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  1. Fred Olsen state on their information sent for around Britain Cruises Quote "Important Photo ID Requirement for Around UK Cruises To ensure the safety and comfort of all guests we must insist on being able to verify each guest's identity at time of check in, you must therefore bring with you one of the following recognised forms of PHOTOGRAPHIC ID. Boarding will otherwise be denied and no refund can be offered. Passport (Can have expired within the last 2 years/EU National Identity Card/Driving Licence/Council issue travel card/Firearms licence, Citizen Card or Validate UK Card Should you not hold any of the above we will accept a Validate UK Card which you can apply for online at www validateuk.co.uk "
  2. Seat plan for Dreamliner ?

    Use Seat Guru https://www.seatguru.com/ Boeing 787-9 (789) https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Thomson_Airways/Thomson_Airways_Boeing_787-9.php Boeing 787-8 (788) https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Thomson_Airways/Thomson_Airways_Boeing_787-8.php
  3. Gratuities

    The reason the Gratuities thread goes round and round and round, is because everyone usually adds on to a post what they do, or would like others to do. Which causes posts to agree to disagree which ends up with posters agreeing to disagree !
  4. Actually did get this when booking on board with Cunard for another trip.
  5. Excursion - New York walking High Line

    Berthing in Red Hook should not be a problem now that NYC Ferry operates, Take The South Brooklyn route right next to Red Hook Cruise Terminal, cost same as the Subway $2.75 single Take The ferry to Pier 11 at Wall Street. see https://www.ferry.nyc/
  6. Cunard Drinks Increase in cost via The back Door ?

    I noticed this originally after QV Refit, It has been mentioned on other forums and on Cunard's fb page by others.
  7. This has not been mentioned on these forums but it would appear that Cunard have Increased their drink prices. Shorts used to be served in 1.5oz measure and included a mixer from the Soda Gun. Now Drinks are served in 1oz or 2oz measure and a mixer from the soda Gun is an extra $1.75 plus 15% service. It does not appear that the website has been updated with the price increase of around 50% on some items (They have reduced the measure to 1oz if you compare to the old 1.5oz and add the mixer charge) Old Price on 1.5oz measure of Gordon's Gin $7.25 plus 15% service and free mixer from the soda gun New Price 1oz measure of Gordon's Gin $5.75 plus mixer charge from the soda gun $1.75 equates to $7.50 plus 15% service . New Chart Room Drinks menuhttp://www.cunard.co.uk/Global/Image...Night_Menu.pdf Old menu prices https://www.cunard.com/Documents/Menus/NEW-Menu-Drinks-Menu-Main-Bar.pdf
  8. A pic of the New Kettles in Staterooms and a link to the Cunard Video
  9. Best Card for use Abroad

    Pre paid cards can be frozen when used on certain transactions, as they can take preauthorisation as I said earlier, see http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/holidays/article-2710241/Find-holiday-cash-card-frozen-especially-decide-rent-car-whilst-youre-abroad.html
  10. Best Card for use Abroad

    The thing with preloaded cards are that they can not be used for checking in to Hotels or Ships and other preauthorisation transactions as all your funds could be frozen for several days or weeks.
  11. Best Card for use Abroad

    Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card, are doing a Travel Credit Card with no fees until August 2022 No non-sterling transaction fees on your foreign spend and ATM withdrawals https://www.barclaycard.co.uk/personal/credit-cards/platinum-travel-credit-card The Travelex Supercard which came out last year and was linked to your own Credit Card, which occurred no charges when used abroad is being closed on 24th July 2017,, due apparently to the cost involved in running it. https://www.travelex.co.uk/services/supercard see Martin Lewis what he recommends here http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/travel-credit-cards
  12. P&o Gratuities

    May be a typo Cunard add 15% Service charge to drinks, which the servers do get. However I doubt ALL the Daily Gratuity charge or 'service charge ' what P&O are now calling it., is not all received fairly by the Dining staff or stateroom staff as gratuities, I have a sneaking suspicion that yes they do get the money, but some of it paid as wages not as the passenger thinks as extra.! Otherwise Cunard would not be so underhand about it. However I am happy to pay the gratuities and it lets me carry on with my holiday without having to worry about the tips. Always though looking after the room attendant with a little extra. I am sure that the staff would not be onboard doing the work they do, unless they enjoyed it for the renumeration . In my opinion It is down to the management and employee to sort out, not the passenger and the companies employee. Its personal opinion.
  13. Perhaps one line may go the way of some Ferry Companies one day , Like Moby/SPL or Tirrenia Picture 3 (Image via Navi e Armitori)
  14. Room Service on P&O

    That is incorrect. https://www.cunard.co.uk/already-booked/cunard-world-club/ Cunard World Club benefit will give you A complimentary two hour Internet time plan after completing two voyages or 20 nights. You need to complete 7 Voyages or 70 nights to get the 240mins. Silver - one voyage Guests who have completed one voyage with Cunard will enjoy the following benefits:1 • Member savings & special offers.2 • World club desk in all our international offices. • On board loyalty representative. • Exclusive Cunard World Club section online. • The Cunarder magazine. Gold - two voyages or 20 nights Guests who have completed two voyages or 20 nights on board, will enjoy even more benefits.1 In addition to the core Silver benefits, Gold Cunarders will receive: • A Gold membership pin.3 • A complimentary two hour Internet time plan.4 • Invitation to the Cunard World Club cocktail party.5,6,7 Platinum - seven voyages or 70 nights For those guests who have completed seven voyages or 70 nights on board, there are even more benefits that come with Cunard World Club membership.1 In addition to the Silver and Gold benefits, Platinum Cunarders enjoy: • A Platinum membership pin.3 • An additional two hour complimentary Internet time plan.4 • 20% saving on Laundry/Specialist Cleaning.8 • Priority check-in at New York and Southampton.6 • Private disembarkation lounge.6 • Complimentary wine tasting.7 • 10% saving on White Star luggage service. • Invitation to the senior officers' party.5,6,7 Diamond - fifteen voyages or 150 nights Diamond membership is reserved for our most travelled guests who have completed 15 voyages or 150 nights on board.1 In recognition of this achievement, Diamond Cunarders will continue to receive all of the Silver, Gold and Platinum benefits, in addition to the following exclusive rewards: • A Diamond membership pin.3 • An additional four hour complimentary Internet time plan.4 • Priority disembarkation.6 • A complimentary meal at one of the ship's alternative dining venues.7,9 • Priority appointment with the voyage sales specialist. • Dedicated Diamond member contact at the world club desk in our international offices. 1. To receive the benefits, guests must have completed the necessary voyages and/or nights on board prior to the voyage starting. There will be no mid-voyage promotions. 2. You must be a member of the Cunard World Club at the time of booking to receive any Cunard World Club member saving. 3. You will receive the pin on your first voyage after achieving this membership level. 4. To obtain your full allowance please use the relevant time package. 5. Party may be held during the day or in the evening. 6. Where operationally possible. 7. Only available on voyages of five nights or more. 8. 20% Savings will be applied after any allocated non-refundable on board spending money has been used. 9. Subject to availability. A reservation is required. Cunard will pay your cover charge and 15% gratuity for the taster menu at lunchtime in The Verandah or in the evening at the Kings Court or The Lido. Any other expenses will be charged to your stateroom account.
  15. MSC from Southampton, good idea or leave well alone?

    Go for it you have to try it to decide your self. I would not hesitate. The Matching status points is not automatic, you have to fill out the relevant forms here all can be done over the www https://www.msccruises.co.uk/en-gb/MSC-Voyagers-Club/MSCCruises-Status-Match.aspx