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  1. Hi gasgas and welcome. Loved your comments about your opera experience in Sydney. We enjoyed a tour of The Opera House and a live performance there around 3 years ago during a 4 week land tour of Australia. May I suggest, however, that this country offers the opportunity to experience the thrill of opera without travelling quite so far. Certainly acoustically, both The Royal Opera House at Covent Garden and The London Coliseum (English National Opera Company's base) knock spots off Sydney, though maybe the exteriors are not as dramatic. Being based in the Midlands, we also get to see the splendid Opera North at Nottingham's Royal Centre when they are on tour from their Leeds Grand Theatre home. DavidH
  2. We "debarked" (as they call it) from our second cruise on Azamara Journey in Piraeus on Saturday (28th), having visited several Greek Islands and with 3 days in The Holy Land. Another fabulous experience provided by a line which seems to pitch it exactly right for this size of ship. Certainly as far as my wife and I are concerned. Having cruised through the Kiel Canal on a Baltic Cruise on Adonia a few years ago (at a point where P&O were still worth considering), we are delighted that Azamara will be taking over the ship. Of course, there was much excitement and quite a build up whilst on board to the announcement of the itineraries on the 24th. Special presentations then followed and, if you really want to do the South America cruise over Christmas and New Year, Cruise Chef, or indeed at Carnival time (13 nights from 24 Feb2019), I think you will need to book very soon. Interest on board was massive. DavidH
  3. Looking forward to back to back cruises, starting and finishing in Montego Bay, early in 2018. DavidH
  4. For me, the Officers and Crew make the Azamara experience what it is. Currently looking forward to our second cruise on Journey next month and on Quest next September. Having enjoyed a Baltic cruise on Adonia a few years ago, I personally am delighted she will be re-appearing under the Azamara banner. Look forward to seeing what itineraries will be offered. DavidH
  5. Hi Allie, We travelled from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls to New York on Amtrak way back in 2005. The train stopped at the US border, minutes after setting off and passports were meticulously checked. Can't remember the exact time the journey took but it seemed interminable at the time!! DavidH
  6. Please note, this was not posted by me. DavidH
  7. Hi cruise chef, China is such a huge country and the interesting areas so wide spread and diverse, I fail to see how you could possibly do it justice solely on a river cruise. We visited in Autumn 2007 on a land tour with Collette Travel, an American organisation. It involved 5 internal flights and included a few days on a Yangtze cruise. Can't give you more details at the moment as I am in deepest, darkest Denmark but, if you're still interested, I could look up more details when we return at the end of the month. DavidH
  8. Never been on RCI. Nor am I likely to!! DavidH
  9. Maybe one of the reasons Americans only take short trips is down to the fact that they only have very modest Annual Leave allowances. Work ethic is much stronger over there. No excuse for the retired, of course but, once set in your ways...........?? DavidH
  10. Bit surprised and disappointed to read that some members are suggesting smuggling items on board against the cruise lines declared policies. DavidH
  11. No!! DavidH
  12. Hi ShazO, Eclipse is a great ship. Be sure to use the glass elevators which run from the Grand Foyer on Deck 3 all the way up to Deck 14, unless you don't like heights. For a drink, the Martini Bar on Deck 4 is a cool place to be of an evening but don't miss the shows in the Eclipse Theater (correct spelling!!). Enjoy. DavidH
  13. Thanks for the post, JH327. Brought back good memories of our 4 week land tour of Australia, with Scenic, in early 2014. We started in Perth, from where we visited the delightful Freemantle (without the need for "The Doctor"!!!). DavidH
  14. Maybe it's to do with the way pool water slops about in a swell. At best, messy. At worst, dangerous. DavidH
  15. Hi vamp23, As those who have followed this forum for some time may remember from my previous posts, the overall experience on an Azamara cruise has, so far, made it our favourite cruise line. This is reflected by the fact that we have two more in the pipeline (as well as one with another line sandwiched in between). It has to be said that the Staterooms are not the largest at sea. "Compact and bijoux" comes to mind. Their website quotes the following sizes:- Club Interior - 14.7 sq.m. Club Ocean View - 15.8 sq.m. Club Veranda - 16.3 sq.m. + 3.8 sq.m. veranda. We prefer to book a Club Deluxe Veranda (category VX). There are only 10 of these on board, situated at either end of the ship, overlooking either the bow or the stern. We always prefer to be at the stern for views to either side of the ship. We find this category to be perfectly adequate to meet our needs and very comfortable. I like to spend time on our own balcony, particularly in the morning and always for a digestif (or two) last thing at night (or should that be early morning???). On our most recent cruise on Azamara Journey, we found the main dining room experience so good we never bothered with the speciality options. If you want more space, the sun beds on deck are particularly comfortable with good thick mattresses and the service on deck is good too. Hope that helps. DavidH