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    P&O Cruises have sold Adonia!

    Oh my! ...How true this is!! We had a five week cruise booked for next Feb, which will now be reduced to two weeks.... had also booked for same cruise in 2019 for five week cruise. We were so looking forward to these cruises after a “big mistake“ cruise on Britannia in the Caribbean last February. Our aft cabin balcony was continually covered by soot from the funnel and the ambiance on board was zero! Everything, including entertainment, came at an additional cost. There were fights on board and people being put ashore for inappropriate behaviour. (Announced publicly by the Captain!) what is P and O coming to? !! We are “Baltic” grade passengers......but not for long! So sad!
  2. theweedons

    P&O Cruises have sold Adonia!

    I totally agree!
  3. theweedons

    Premium economy with Thomson

    We flew Premium with Thompson in a Dream Liner in February this year, to the Caribbean, and it was faultless! Great service, food, and drink. Choice of main course and presented beautifully. It was extremely comfortable and quiet, with so much space. Everything provided, earphones, bottled water, goodie pouch with cosmetics, socks etc. There was a great choice of films and other viewing. We could not fault it and worth every penny. You do need to book early as the seats sell out very quickly. My only criticism was that even paying for excess luggage ahead of the flight was very limited and the allowance for hand luggage was unrealistically low, 5K. (Which was strictly adhered to!)
  4. theweedons

    Is this the beginning of the end for dress codes?

    I would not book a cruise without a dress code. Both my husband enjoy that aspect of cruising, to enjoy each other 'scrubbed up' and socialising with kindred spirits!