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  1. DavidH

    Fake reviews ?

    Hi Daveybe, I often refer to Trip Advisor for information and have posted several reviews. I've even booked accommodation through the site, which worked well. I'm happy to accept that one must make a judgement as to the benefit of other people's reviews and find the site useful, though a bit of a pain in it's constant badgering for further reviews, DavidH
  2. DavidH

    Is Hybrid the way to go.

    I would need to be convinced that a hybrid or electric vehicle would prove as effective as a tow car as my current twin turbo 3 litre diesel before I would consider changing. DavidH
  3. DavidH

    How soon do you book.

    Hi Davybe, Our cruises these days seem to be to celebrate special occasions, combining that with ticking off bucket list destinations. That means we tend to book well in advance to secure what we want. Examples:- 1. Later this month we board Azamara Quest to celebrate a (very) Big Birthday. It was booked in March 2017. 2. In May 2019 we celebrate our Golden Wedding on board an Emerald river cruise on the Eastern stretch of The Danube. Booked February 2018. 3. In April 2020 we head to Japan, with part of the package being our first experience of a Holland America cruise. No special event. Just the Bucket List thing. Booked July 2018. Hoping to have the continued good health to be able to fulfill those bookings. DavidH
  4. DavidH

    Using your Mobile.

    Hi Davybe, We consider ourselves privileged to spend quite a lot of our time away from home these days, visiting places of interest by land and sea. I have a minimum of a smartphone and a tablet device with me whenever and wherever we are and like to use them to stay in touch with friends and family, access information on the places we are visiting and stay in touch with news and sport. At home, both my wife and I are available to our regular contacts online virtually all day, everyday. That's the advantage of the modern world. I don't like everything to which this exposes us but, currently, feel the risks are worth the reward. DavidH
  5. DavidH

    Was BoJo Right

    Don't you just love a good cruising topic? Not impressed!! DavidH
  6. DavidH

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    So common sense prevails at P&O. Still won't be considering them for my business!! DavidH
  7. DavidH

    Ripped off in Venice.

    Gonna be there in about a month's time for a 3 night stay before boarding Azamara Quest. Fourth or fifth visit but, for how much longer, I wonder? DavidH
  8. DavidH

    The Edge Sea trials

    Ugly!!! DavidH
  9. DavidH

    where will Virgin cruises fit into the market?

    It's to be hoped they operate their ships more efficiently than their trains!!! DavidH
  10. DavidH

    The end of the traditional cruise?

    Hi towny44, I have to confess, the answer to your question is "No" and, whilst I appreciate the insight you have given on Royal Caribbean, I am unlikely to cruise with them. From what I have read and seen of their ships, they are just not to my taste. As for P&O, our last cruise with them was in 2016 and, until I pick up on signs of their significant improvement, it is likely to have been our last. DavidH
  11. DavidH

    Summer fly cruise

    Hi Scranman, May I suggest you look at "whatsinport.com" as a starting point for your research. DavidH
  12. We went to see Jools and his band at Nottingham Arena a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the show. He's been playing slightly smaller venues more recently (e.g. his latest visit to Nottingham was at The Royal Concert Hall) and I guess, in his dotage, he fancies the idea of the occasional paid holiday. I've always thought that his greatest asset is that he always attracts other quality artists to work with him and I wonder whether or not the budget on Saga will run to his guests. I'd be very surprised if he failed to bring the excellent Ruby Turner on stage with him. She's been a fixture at his concerts for years. I think it's a good move both by Saga and by Jools himself. DavidH
  13. DavidH

    The end of the traditional cruise?

    Hi loz6, I think traditional cruising has been dead to Royal Caribbean customers for a long time. But that's the beauty of cruising, there are still plenty of lines who offer a product which appeals to those of a more traditional bent. DavidH
  14. DavidH

    Who has sailed with Silversea?

    Hi GiGi, It's quite a while ago, either 2001 or 2002, I can't quite remember the year but I do remember a wonderful cruise on Silver Shadow. The standard of service was superb, our Butler being almost intuitive in anticipating our every need, whilst the food was very much up there with the very best. From what I have read since, standards have been maintained and, were the itinerary right, we would not hesitate to cruise again with Silversea. Hopefully, someone with more recent experience will also respond to your enquiry. DavidH
  15. DavidH

    New format for cruising with Jane McDonald

    Hi Sheila, I can understand your thinking. We also, as a general approach, do a fair bit of advance research and like to do our own planning. In early 2008 we spent 6 weeks touring New Zealand in a motorhome (we are caravanners in the UK). It wasn't long enough to do such a magnificent country justice but we have been back since to pick up on the areas we didn't get to. However, when it came to considering Australia, the huge distances involved put us off the motorhome option and we felt Scenic's tour package offered us the best opportunity of maximising our time there. For us, it proved to be a great choice. DavidH