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    Matilda_1 reacted to Bolsover Cruise Club in Azamara - Buy One Get One Half Price ends soon   
    Click here to view the deals >>

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    Matilda_1 got a reaction from Furby in Hottest Day Of The Year   
    A trip to WaterPerry Gardens in a minute with my lovely friend Jan and maybe a cream tea Loving this sunshine!
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    Matilda_1 reacted in Princess Cruises New Fleet Livery   
    Well done.
    I actually think its a clever variation from what we have been used to seeing on their exhaust stacks...


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    Matilda_1 got a reaction from RiverSong in Princess Cruises New Fleet Livery   
    Princess's logo has been around since the 60's - it's the 'Seawitch' - According to maritime legend the Seawitch, half mermaid, half human, is a beauty of the depths and has the power to entrance seamen with her long waves of hair as she rules her kingdom beneath the waves.
    Make of that what you will!
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    Matilda_1 got a reaction from RiverSong in Princess Cruises New Fleet Livery   
    Princess's logo has been around since the 60's - it's the 'Seawitch' - According to maritime legend the Seawitch, half mermaid, half human, is a beauty of the depths and has the power to entrance seamen with her long waves of hair as she rules her kingdom beneath the waves.
    Make of that what you will!
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    Matilda_1 reacted in Digital Postcards from Oceania Riviera   
    And so to Continue the itinerary of Riviera's Mayan Mystique cruise.
    Day 7 saw us arrive on the island of Roatan and berth at Mahogany Bay...

    We had pre booked a 'private' island tour for this visit and were met by our driver/guide...

    I intend writing a full review of the day in Roatan later in the week - time permitting.
    Day 8 was back to Mexico and the island of Cozumel.
    Again we had a ship's excursion here, a little bit different this time...'Cozumel by Jeep and Snorkel'...

    Yes, we were the drivers and we circumnavigated the island, stopping to snorkel, visit a Tequila hacienda for a tasting session, and take in some great coastal scenery...

    Our final port of call was George Town on Grand Cayman and here we decided firstly to chill out on Seven Mile Beach...

    There were 5 cruise ships at anchor off George Town which kind of made the town a little busy.
    But hey, this was cruising America at play so why not join in we say so having exhausted the sun, sand and swimming we headed for what appeared the most popular bar in town, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville...

    ...and secured a prime spot on the balcony...

    A fab spot, great people watching and great music and atmosphere.
    The final day was a sea day as we headed back to Miami and disembarkation ready to fly home.
    This was a superb itinerary with none of the 8 ports having been visited before. (At least not on a cruise ship - we had visited Key West on a Florida driving holiday some years back)
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    Matilda_1 reacted to RiverSong in Anthem of the Seas: Cruiseliner hit by 30ft waves and 150mph winds during 'hurricane'   
    I’ve seen all the photos and videos on line, yes they are shocking but on a positive note no one was seriously hurt and the damage is relatively cosmetic.  I wouldn’t of liked to be in the storm but for what hit her Anthem Of The Seas shows just what a battering these ships can take.
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    Matilda_1 reacted to Mimosa in Anthem of the Seas: Cruiseliner hit by 30ft waves and 150mph winds during 'hurricane'   
    Has anyone seen the footage from Anthem of the Seas.  I think I'd have been hiding under my bed!
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    Matilda_1 reacted to Cast ashore in Princess Cruises New Fleet Livery   
    Has anybody else seen that Princess Cruises are introducing a new livery design on Majestic Princess? I believe that the new livery will roll out fleet wide over the next few years. What are your thoughts on the new design… Do you love it or hate it?

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    Matilda_1 reacted in Digital Postcards from Viking Star   
    Here we go then.
    We had booked a Deluxe Veranda Stateroom on Deck 4...


    Actually all staterooms have balconies.: there are no inside cabins on Viking Star.
    There are a number of features that would delight a number of folk I know:-
    Free Wifi...

    Free laundrette...

    ...and wait for it, a 360 ° wrap around Promenade Deck...

    Oh, and of course, an Infinity Pool...

    aitwrap around 
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    Matilda_1 reacted in Digital Postcards from Viking Star   
    Earlier this month my wife and I joined Viking's new ocean cruise ship, Viking Star, for a one week cruise between Barcelona and Rome...

