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  1. Hi I am going to the Caribbean in December and I have never considered cancelling my cruise. I am sure I will enjoy my vacation, there may be a change of ports but the similarities for most of the islands is greater than their differences. I don't mind whether I miss a few ports and have a few more sea days, it relaxing. However, it's your decision and what I do may not be the best thing for yourself
  2. Hi Thanks for the update
  3. Hi I'm off to the Caribbean in December and I am sure that the cruise line will try to alter to the itinerary if the proposed ports of call are so damaged that it makes them unsuitable for tourists. Unfortunately many other ships in this region will be looking to do the same thing and it may be difficult to accommodate them all at alternative destinations while those which are considered suitable may be filled to capacity. However, I fully understand that my vacation may be "marred" but I won't complain, compared to those living on these islands my minor inconvenience falls into insignificance.
  4. Hi Sinbad 10 I have been experiencing this irritation recently as well.
  5. Hi There's an interesting item on the BBC's website on the QE2. It's fifty years since the ship was launched, I have had the privilege of sailing on this vessel and reading the website it brought back plenty of good memories but the one which sticks in my mind the most is disembarking in Lisbon and seeing that the ship had a whale impaled on the bow. The service and food were excellent but I remember being totally unimpressed with the main theatre, it was not separate and the outer aisles acted as general corridors between the different areas of the ship. What are your memories? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-41282633
  6. Hi I have done a few river cruises with three different companies and only on William Shakespeare (Riviera Travel) was there tables for two but they were very close to the adjacent tables.
  7. Hi I am pleased that you managed to get the cruise and the cabin you requested. A few years back I undertook a similar itinerary a few years ago and found it interesting to visit ports I had never visited before . I am less organised I haven't even booked a cruise for 2018 as yet. I'm off to the Caribbean in December and it will be interesting to know much of the damage has been repaired and I sincerely hope that the residents are back on track.
  8. Hi I went with Riviera Cruise Line from Basel to Cologne and the ship moored a reasonable distance from the city centre and left the dock in the early evening. If you arrive in Basel early it may be possible to take the tram system to the city centre and have a quick look around the city before your boat departs. It's many years since I visited Basel but it was fine and I am sure you could fill in your time pleasantly but take a lot of Swiss Francs with you, nothing is cheap even the Norwegians find it expensive!
  9. Hi I can understand your concerns and it would be nice if the programmes could be subtitled for the benefit of some cruise passengers. I am by far from being knowledgeable about satellite broadcasting at sea but I wonder whether the problem may be that the subtitles require extra information added to the signal and this is omitted or not processed due to slower transmission speeds.
  10. Hi Upgrades are a bonus but nobody has a right to expect one. The person you mention in the topic is certainly a person I wouldn't wish to meet during the cruise, in fact, I would be certainly feel that the cruise line had every right to frog march if off the vessels immediately. No member of staff should be subjective to verbal abuse over this issue. However, I have been a little more fortunate that the other responders on this topic as I have be upgraded on around 25% of my cruises (the best one was from an low deck inside cabin to a high deck balcony cabin). I was grateful for all these bonuses but I never expect to have them every time but I always get the cabin I paid for so why complain.
  11. Hi As it is already mentioned it depends upon numerous factors, the most important, however, is the weather conditions and the route taken to cross the Atlantic. If you are considering the north Atlantic route in winter storms are likely and even the QM2 which was built to sail this region in winter has run into problems with windows being broken and other damage. Most cruise ships were not designed to sail in rough seas and most re-positional cruises take the smoother southern route where the sea conditions are likely to be of a lesser concern. However, if you are considering a cruise from the UK in autumn/winter across the Atlantic the conditions can be bad but usual they calm down as you approach the Azores or Madeira. I have completed seven re-positional cruises in winter in mainly in small to medium sized vessels and have only one with severe weather and we experienced hurricane force winds for a couple of days. My advice if you are concerned about the motion of the ship I would seriously consider sailing in the spring when the sea conditions are more likely to be calm.
  12. Hi I have been to both ports of call. I didn't explore Civittavecchia as I went on to Rome. In Ravenna the ship was moored quite a long distance form the town, a free shuttle bus was provided by the cruise line (others may make a charge for this service). The town itself was of interest. The churches and museums had a large of collection of mosaics which may of interest to some ( a combined ticket can be purchased to visit these), There are plenty of cafes and it is nice just to wander along the older areas of the town taking in the ambience.
  13. Hi I will add that the standard of service on board is usually much better on cruise lines where tipping is included in the boarding fare. I know that these cruise lines tend to be the more expensive but the service on board Thomson's fleet is usually will received. Maybe the staff will "go the extra mile" when they know they will be rewarded for their efforts, I am sure many wait staff have gone out of their way to assist someone, only for the passenger to remove the auto-tips from their account and "forgot" to pay the staff who served them well!
  14. Hi My biggest regret was not starting cruising earlier, I was under the misapprehension that cruising was for the "elite" and I would feel out of place.
  15. Hi I was being sarcastic (not a nice trait, I admit), the fish and chips in the Golden Lion Pub on the OV are probably the best on a cruise line but they aren't as good as the Magpie, the chips are of a frozen variety and not proper chips which are served in the Magpie. PS the Magpie should be soon be opened again after the recent fire.