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  1. taburahmoun@hotmail.com

    Sues cruise

    Dear all Thanks for all advice. Very happy with tips, efforts much appreciated. All we need to do now is pack!
  2. taburahmoun@hotmail.com

    Sues cruise

  3. taburahmoun@hotmail.com

    Sues cruise

    Thanks for the info.
  4. taburahmoun@hotmail.com

    Sues cruise

    Yes Cadiz Pireous Haifa Dubai...19 days. Thanks for replying. Can't wait after a fairly grim year.
  5. taburahmoun@hotmail.com

    Sues cruise

    Going on QM2 Jan 10...unsure about weather and as flying down to Southampton need to be careful packing! Stopping Seville Athens Suez Haifa and Dubai. Has anyone done this route would appreciate any tips
  6. taburahmoun@hotmail.com

    Baltic cruise

    Thank you to kind people who responded, your advice much appreciated.... Kind regards
  7. taburahmoun@hotmail.com

    Baltic cruise

    Would very much appreciate advice on when is good time to enjoy the Baltic experience and any recommendations very welcome! Which line is good? Recruisers.....