    This itinerary was  part of her maiden season and there was only the one port of call that my wife and I had not visited together, Toulon.
    However, our initial reason for booking wasn't about destinations - we wanted to see what Viking Ocean Cruises were all about.
    I have always been impressed with Vikings organisation, both pre-cruise and on their cruises.
    It was most pleasing to find that their move into Ocean cruises hadn't affected this ethos. 
    Viking's pre-cruise online 'personaliser' is as good as any I have used. It enabled us to research what excursions were available in addition to their 'included' ones while also allowing us to pre-book tables in their two speciality dining restaurants.
    A note here: There is no charge made for their 'speciality' restaurants while wines, beers, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages are served complimentary with lunch and dinner.
    Here is an example of one of the 'personaliser' pages for excursions...

    And finally, before joining, Viking still believe in giving their guests decent personalised pre-cruise documents, instructions and accessories...


    Another great advantage with Viking is that their UK guests have direct flights both to and from the port of embarkation and home again from the port of disembarkation. 
    For this cruise we were delighted, as always, to fly with British Airways. 
    I do believe that this will be the first review of Viking Star on a British 'all cruise' Forum though I did do a daily version on a travel site for the 'over 50s' which has been mentioned elsewhere.
    Next up; Our first thoughts of the ship and Barcelona.
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    Matilda_1 reacted to DavidH in Visiting Melbourne   
    Hi SR,
    Great pics, as always. Brought back memories of our stay at the Grand Hyatt on Collins Street as part of our Australia tour with Scenic in 2014. Most were fond ones but I also recall how violent winds can spring up suddenly, as if from nowhere.
    On our penultimate day in the city, my wife and I were walking from St. Patrick's Cathedral towards Queen Victoria Market. We were waiting for lights to change in our favour at a busy road junction, with the wind at our backs, when my Rogue hat was whipped forward from my head, despite the chin strap being in place (no dangling corks, mind!!). Unfortunately, the chin strap took my titanium frame spectacles from my face as the hat spun away across the road junction where passing traffic promptly crushed the specs beyond recognition. A friendly native recovered my hat for me some 100 metres down the road but the specs had to be written off.
    To finish on a happier note, I would recommend any potential visitor to try The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. Excellent food and service aboard a "restored, moving streetcar with vintage decor".
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    Matilda_1 reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Visiting Melbourne   
    I can see why some of my family settled here back in the 1920's.
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    Matilda_1 reacted in Visiting Melbourne   
    Both Cunard's Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria visit Melbourne in 2016 as part of their World Cruise itinerary.
    Other lines also visit, including Celebrity.
    So if you have any plans in that direction you may find that this wets the old appetite.
    Melbourne is an outstanding, vibrant, cosmopolitan city and great fun to visit.
    So much happens on and around the Yarra River which flows almost through the centre of the city...

    That's the Eureka Tower over there with the blue and gold panelling. On the 88th floor is The observation deck and it  is the highest public vantage point in a building in the Southern Hemisphere at 285 m.
    Come on up...

    There are some great all round views from the SkyDeck...


    Just add a bit of zoom and hey presto, Queen Mary 2 and Celebrity Solstice were in port today...

    The Skydeck has an area known as  'The Edge' – a glass cube which projects 3 m out from the building with visitors inside, suspended almost 300 m above the ground. When one enters, the glass is opaque as the cube moves out over the edge of the building. Once fully extended over the edge, the glass becomes clear...

    Camera's aren't really allowed in The Edge - they take photos and flog them to you.
    Great experience though.
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    Matilda_1 reacted to KeithnRita in Christmas Poem   
    Twas the night before Christmas and far out at sea

    Our vessel was sailing as smooth as could be

    The stockings were hung from the balcony chairs

    With hope that St. Nicholas would find them out there

    The children were nestled all snug in their uppers

    Having just settled down from a Christmas Eve supper

    And ma and myself, we were covered in aloe

    A bit too much sun, in a pool nice and shallow

    When up in the sky there arose such a clatter

    I leapt from my bed to see what was the matter

    To the sliding glass door, I flew like a flash

    Well, more like a saunter, and less like a dash

    When, what to my skeptical eyes should appear

    But a big shiny sleigh and eight flying reindeer

    They circled our ship from starboard to port

    And the moon lit the driver, a jolly old sort

    Who called to his team in a happy retort,

    "Now Dasher, now Dancer," so on and so forth

    I raced through my cabin and into the hall

    To the very top deck, in time for us all

    To be awed by the sight of Old Santa's sleigh

    As he lightly touched down by the midnight buffet

    With a bundle of goodies thrown over his back

    He climbed up the side and dropped down the smokestack

    From insides to ocean views, balconies, suites

    Santa filled every stocking with toys and with treats

    Until all the deliveries had been handled with care

    Then he noted he still had a minute to spare

    So he surfed the Surf Park, with nary a fall

    While Dasher and Dancer scaled the rock-climbing wall

    And Prancer, who was actually fond of the cold

    Tried the ice-skating rink, a sight to behold

    And then with a whistle, Santa summoned his team

    And he bade us farewell, silent nights and sweet dream

    And I heard him exclaim as he flew out of view

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good cruise.


