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  1. Thompson

    Alfie Boe

    Alfie Boe
  2. Thompson

    P&o Caribbean

    I have seen the same ones, just wish i had more holidays
  3. Thompson

    Fantasy Cruise Guest.

    I think mine would have to be Bradley Cooper or even Gerard Butler
  4. Thompson

    Christmas Tv: Downton Abbey Pitted Against Eastenders

    None of the above its the classic "family christmas day games" for me
  5. Thompson

    Emerald Princess.....

    Please can people share there views and if any pictures of the Emerald Princess?? Many Thanks
  6. Thompson

    Alfie Boe To Perform On Azura

    I love Alfie Boe
  7. Thompson

    Christmas Decorations (How Soon?)

    I would have them up all year if i was allowed but im stuck with the 1 dec
  8. Thompson

    Which Is Your Favourite Cocktail!

    Mine has to be the strawberry daquri
  9. Thompson

    Best Ever Day

    Mines standing on top of the empire state building!!!
  10. Thompson

    Which Is Your Favourite Beach?

    Dubai is one of my favs
  11. Thompson

    Caribbean Cruises From £999 *balcony Cabin Offer*

    WOOOOOOOOOOW wish i had enough holidays left