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  1. w.wanderer

    Upgrade List Dont Go On One ?

    Hi going on oceana again 19th Sept picked a specific cabin on a specific deck near were we have been before p&o sold our cabin and gave us what they class as a upgrade the travel agent only informed us a week later we refused the upgrade and was told we would have to take it as we were on a upgrade list having never had one on over 20 cruises with p&o we told bolsover to take us off last year our mistake we booked with coop travel just for a change this cruise bad move luckily we have just got a cabin near our original choice if you want a certain cabin and deck don't go on a upgrade list you have to take it
  2. w.wanderer

    Dishonest Underhand Policies Of P&o

    Well said John it's time someone stood up to p and o we have been cruising with them since the canberra days seems like once they have your money they move the goalposts good luck keep us informed
  3. Hi going on a princess cruise in May only done p&o and r.c.I what's the policy with taking drinks on board p&o don't seem to mind r.c.I take them off you and return them at the end of the cruise
  4. w.wanderer

    Britannia Speculation

    Hi fellow cruisers the wife has just rung bolsover to pre register for Britannia we have took the plunge and booked cabins for 18th Dec 2015 to the Caribbean never done a Xmas cruise before appreciate any info ??
  5. w.wanderer

    P&o Cruises 2015/16 Out Now!

    New p&o brochure just arrived yet another rip off if your up north Caribbean fly cruise on Britannia 2015/16. 100 pounds pp from Manchester or Birmingham it's included if Gatwick and then more money to prebook your seats all this extra money was always included in the fare yet another p&o increase ??
  6. w.wanderer

    P&o Tirade

    Hi kitty well said I for one paid 15 months ago on a vantage on ventura last week in the Caribbean and we got neither o.b.c or an upgrade we spoke to a p and o assistant on board who didn't want to know she said the vantage promotion finished in December yet again p and o moving the goalposts
  7. w.wanderer

    P&o Tirade

    Hi Harvey we have not gone totally anti p and o overnight having cruised with them since the canberra days you notice more and more the various cutbacks I know carnival are in this to make money but not at our expense when your in port and other ships are in e.g. celebrity r.c.I and even Thompson no less the p and o passengers are walking into town in 90 degree heat while they all get free shuttle buses it gets you a bit mad anyway we are trying a princess cruise in May let's see how that goes
  8. Hi bolsover jumping in with great service I don't think so not for us we have been with them for many years and done sometimes 3cruises a year we asked p and o why we had never been offered any upgrades they said it was down to bolsover who then said we will not upgrade on your behalf if it's an inferior cabin ???? Yet you speak to people on board who have been upgraded to balconies and paid at least half less than us we are so disappointed in them that we have booked our next 2 cruises with co-op travel and take us off the mailing list a shame really perhaps our face doesn't fit or because we're from up north ?? I
  9. w.wanderer

    P&o Tirade

    Hi here we are moaning again just got home off ventura in the Caribbean fantastic cruise yet again on p and o more cutbacks e.g. no shuttle buses no gangway water booked a vantage 15 months ago no upgrade no extra on board credit spoke to rep on board not interested why do we always talk to fellow passengers who got balconies for 20 quid grr! Headliners company awful tribute acts dreadfull only Jimmy James who we have seen before was fantastic and ventriloquist Gareth Oliver who is going to be a real star were worth going to see and top all that we prebooked the same seats going home and were told at the airport the plane wasn't the same and got different seats another 60 quid wasted after all that what does the wife do book the on board deposit on another p and o cruise I give up anyway trying princess cruises in May after 20 cruises with p and o
  10. w.wanderer

    Does Anyone Iron In The Nude?

    Anyone going on Ventura 14th Feb to Caribbean we all could meet up in the launderette can't promise to iron in the nude though the wife's on board
  11. w.wanderer

    Does Anyone Iron In The Nude?

    A friend of mine was ironing in the nude and the door bell rang who is she replied it's the blind man oh that's ok then come in right love where do you want the blinds
  12. w.wanderer

    Civitavecchia To Rome

    Visited Rome from civitavecchia with p and o many times a free shuttle to the dock gates where there is ticket office to book the train and a short walk to the station make sure you book on the fast train which goes straight to st Peter's square leave enough time to get back to ship on the return the normal train takes over an hour and a half
  13. Well said fellow cruisers stick with eavesway take the obc like we have for sept and got 2 for 1 coach travel a bargain from the north west I don't like the idea being told to make my way to a motorway services because that where intercruises pick up yet another p&o cutback how many more for 2014 ?
  14. w.wanderer

    P&o Caribbean

    This is our fourth cruise with p&0 too the Caribbean always had complimentary drinks all the flight in a standard seat now we see its just tea and coffee unless you upgrade your seat does anyone know how long this as been the practise we last went only three years ago and everything was free or is it another p&0 cutback ps how much is a upgrade seat.
  15. w.wanderer

    P&o Caribbean

    Hi we are disgusted with p&o loyal cruisers like us over 25 yrs with them seem to count for nothing they have had our money for over 12months we booked seats on the plane 60 pound return to Barbados on Ventura Feb 14 2014 the first 12 rows were blocked off we asked who for and were told for last minute boomers and people who get to the airport first these seats are free how is this fair MLK