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  1. Good afternoon, I've received a flyer about Oriana's new cruise to Greenland in July 2018, has anyone else considered this cruise? It's a 19-night departure from 23 July to 11 August. I quite liked the itinerary as i haven't visited Greenland before, nor have I been to Stornoway (Isle of Lewis). A nice long cruise through the summer (no kids!). Qaqortoq, Nuuk, Isafjordur etc, hopefully a spot of whale watching. I have previously enjoyed cruises on Oriana although I'm yet to see her after the refit. I'm quite tempted, just need to find out the single supplement!
  2. A trip to WaterPerry Gardens in a minute with my lovely friend Jan and maybe a cream tea Loving this sunshine!
  3. I love Cape Town and have wanted a cruise around South Africa but not part of a world cruise as these itineraries are often too long for me. I see Fred Olsen are quite close to my ideal cruise with their new game reserves cruise. It sails to/from Cape Town to the likes of Port Elizabeth, Durban, Richards Bay amongst other places (i think its around a 2 week cruise). The chance to see elephants up close, giraffes, rhinos etc in their natural habitats... I may be researching this one in a little more detail....
  4. "the last thing I needed to see was a lunch box jigging around when having a delicate tummy" Hilarious Jaczs !!
  5. I once overheard someone saying they were booking on the 'Ovulation of the Seas' !
  6. If that was the only available way to get hold of a paper copy then yes, I would as I prefer to sit and read through a brochure rather than clicking around on the computer (that's probably my age!). After all these years of being able to wander into my local travel agency and pick up a couple of brochures for research it would certainly grate me to have to start paying now.
  7. I think this is a wonderful idea. I would love to take my grandchildren on a Hurtigruten cruise, they're at a great age where they love exploring and not yet addicted to big 'games rooms / computer hubs' offered on newer cruise liners, so to experience a cruise such as this would be an incredible and educational opportunity for them.
  8. I think I spent my day in Grand Cayman in exactly the same way as you Solent Richard. What a wonderful, friendly place - I have great memories.
  9. Princess's logo has been around since the 60's - it's the 'Seawitch' - According to maritime legend the Seawitch, half mermaid, half human, is a beauty of the depths and has the power to entrance seamen with her long waves of hair as she rules her kingdom beneath the waves. Make of that what you will!
  10. SR you have made my day After reading your post I promptly drove down to my local Teso to stock up on Champers for a little New Years party I'm hosting and have saved ££'s. Thank you and happy shopping everyone!
  11. Hello again SR, A huge thank you for sharing this with us, I absolutely love to see photos of destinations it certainly helps when i'm planning. Looks the the wine tour is a definite then! Can I ask did you book this independently or through Cunard? I had intended to visit Federation Square, it looks great. I'm not sure if I could be persuaded to enter 'The Edge' it looks terrifying but I guess the view is worth it. The gardens do sound wonderful I hadn't realised there was so much to do within the vicinity. Thank you once again for your advice.
  12. Hi Solent Richard, Thanks for sharing these photos and offering your advice...I'm certainly going to need it! I have been doing my research for some time where Perth & Sydney are concerned, but any personal recommendations you could make for Adelaide and Melbourne would be greatly appreciated. In Adelaide I've been contemplating either a wine tour in Barossa Valley, (I like wine!), or Cleland Wildlife Park (would love to see Koalas & Kangaroos up close). In Melbourne I'm open to suggestions to be honest, I'd love to have a good look round the city centre itself, but please let me know if there's a must-see here! Many thanks in advance. Matilda
  13. I've been making enquiries for the Queen mary 2 Perth to Sydney sector in February 2017 and my TA has informed me the past passenger benefit of 'double' on board spending money will end on 30 November, so I need to make my decision this week. I just wanted to share this with anyone who was wavering to book before the end of the month as I'm told in good faith this isn't one of those 'hurry must end' things that is extended time & again! Thanks
  14. Have just had a quick look - there's some on there for £999 in November & December. Later in Jan Feb there's some for £1199