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  1. In replyto wolfgang i take exception tothe comment yobs in wheelchairs may i remd him/her that most people would rather not be in a wheelchair and who is the yob. and why should you not be able to wear threequarter trousers after 70 i hope i never havethe misfortune to meet wolfgang on a cruse
  2. Valmay

    Just signed up

    We went on azura to the greek islands in september/october and had a wonderful time. I like azura the staff are lovely especially the dining room staff i have difficultybepwith my left arm and hand and although they were very busy found the time to cut up somebof my meat after asking if i would like some help. We also had a fantastic meal in the epicurian special restaurant. Next time we are trying aurora to iceland. Always p and o
  3. Valmay

    Sunbed wars are raging

    We always travrl p and o and there always seem to be enough sunbeds and chairs/tables for all. I did on one occasion see deck crew remove towels from a bed that had been unoccupied for over an hour the faces of the ‘owners’ were a picturevwhen they eventually returned happily i have never witnessed the sort of behaviour noted sbove. But yes some people do try to reserve them with towels i think a lot deopebds in the type of passenger on the ship there are always other sunny decks you dont need to sitby the pool every day. Happy cruising
  4. We wet on pand o azura in october 2017 we boarded around 2.30 and not only was our cabin beutifully ready but all our luggage was waiting for us in the cabin. Well done p and o we have always had excellent service from them during the dozen cruises we have had with them have to admit we havevonly tried two other cruise providers but keep cruising with p and o. Roll on the next one in jun 2018
  5. Valmay

    What Would You Name Cunard’s New Ship?

    The new ship could be called the princess charlotte
  6. We booked the best of santorini excursion. But we were not happy with it just drove ound the roads and then stopped st a winery where we were supposed to drink wine nibbles were available but not enough to go round so it was impossible to get anything i dont like drinking wine in the morning especcially on its own we were then directed to the wine shop presumably to buy expensive bottles of wine. Didnt really get a feel of the island and felt a bit cheated. As inhave walking difficulty we chose this triphoping to see santorini not as a booze trip morebinformation is needed when describing the excursions fortunately we had been to santorini on a previous occasion otherwise we would have wondered why people think santorini is a lovely island if this had been a first visit we would have been even more disappointed
  7. We havevalways cruised with p and o beacausevodf the tea/coffee making facilities. Although youncan getndrinks fronm the self service itbis not easy carrying them back to your cabin when you walk with a stick. Ns we like a coffee in the morning when we wake up not when room service wakes us. Please dont take the kettkes away or we will have to change cruise lines hope azura still has kettles in september.
  8. Valmay


    It is possible to opt out of the automatic tipping and give to individuals as wanted this does mean that some staff are not covered especially if you have freedom dining and have a different waiter each night. It is up to you as an individual and depends on your budget. Happy cruising. Our next cruise is seprtember our 12 or 13th Always with p and o.
  9. Valmay

    P&O New Ship Will Be Called ?

    New ship name how about the charlotte or warrior
  10. Valmay

    Stopping Semi Formal Nights On All P And O Ships

    I agree with Alethea, semi-formal nights should be kept, why do standards have to keep slipping. There is always somewhere else to eat if you don't want to be smart. P and O should reconsider. I once went on an American ship (no names) where some cruisers went to dinner on formal nights in Shorts! No thank you.
  11. Valmay

    Adonia Up The Amazon

    We did the amazon January cruise, can't agree about Adonia being unstable, it was only a little bumpy and isn't this part of the fun of cruising. And yes the entertainment was great. Off on Brittania in June.
  12. Looking forward to this trip apart from all the injections and malaria tablets. Has anyone been to brazil ona cruise.