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  1. Terminator


    Bah humbug...
  2. Terminator

    Was BoJo Right

    Nowhere does it say in the Koran that women must wear the Burkha.
  3. Terminator

    Atul Kocchar - Sacked??

    PC brigade getting their collective knickers in a twist again. Not bothered if P and O sack him as I don't like curry and most certainly wouldn't pay extra for his food.
  4. Terminator

    Tendered off , Guernsey

    And once off the ship head down to the main road and turn left until you see two yellow phone boxes. There is a bus stop there and the bus takes you right around the island for about a quid. The driver usually stops for photos to be taken at various places.
  5. Terminator

    What has happened to the Forum

    I go away for five minutes and all hell lets loose on here. . Most updates are about as useful as knickers with only one leg hole....
  6. Terminator

    Seems the site has been spam bombed.

    I terminated them..
  7. Terminator

    Happy Christmas

    Bah humbug..
  8. Terminator

    Independence of the Seas

    They're wrong....
  9. They still have to be scanned and that's where they'll get you.....
  10. Terminator

    I am the Pesky Pirate

    I find it somewhat amusing that an "upgrade" in websites usually come with a "downgrade" in the usability
  11. Terminator

    I am the Pesky Pirate

    Another crap website upgrade.....
  12. Terminator

    I am the Pesky Pirate

    Another crap website upgrade.....
  13. Terminator

    Princess £1 Deposit

    Read the small print..there may still be a charge for cancelling.
  14. Terminator

    Your Election Forecast

    Seems we ended up with the same clowns..but they're gone from the happy faced to the sad faced. The circus carries on.
  15. Terminator

    Your Election Forecast

    Lots of hot air with quite a few drips...