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  1. Hi, only 6 days to go, reading about excursions( P&O ) does the cost of the trip include refreshment or do we have to pay for these ourselves?
  2. thanks that helps some
  3. We have selected freedom dining. Do we have to have black tie etc for formal nights
  4. Hi celebrating our Golden wedding with thiis cruise Oriana 27 June, Can anyone tell me the weather conditions we are likely to experience? Do we need warm winter wooliews or just uk range summer wear? Anytips would be welcome
  5. hudpuppy

    Norway And Iceland New To Cruising

    What is the temperature likely to be end of June?
  6. Hi there, we are new to cruising, just doing Norway and Iceland on Oriana in June, any tips or advice? What are the best must see excursions?