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  1. We are booked on Azura 31st Oct in a superior deluxe balcony cabin. This is our first cruise and I am fairly reassured by these comments.
  2. ChrisP

    Formal Nights On P&o Azura

    Thank you for your valued advice.
  3. ChrisP

    The Cruise Ship

    OMG We are booked on our first ever cruise on Azura end of October. I was so excited and looking forward to it. Now after watching The Cruise on tv I am wondering if we have done the right thing. This sort of thing definitely is not our kind of thing at all.
  4. ChrisP


    So glad this topic came up. We have booked Freedom dining for our 1st cruising experience. I probably would have chosen Club but my husband, who usually is very laid back and happy to go with whatever I would like, had a strong preference for Freedom. I hav been a bit concerned about whether we would get to chat with other people ( important to me). Hopefully this won't be a problem. I also am looking forward to the shows in the evening and felt it would be easier to plan if we were flexible with our dining times. I so hope we have done the right thing.
  5. ChrisP

    Toiletries Brand On P&o

    Thank you Northern Star.
  6. ChrisP

    Toiletries Brand On P&o

    What toiletries do you actually get? Ps Love White Company stuff
  7. This will be our first experience of cruising and I have bought a couple of long evening dresses for the formal nights but have been told by several people that formal nights are not so formal now and long dresses are no longer worn. I need some advice on this as clearly don't want to look ridiculous.
  8. ChrisP

    Dress Codes

    Advice please - we are cruising for the first time this year on P&Os Azura with four formal nights. I have excitedly bought a couple of new long evening dresses but various people have told me that formal nights are not that formal now and guest don't wear long dresses anymore????