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  1. DavidH

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    Just paid the final balance for our forthcoming repositioning cruise on Marella Discovery, sailing from Naples to Dubai in November. The attraction for us being the transit of the Suez Canal and 2 full days in Aqaba (for visiting Petra), not to mention a considerable number of (hopefully) relaxing sea days. Having taken my money, I guess at this stage TUI are still intending sailing their ship through the Straits of Hormuz. DavidH
  2. DavidH

    Britannia Fight Night?

    "Clowning around with P&O". Not a good advert!! DavidH
  3. DavidH

    Would you book it?

    Hi Davybe, Having just attended a Jools Holland concert at The Royal International Pavilion, Llangollen earlier this evening, may I suggest that one of his forthcoming Saga cruises might be to some people's liking. DavidH
  4. DavidH

    Havana US ban

    Hi towny44, Having just checked on the Azamara Club Cruises website, it is very clear that Cuba no longer features in their Destinations list. DavidH
  5. DavidH

    Havana US ban

    Such a shame for the Cuban people and for the thousands of US citizens who were looking forward to visiting this fascinating place. We can now maybe count ourselves fortunate to have visited when we did in early 2018, courtesy of Marella. I guess Azamara's Cuba Intensive itineraries will now be swiftly dropped. DavidH
  6. DavidH

    Jane back on Friday.

    Good to read your comments on Emerald, OWT, as I value your opinion and we board Destiny in just over 2 weeks' time. Owner's Suite, too, just like JM!!! DavidH
  7. Oh Dear! So a 2 year old cruise ship suffers engine failure in stormy weather off the Norwegian Coast. According to The Telegraph, Viking Sky sent out a Mayday Signal earlier today after it began drifting towards land. Around 100 passengers and crew were helicoptered off the ship before the crew were able to restart one engine late this afternoon. The ship eventually managed to moor in Hustadsvika Bay, between Alesund and Trondheim. Rescuers warned it would take hours to evacuate all 1,300 passengers and crew. DavidH
  8. DavidH

    Speciality Restaurants

    Hi OWT, One of the reasons we prefer to cruise with Azamara is that we find the Main Dining Room experience to be so good. On three cruises with them in the last couple of years, we are yet to try anything different. DavidH
  9. DavidH

    Balcony Size

    Hi Pks1702, I'm with you on the balcony thing. Wouldn't go on a cruise without one. We also love the wider view obtained from a balcony at the stern. Azamara is currently our favoured line, the balconies are not huge but still essential. Suite balconies are 21.7 sq.m. (233 sq.ft. in old money) and take up the front and rear corners of the ship, giving great views of docking etc. Last year's Caribbean cruise was our first on Marella. Discovery 2 was the ship and the Grand Suite we booked had an excellent balcony. The suite represented really good value for money but was midships, so only a view on one side. Hope you enjoy Britannia. Far too big a monster for me!! DavidH
  10. DavidH

    What's with the silly pop up???

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DavidH
  11. DavidH

    Which Ship?Has that Wow factor?

    Hi Davybe, We have always been impressed by both Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest. Not for the lavish nature of the ships but for the welcoming attitude of the always visible senior officers. As for accommodation, we've yet to beat our almost 4 week stay in The Library Suite on P&O's Aurora which spans 2 decks at the front of the ship, with a spiral staircase between them. Have to say that was several years ago and. as forum members will know from recent posts, we don't use P&O nowadays. That trip, however, will stay long in the memory. DavidH
  12. DavidH

    Drinks Package

    Hi littlemousa, We have done quite a few drinks package/all inclusive cruises with the likes of Celebrity, Azamara, Silversea and even Marella and can honestly say I have never personally witnessed any increase in irresponsible behaviour. Mind you, it could be that I am usually too far gone to notice!!!! 😜 DavidH
  13. DavidH

    Drinks Package

    P&O can charge what they like for their drinks package, they won't be getting my money. We gave up on them a couple of years ago and haven't seen anything likely to tempt us back. DavidH
  14. DavidH

    Got any Snow

    Hi Davybe, Main problem here in the North Notts area is freezing fog. Below freezing all day today and the mist, which has been present since the early hours, is closing in again. Driving in to Nottingham this evening for dinner and then theatre. Need to allow plenty of time, I think. What makes it worse is that our friends are on board Azura in the Caribbean and keep sending messages about sunshine and beaches. Time to turn on Sky Sports and watch England get slaughtered again in Antigua!! On the brighter side, off to Tenerife in the not too distant future. 😎 DavidH
  15. DavidH

    How Does Music Affect You

    I have an album by Paul Anka. Not from the 50's, though I do remember him in those days but a splendid collection of "New and original Swing interpretations of classic songs" he brought out in 2005. Tracks such as Van Halen's "Jump" and Nirvana's " Smells Like Teen Spirit" feature. A great album for those who like their music to go with a swing. DavidH