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    On my recent US & Canada trip on Arcadia, I started getting breakfast delivered to my cabin after a few days of table hunting in the buffet - great idea & free. I also took my lunch back to the cabin on a couple of occasions. I do agree that it's dreadful to see the half eaten food littering the corridors but believe me - my plates were empty!!! It amazed me to see the plates of canapés that were left outside the "posh cabins" in the mornings! What a waste!
  2. Precise cruise details

    Debs2010 - many thanks, found exactly what I needed re timings!
  3. Can anyone point me in the direction of a website that can give me more precise details for an upcoming cruise with P & O. I'm looking for arrival times rather than " early morning" & also I'd like to know which nights are formal & what films are likely to be shown!!! P & O's website is too vague!!! Many thanks.
  4. Like should like to see a proper cinema, similar to Chaplins on Oriana & not like the apology of the Studio on Britannia, in which you cannot see the whole screen if you are more than 3 rows back. I should also like to see manned "Disabled/wheelchair lifts". I was on the maiden voyage of Britannia & it was very embarrassing to see disabled passengers having to wait for 15 - 20 minutes while ignorant able- bodied creatures pushed ahead of them. Despite being asked over the intercom to be considerate. It might not be cost affective to have them manned all day but as busy times.
  5. Azura - Are they good hairdryers in the cabin?

    They're fine. I have thick, curly shoulder length hair so it's a challenge! Do take my GHDs to finish off!
  6. 1st cruise

    I've only been cruising for a couple of years so am rather a novice & there are plenty of "experts" out there but here are a couple of observations that I've made. Bear in mind I travel alone so not quite the same perspective as travelling as a couple!! * Book a cabin in the middle of a ship on a deck with cabins above & below you!! I always have an inside cabin as it's a lot cheaper than an outside/balcony cabin, & bear in mind how much time you spend in your cabin!!........not a lot! * I always go for freedom dining if possible, the thought of being on a table with people I have nothing in common with, for an entire holiday, fills me with horror! I have done non-freedom dining once & it was fine!! Freedom will also give you the choice of a table for 2 or 8 each night! * if part of the deal is free parking or on board spend, I always go for the former as it's about £10/day to park at Southampton, my first cruise I opted foe the on-board spend = big mistake! * On P & O you can take alcohol on board with you to consume in your cabin, a little pre dinner aperitif is nice as you're getting ready! My first cruise was on Azura to the Central Med & I loved it! Hope you enjoy your trip & hope this has been of some help!
  7. How do you book your cruise?

    I book through Bolsover & always ask to speak to the advisor that talked me through my first tentative steps towards cruising. It's nice to have someone on your side!
  8. Christmas Cruise

    Thanks for your advice. I've booked for Oceana, but was horrified at the pretty hefty supplement for being a solo passenger. In fact they'd closed bookings for single travellers!!!!!
  9. Christmas Cruise

    I'm thinking of cruising to the Canaries over Christmas. Oriana is going for 16 days & Oceana 14. The advantage of the latter is that she will be in Madeira for New Year, & the fireworks are reputedly brilliant. However, my concern is will the ship be inundated with children, as it's the holidays or do they tend not to go on cruises at Christmas? It would be fun to go on Oceana as it'll be the first time. I found Oriana rather tired & a little drab when I sailed on her in March 2014.
  10. Obstructed Balcony On Britanna

    Some friends were in G443 & had an obstructed view cabin. The top of the lifeboats are at the bottom level of the balcony so distance viewing is not an issue. Just means you can't look over the balcony to see the side of the ship. Incidentally the balconies are tiny, not only on this deck. It would appear the you have to sit parallel to the side of the ship not at right angles. However if you opted for a super duper cabin, the balconies might be bigger.
  11. There are also some others including Kiki Dee & Madeline Bell performing in the Limelight.
  12. Cruising Alone

    I did this trip as a solo traveller this year - it was brilliant. So far I've been on 2 cruises both alone, it was a little daunting on my first (Azura -Central Med) but there were plenty of things to do & places to hide if all the other travellers became overwhelming. I attended one of the morning get togethers but they weren't really my cup of tea. On my second trip (Oriana -Northern Lights) the ship was much smaller, again plenty of things to keep you entertained but I did find it difficult sometimes to find a seat in the coffee shop because either people didn't want to share their table or on another occasion I was told that the seat was being kept for someone! Bumped into a couple of people I'd met on the first cruise, which was nice. I'm booked to go on Britannia's maiden cruise again alone, but I'll be meeting up with a couple I met on Azura. On Azura I opted for Freedom dining as the thought of having to endure a table of people I didn't have much in common with for over 2 weeks filled me with horror, however on Oriana I had to have set dining & it was fine, - a table of 8. Have a brilliant trip & fear not!
  13. I'm fairly new to cruising, having only been on 2 cruises. On both occasions I paid extra to go into an inside double cabin. Trip one was on Azura, the cabin was relatively spacious - I opted for this as the single cabins were on the same level as the casino & I thought that it could be noisy. My second trip was on Oriana, there are only a couple of single cabins, so I had no option than to go for a double cabin, I was very glad that I was alone in the cabin as it was tiny, I really don't know how two people could exist in it!! I have booked to go on Britannia for her maiden voyage & again have gone for a double cabin (60% supplement!) as the single cabins were below the swimming pool, so again potentially noisy. One day I'd love to have a balcony cabin but I really can't justify the cost - I was going to have to pay £900 more on the Azura trip!! I'll just dream on!