    Author unknown

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    Matilda_1 reacted to DavidH in Christmas Poem   
    Hi K&R,
    Excellent poem. Thanks for posting.
    Interestingly enough, my wife and I have just spent the weekend in Scotland and our 7 year old Grandson read the original Clement Clarke Moore classic to us when we arrived on Friday evening. He had selected the book at the local library earlier that day. We also got to see both him and his 4 year old sister in the impromptu Nativity play at their local Episcopal Church on Sunday morning. A lovely weekend.
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    Matilda_1 reacted to Captain Kidd II in First strike for Black Friday   
    Just used Cyber Monday to buy my camera lens. Decent deal with 2 lots of cashback and various extras from a store tgat was already £100.00 less than others so no complaints
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    Matilda_1 reacted in First strike for Black Friday   
    I was up and out early for my newspaper and Euro lottery ticket this morning.
    My local Tesco had this amazing 'Black Friday' deal on the front shelf...
    Six bottles for £45.00. (The time on my till receipt shows 07.32.
    Not bad for a start, next up is BT's SIM only deal 2GB data and 500 minutes for just £8.00 a month.
    I like it.
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    Matilda_1 reacted in World Cruise 2017 benefits ending   
    Good morning Matilda.
    We did the Barossa Valley tour: I guess we are in perfect harmony over wine: my favourite Barossa is a Shiraz from the Bethany Estate.
    The tour we were on included a visit to the Jacob's Creek Vineyard...

    The other part of the tour took us to the town of Hahndorf which is a great favourite in the area and is the oldest German settlement in Australia almost untouched by time.
    It's a good choice to take an excursion from Adelaide as the ship docks a considerable distance from the city.
    I'll deal with Melbourne tomorrow.
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    Matilda_1 reacted to Land Ahoy in Which Christmas Markets have you visited on a cruise?   
    Hi  I agree with those on this thread who feel that the Xmas markets in Germany are the best.  However, the markets are best experienced in the dark and unfortunately most cruise itineraries mean that you are there only during daylight hours.   On the downside most the goods other than food items are made in China and are not unique.
    Copenhagen - OK
    Bruges - Good
    Oslo - Expensive
    Hamburg - Very good but spread over numerous sites
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    Matilda_1 reacted to *Dancing Queen* in Which Christmas Markets have you visited on a cruise?   
    We've done quite a few as we always cruise over Christmas so have very often done them as an add on to that.
    These are just a few off the top of my head, I think Hamburg is my favourite to date with Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen coming a close second but all were wonderful and offered something different.
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    Matilda_1 reacted to Honey73 in Which Christmas Markets have you visited on a cruise?   
    I did Danube River Cruise - Budapest Christmas markets are so pretty
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    Matilda_1 reacted in Which Christmas Markets have you visited on a cruise?   
    Not been to any on a cruise..but Ia m going to the Christmas markets in Edinburgh this weekend !!
    Its wonderful !! I go every year. A winter wonderland in the park too,complete with ice rink.
    The castle will be lit up and all the lights in the park and Princess street are delightful.
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    Matilda_1 reacted to Cruise traveller in Which Christmas Markets have you visited on a cruise?   
    Christmas is just around the corner and I love visiting Christmas Markets. Last year I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam just before Christmas and despite the freezing weather it was great. Unfortunately, I can’t do a Christmas market abroad this year but I’m already thinking ahead to next year. Which Christmas markets have you visited on a cruise and which would you recommend?
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    Matilda_1 reacted in World Cruise 2017 benefits ending   
    Good morning Matilda.
    I have to confess that I hadn't realised that there was a 'formula' for benefits on World Cruise sectors. having done many, on both Cunard and P&O, I've just accepted the 'headline' OBCs available.
    In the event you do book, and would like some tips on how to do Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney, give me a shout.
    High point views from Sydney Bridge...

    ...and from the Eureka Tower in Melbourne...