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  1. I always qualify comments with "if it's still the same as when I last visited" as a couple of ports have changed. Anyway, if you decide to get a taxi back from Bridgetown and are feeling fairly tired ask the taxi driver if he/she is allowed into the port itself. My wife was very tired with the heat and all, we were dropped at the dock gate which turned out to be a bit of a trek for her with her exhaustion. Just a little tip. RayO
  2. As with most places these days they will take Euros although the exchange rate may not be very good. My question is that if most of your cruise is within Norway why bother with Euros? If you have some left over from previous holidays then fair enough. I would certainly not buy Euros to specifically spend in Norway, the difference between buying and selling rates plus their %age would not make it a good financial transaction. Denmark would be a different matter as, although they retain their own krone, it is linked to the Euro (well, it was when last I heard). RayO
  3. I do like this series and the original Mighty Ships which was fascinating in showing how ships are built for a specific purpose. So, here's the but. I do get a bit fed-up with everything they do being presented as an over dramatic crisis, e.g. this is the first time in this port - will they make it in?, they are delayed out of Harwich - will they catch up the time?, the pilot has never dealt with a ship this size - will he manage? And don't get me started about the stock (pun intended) scene of the ship's provisions being loaded sometimes with the chef squeezing and sniffing stuff. Apart from that it is an interesting programme showing the different types of ship that are out there. RayO
  4. Glad that you had a good cruise despite all of the changes and that your approach is the same as mine. What can anyone do about the weather? Some people just get off on moaning about anything and everything. RayO
  5. I did not go into the cinema so don't know if it was refurbished, don't think it was. Having done two cruises this year, Ventura 17 nights and Oriana 7 nights, I have tried almost all of the gins except the novelty ones, e.g. chocolate, elderflower. Anderson's was a very pleasant gin, not too flowery with a bit of spice. My favourites were The Botanist and Silent Pool, but a number of times I stuck to Bombay or Tanqueray as not all of the gins were available in all of the bars. After trying Fever Tree I have decided that I am a Schweppes Slimline man. Fever Tree is really being pushed but just tastes like flavoured soda water to me. My daughter and I did the Martini tasting on Ventura which started at midday: a great way to start the day. Hic! RayO
  6. I was on a couple of months ago and Oriana is still one of my favourite ships. She is in very good condition considering her age. The refit was all about soft furnishings and I can hardly remember much about what has changed. In general everything looks fresher and newer. Let me think: the fake waterfall in the Atrium is now a living wall, Anderson's seating has changed, the restaurants look slightly different, the cafeteria has been changed around a bit (didn't go in there much). That's it really! Sindhu and the evening grill (can't remember the name) were excellent. The extensive gin menu is great for me. just a really nice ship. I remembered some of the crew from previous cruises and they half remembered me, so it felt very comfortable from the get go. Enjoy your cruise. RayO
  7. "Sorry for trying to help Rayo" Not meant as a criticism of you. RayO
  8. Princess also have Platinum status. The question was about check-in not loyalty benefits, so I agree with the first comment that is if you're Platinum then you should know what happens at check-in. The post seems very wishy-washy as if everyone is supposed to interpret the question. RayO
  9. Just returned from my Ventura cruise and there were no arranged evening drinks for solos, just the morning coffee and afternoon tea as noted before. Also, much to my tables annoyance, they were trying out 1930 and 2100 shows rather than 2100 and 2230 shows. Everything seemed to be geared to first sitting and early diners, even the syndicate quiz was moved from 2245 to 2230, which may not seem a lot but was never put back when dinner was at 2045 rather than 2030. The cruise after ours reverted to the latter format. Very little show wise after dinner for us to do. We couldn't get in to see a couple of acts as they were put on in Havana at 2100 and 2230 rather than the theatre and were packed when we finished dinner. RayO
  10. Presumably registering a card on CP will be to pay for pre-cruise bookings such as excursions and indulgence packages. RayO
  11. As a first time solo traveller last August I was put on a table for eight with an adult family of four and three others solos. It worked out very well. This was on Princess btw. RayO
  12. I shall be travelling solo with my daughter and her husband on Ventura next week. In order to give them time on their own I shall be looking out for some solos events. I do not attend the morning get togethers mainly because I'm not a morning person. A pre-dinner drink would suit me better, I'll look out for that. RayO
  13. It would seem that limits on Santorini visits are already in place, more for logistics than anything else at the moment. The cruise mentioned earlier by two posters, Ventura 14/05/2017 has had its itinerary changed: Rhodes has replaced Kusadasi and the order of visiting the Greek Islands has been altered. Taken from Bolsover email "Your cruise operator has recently been made aware that there are five ships due to call to Santorini on Wednesday 24th May, which is likely to cause congestion in and around the port and may delay the operation of any shore excursions that day. In order to avoid any disruption to your experience ashore, it has been necessary to amend the port order from Sunday 21st May to Wednesday 24th May. The revised portion of the itinerary is as follows:- 21/05/17 Athens (Piraeus), Greece – Arrive early morning & Depart early evening 22/05/17 Santorini, Greece – Arrive early morning, Tender required, Depart early evening 23/05/17 Rhodes, Greece – Arrive morning & Depart early evening 24/05/17 Heraklion, Greece – Arrive early morning & Depart afternoon" The Crete visit has been changed from depart early evening to depart afternoon. RayO
  14. A while ago but, from memory, shuttle buses in Alghero are unnecessary as it is/was a tender port and you are dropped in the harbour of a relatively small town. For preciseness, you don't dock in Florence as it is inland. You dock at Livorno (usually) or La Spezia. It's like Southampton being London or Civitavecchia being Rome, I do wish cruise companies would stop this. Shuttles, as in short hop transport, are provided in Livorno docks (horrible place) to Livorno town. RayO
  15. P&O was taken over by Carnival in 2003. I started cruising with P&O in 2004. So I have no before and after experience to draw upon. I believe anyone who can make the comparison will be comparing chalk and cheese. RayO