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  1. I attended my first on Cunard recently, and actually really enjoyed it. I found it interesting to find out more about the senior officers and their role on the ship, there was a great band, the wine wasn't too bad, and the canapes were delicious. It was a good way to kill some time before dinner and a good opportunity to socialise and I'm looking forward to the next one.
  2. My latest cruise was booked through Stacey, and I had no trouble at all - found the service to be friendly & professional. What really stood out is that they called me a few days before setting sail to remind me of things I needed to do - ESTA, insurance, etc. Top marks! This was a fly-cruise and I was given a quote via email so didn't need to spend ages on the phone with them.
  3. Jen_Watts

    Canaries In February??

    Cruised the Canaries in November - weather was spectacular - it was such a shock to get back home to the cold!
  4. Jen_Watts

    Travel Insurance

    I used Top Dog Insurance recently - good price and covered for certain medical conditions without needing to telephone them - all completed online.
  5. Jen_Watts

    Cunard Queen Mary 2

    Ah yes, I'm going to jump in and agree about the buffet too. I'd previously travelled on Royal Caribbean a lot, and the difference was shocking. The food was nice, there just wasn't the choice you get on some other ships.
  6. Jen_Watts

    Cunard Surcharge's ?

    Not long back off the QM2, and I completely agree with the above user who said it's formal but in a relaxed way. As others have said, only 2 restaurants that are restricted, so that wasn't even an issue for us. There was a deck area reserved for the 'upper' classes, but I never even noticed anyone out there. There's also another area of the deck reserved for the kids in the Play Zone, but again, not an issue. Surcharges on drinks is normal, and I think you'd find this on any other cruise line. I sailed with a 2 year old, who was one of just a handful of kids on the ship (transatlantic crossing), and the attitude of other passengers and the staff towards her showed the relaxed nature of the ship. Apart from one horrible snooty couple who disagreed about cruising with kids, everyone was really down-to-earth. Cunard has a bit of a reputation for being 'posh', but don't let that put you off.
  7. Jen_Watts

    Kids Cruise

    Royal Caribbean definitely - have heard nothing but good things from families travelling with teenagers. There are so many amenities catering specifically to teenagers that there's a good mix of both 'family time' and time for you to enjoy a bit of 'me time' too.
  8. Jen_Watts

    Cunard Queen Mary 2

    The QM2 is perfect if you're wanting to get a feel of the 'golden era' of cruising, in my opinion. It's very grand, and largely very traditional. The seminars are a big drawing point, so it's great if you're into that kind of thing. However, if you're more into all the modern cruise features, like ice bars, zip lines, surfing simulators, etc, it's not the ship for you. I recently sailed on the QM2 with my mother and young daughter, and we all enjoyed it. It's not my favourite ship, but it does have some little extras that make it stand out - free juices/lemonades throughout the day were appreciated, and my daughter loved the free ice cream. 6 full days at sea, and we never got bored - that says a lot!
  9. Jen_Watts

    Which Is Your Favourite Cocktail!

    Cunard do a 'peach melba' - fruity and creamy - well worth a try! Otherwise, it's a good old mojito (ordered a 'classic mojito' and 'elderflower mojito' on the QM2 and couldn't tell the difference between the two!)
  10. Jen_Watts

    Casino's On Board

    I found the casino on the QM2 to be good - perhaps the other Cunard ships are similar. It was larger than some of the casinos I've seen on Royal Caribbean, and had a good variety of both slots and table games. Don't get me wrong, it's no Vegas, but it did the job!
  11. Jen_Watts

    Miami Stay

    I stayed at the Holiday Inn Port of Miami before my cruise - you can see the port from the hotel. No problems with the hotel, although there wasn't really much to do in the local area. Annoyingly, due to the road layout, we had to get a taxi to the port, which seemed like a waste of money as it was so close. Afterwards, I stayed in South Beach for a few days. Highly recommended - lots to see and do, great art deco buildings and spectacular scenery.
  12. Jen_Watts

    Family cabins

    Another option would be to look at connecting rooms. I know Cunard offer these, but not sure about other lines. I had a connecting room on the QM2 recently, with each room sleeping up to 4.
  13. I used the nursery on the QM2 last month for my 2 year old, and it was great. They had her 'bed' made up each night (a pile of pillows and blankets), so when I dropped her in, I could get her comfy and make sure she was settled before heading out. They gave me a pager so that they could contact me at any time, but it wasn't needed. To be honest, I wouldn't have left her in the nursery alone during the day (the staff were great, but I found them to have more of an interest in the older children who could join in games etc, and less of an interest in the younger kids who needed more attention and structure), but for evenings when she was asleep, it was great. Some of the kids even went down in their pajamas.