cocktail and a bottle of $40/50 wine with dinner. There is the odd purchase in the shop. Our bill is usually around $1500 for a 10 day cruise. no matter how prepared you are for it - the quantum is always a shock!!!
  2. Mickb

    Are you Brand Loyal ?

    We have completed 5 cruises with Cunard, 5 with HAL, 3 with Celebrity and 2 with RSS, all of which had their pluses and minuses, but all of which were hugely enjoyable experiences. We have also cruised once with P&O and NCL - both of which we found much less enjoyable. We find that to a certain extent, there is not a lot to choose within the brands, so I think that it is the itinerary which is the attraction.
  3. Mickb

    P&O Ships ref. recent comments

    Following a very expensive and disappointing cruise in a large suite on Oceana in 2014. . I wrote a detailed personal letter to Rod Etherington ( I think that was his name) who had just joined the senior management at P&O. To my surprise, he telephoned me in response and we had a long conversation about P&O generally and in particular Oceana, it's good and it's bad points. ( I did write a review on this forum) I made the point that if you cruise in a suite with Cunard or Celebrity, you are made to feel like a valued customer - and I had not found this to be case at P&O. Interestly, his reply was that he thought it would be 5 years before P&O were likely to be in a position to achieve this with the premium cabins. He admitted that filling the new vessels was proving to be an issue but was optimistic in general. I did point out that alienating your long term loyal customers was not ideal but as it he said it's now game about volumes and margins - as with so much in our world today! At least he took the time to listen to me -
  4. Mickb

    Queen Victoria

    Some advice please We have cruised fairly extensively including 2 Transats on the QM2 in PG which we absolutely loved. We tried P&O last year but were very disappointed. We normally take a break in January and are contemplating the 7 night 3/1/16 QV sailing to Copenhagen and Hamburg. We work hard and tend to relax on our cruises. As it is not our main holiday ( Celebrity Eclipse Transat later in the year) we are contemplating a Britannia level balcony cabin. My questions are : As it is the cruise before the world cruise - will we find service levels reduced ( training etc)? We like space - do the Britannia Balcony cabins feel cramped? What sort of passenger age profile can we expect? What is the food like - compared say Celebrity, HAL or P&O? - Thanks for nay opinions you may have
  5. I did the backstage tour on Oceana recently. There were 12 of us and It took 4 hours. We started in the theatre and worked our way round the ship finishing on the bridge where we spent about 45mins. After that the Captain entertained us to Champagne and canapés and answered all our questions ( even the silly ones) with good humour and tact. It was an excellent experiences and cost £75 pp.
  6. Mickb

    Just Returned

    Sorry just noticed the date - mea culpa
  7. Mickb

    Just Returned

    Where there any problems with the current outbreak of Ebola in W Africa? Any special health formalities? I think that HAL diverted their world cruise on Amsterdam away from Banjul and one of the other W African ports because of the outbreak?
  8. Mickb


    On Oceana 3 weeks ago - they showed Life of Pi Captain Phillips (?) - the film about the ship that pirates took of Somalia Gravity The bookseller
  9. Mickb

    Celebrity's New 'suite Class'

    I think that this is a very interesting innovation. Whilst I don't hold with the class system - my personal view is I have always thought that as long as the base product is good, there is nothing wrong with suite class passengers having a separate restaurant/grill. We did a transatlantic on Eclipse in a suite last November and thoroughly enjoyed suite life - having said that I thought the MDR food, whilst ok, was not that exciting - we used the specialty restaurants on several occasions. This new offering would tempt me back to Celebrity.
  10. We recently returned from an Iberian cruise aboard P&O's Oceana. Whilst we enjoyed the cruise, I had some comments about various elements of the cruise and I wrote a review which was published on this site's cruise review section. I turned the review into a letter which I sent to David Dingle at Carnival UK. Imagine my surprise this morning when I received a personal phone call from Christopher Edgington, the MD of P&O cruises thanking me for the comments and saying that he and his colleagues took them seriously and would seeking to make some changes as new ships come into service and older ships are refitted. It may be that they never do anything but at least he took the trouble to call me! Maybe it is worth taking the trouble to tell cruise companies management what one thinks????
  11. This looks like Carnival bashing!
  12. Mickb

    Island Princess - Panama Canal Cruise

    Thommo34 I am also contemplating this cruise for January next year. I would really appreciate it if you can let us know your thoughts and opinion upon your return?
  13. Mickb

    Advice On Princess

    Thank you so much.
  14. We recently completed a cruise on Oceana and whilst we enjoyed the cruise, decided that P&O was not for us. I have found a really attractive a Panama Canal itinerary on Island Princess next January ( escaping our miserable weather). We have previously been happy on Cunard/HAL/Celebrity. What experiences have people had with Princess that they might want to share please? We would probably book a mini suite ( aka a bigger cabin!)
  15. Mickb

    Best meal at sea?

    Qsine on Celebrity Eclipse was outstanding Tamarind -Asian fusion food - on Eurodam was also very very good - so much so that we gave up on the MDR, which was a bit uninspiring, and ate in Tamarind every night.