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    Bah humbug...
  2. Terminator

    Was BoJo Right

    Nowhere does it say in the Koran that women must wear the Burkha.
  3. Terminator

    Atul Kocchar - Sacked??

    PC brigade getting their collective knickers in a twist again. Not bothered if P and O sack him as I don't like curry and most certainly wouldn't pay extra for his food.
  4. Terminator

    Tendered off , Guernsey

    And once off the ship head down to the main road and turn left until you see two yellow phone boxes. There is a bus stop there and the bus takes you right around the island for about a quid. The driver usually stops for photos to be taken at various places.
  5. Terminator

    What has happened to the Forum

    I go away for five minutes and all hell lets loose on here. . Most updates are about as useful as knickers with only one leg hole....
  6. Terminator

    Seems the site has been spam bombed.

    I terminated them..
  7. Terminator

    Happy Christmas

    Bah humbug..
  8. Terminator

    Independence of the Seas

    They're wrong....
  9. They still have to be scanned and that's where they'll get you.....
  10. Terminator

    I am the Pesky Pirate

    I find it somewhat amusing that an "upgrade" in websites usually come with a "downgrade" in the usability
  11. Terminator

    I am the Pesky Pirate

    Another crap website upgrade.....
  12. Terminator

    I am the Pesky Pirate

    Another crap website upgrade.....
  13. Terminator

    Princess £1 Deposit

    Read the small print..there may still be a charge for cancelling.
  14. Terminator

    Your Election Forecast

    Seems we ended up with the same clowns..but they're gone from the happy faced to the sad faced. The circus carries on.
  15. Terminator

    Your Election Forecast

    Lots of hot air with quite a few drips...
  16. Terminator

    Britannia Weekender!!

    And I was going to book that..thank God I came to my senses..
  17. Terminator

    MSC from Southampton, good idea or leave well alone?

    Having been on several MSC ships I would say to anybody thinking of going to go with an open mind and not try to judge them against other cruise lines..they are most certainly different. Very blingy in the decor and their idea of stage shows might not be to everybody's taste but the rest of the experience is excellent. I sailed from European ports so the mix of passengers was more Continental and I loved it. There's only really one way to find out for yourself and that's to give it a try..I don't think you'll be disappointed and at the prices currently quoted an excellent bargain.
  18. Otis? Are they based in Reading?
  19. Elevators????/ They are lifts..bloody septics. I didn't realise there was a company called Schindler that supplied them until I saw that film Schindlers Lifts... Terminator
  20. Terminator

    Missing in action

    Thank you but I'm a bit busy at the moment dealing with a mad man intent on blowing up the world.... If I'm not successful then I won't be back...
  21. Terminator

    Missing in action

    Good Morning Everybody Thank you for noticing my absence and those that have posted kind words about my feeble attempts at humour. It was indeed the change of format that led to me maintaining a "read only" attitude towards the forum and for my subsequent sabbatical. I'm still not sure I'll be back with the frequency of old but will do my best to add the odd quip here and there to help your miserable sad and lonley lives go quicker... See you soon. Terminator
  22. Terminator

    Your Favorite Christmas Tune

    Another Rock and Roll Christmas by Gary Glitter..for some reason I haven't heard it for years
  23. Terminator

    Recent Changes

    Think I'll be giving it a rest as well..the mobile version which I use whilst away from home is particularly bad and a nightmare to negotiate. It would help if the quote boxes were more prominent as text from quotes and replies tends to blend. Just look at HLM's post above.
  24. Terminator

    New Forum Look

    Was it broke? If not then don't fix it... Awful
  25. Terminator

    Food on P&O ships

    You sound more prawn sarnie than prawn cocktail...