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  1. Beth

    Aurora to become adult only.

    Excellent news, the only downside is that some of the larger ships have better, because they are newer, facilities. Perhaps P & O and other cruise lines could take this on board. (Apologies for the pun, definitely intended.)
  2. Beth

    What are the must sees when visiting Dubai?

    The Burj Al Arab for afternoon tea is a great way to spend a few hours. We booked before hand, and had tea up at the top of the hotel with great views over the palm, etc.. We were also able to stop on for cocktails afterwards. There is the gold souk, worth a visit and the spice market. The shopping mall if you want air conditioning and don't forget the indoor ice rink. Incidentally we are going to Dubai next year again, did you book the Khalifa in advance? Were the views worth it?
  3. Beth

    Is Oriana for the elderly?

    I don't age is relevant, we are under 60yrs of age, we prefer the smaller ships which sadly P&O continue to ignore their passengers. We are going as a party of 5 later in the year, this includes taking our nephew with us and he is in his early twenties. (This is not the first P & O cruise he has done, he has been working his way down in size of ship so it will be interesting to hear his comments. I do not think age is relevant as long as you have good company and the right attitude.
  4. I woul;dn't pay for a sunbed, in most hotels you do not have to do this, also if the weather is bad would they give you a refund? Doubtful.