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  1. DavidH

    How about other UK ports ?

    Hi Graden, As I have no desire to cruise on "The Leviathon Of The Seas", I would welcome the opportunity to sail from more Northerly ports on the smaller ships. But, to where????? DavidH
  2. DavidH

    Now it is the 'mask farce' on flights!

    But unfortunately not in my lifetime, I'm beginning to think!!
  3. Relieved to say that Azamara have indeed cancelled our back to back cruises scheduled for November 2020. In general, they have continued the suspension of their operations until the end of October but the unique Quest November itineraries have also been cancelled. Our options are:- 1. 125% Future Cruise Credit based on the amount paid. As this was only the deposit, it doesn't amount to much. 2. Lift and Shift. As this was a one off itinerary which is not in their schedule for next year, this option is useless. 3. 100% refund. We have until 31 December 2020 to request this option and deactivate the FCC Certificate. Back to the drawing board but with little enthusiasm!! DavidH
  4. DavidH

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    No words, Jenjen. So sorry. Stay strong. DavidH
  5. DavidH

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    I think I have mentioned before on this forum that, despite all our thoroughly enjoyable cruises over the years, our favourite form of holiday remains taking our touring caravan across to France. Only a few days ago, I was checking out the pricing of a journey through the Chunnel but, that is back off the agenda for now with the latest twist in the European tale. We have, however, just had our first weekend of the year with the 'van at a Caravan & Motorhome site, meeting up with my sister and her husband for the first time since Christmas. Next week we're heading North for a few days in York, an overnight in Durham and then pushing on to Scotland where we plan to meet up with our Grandchildren for the first time since February before they return to their re-opened schools in only the second week in August. I was very impressed with the way in which the C&M Club have set things up on their sites to make a camping trip about as safe as you can get. Thank goodness for the caravan. DavidH
  6. DavidH

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    No cruises - no issues to discuss!! "Simples"!! DavidH
  7. We have invariably selected our cruises in the past based on ports of call. However, we have occasionally returned from a cruise feeling as though we need a holiday to recover from the all action, port a day, routine. More recently, we have gone for a balance of calls and sea days. As for the future.....................................? DavidH
  8. DavidH

    Where to in our winter?

    Hi OWT, Have you considered Warner Leisure Breaks. Not in Kent/Sussex but we enjoyed a few days at Sinah Warren Hotel on Hayling Island some years ago, From their website, it would seem Warners are opening up from 27 July. DavidH
  9. Hi Anchors-aweigh, My wife and I, together with a couple of friends, are due to embark Azamara Quest in mid November in Lisbon, visiting the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands before crossing The Atlantic for calls in Brazil, with Buenos Aires as the final stop. Being a US cruise line, I do not expect the cruise to go ahead and, right now, I would prefer that Azamara cancel the whole thing. Preferably, before we are due to pay the outstanding balance in mid-August. Much as we enjoy on board ship life, it's the ports of call that inform our cruise choices and, given the state of play in Latin America, I suspect the calls in Brazil and Uruguay will be pulled. DavidH
  10. DavidH

    Cruise Refund

    The Consumers Association has been majoring on this issue of refunds for several weeks now but to no avail. They make the legal position quite clear but it doesn't seem to matter one jot. I think the bottom line is we are not going to see refunds on cancelled trips until things ease enough for others to book and the travel companies start to get some cash flow back in. That's why so many are offering future credits - they just don't have the cash reserves. DavidH
  11. DavidH

    Annual insurance

    Hi towny44, As you've already been made aware, the answer is "none". DavidH
  12. DavidH

    Annual insurance

    After some internet research, a disappointing telephone conversation with a rather rude and very aggressive guy from Staysure and further discussion with current insurers, LV, we have gone with Saga for the next 12 months. Very surprised, as Saga were hugely expensive the last time I looked at them - mind you, that was in 2005!!!! As always, hoping we never have to claim on it. DavidH
  13. DavidH

    Annual insurance

    Have today received the renewal notice from LV for our Annual Travel Insurance policy which has a renewal date of 1 June. With no apparent change to the Premier cover level which we have and based on our current area of cover (we have worldwide excluding North and Central America, Caribbean and Bahamas) the premium quoted is almost 30% up on what we paid this time last year. As I referred to in an earlier post, with price comparison websites out of action for travel insurance, it makes a challenge to the price quoted somewhat difficult. DavidH
  14. DavidH

    Queen Mary 2

    Hi tekram (James), Very interesting. Wouldn't it be good to know, in current circumstances, whether or not you have developed an immunity as a result? Best not to try and find out!! DavidH
  15. DavidH

    Annual insurance

    Hi Panda, Hope you don't mind my asking but, why take out an annual policy if you only require cover for 2 months in the year? DavidH