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  1. nibor

    Hard sell and cynical lack of information on MSC

    We have just returned from P&O and they had a really good port talk person from the excursions desk who told you about the port and how far things were so you could do your own thing and then explained the shore excursions properly, not just a hard sell. We also had the port sheets with map in our cabin pack. Just like the old days really so good for P&O that time.
  2. nibor

    Do You Attend Port Lectures?

    Usually we attend if only to see if there is anything about where the ship docks and the need for shuttle buses and if we have prebooked the best tour! So many ships now have prebooking which you choose in advance from their tours booklet and the port lecture is often just reading out of the tour description but the additional photos can help. Of course when we had proper port lectures by such as Mo Holland on Discovery, they were interesting and you could decide what to see then. Nowadays you wonder if you need to do the tour from all the info on the net, just follow it on Google Earth.