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  1. Balcony Lover

    Balcony or no balcony?

    Personally I would never cruise without a balcony and will do as long as I can afford to. Sadly as a so,o passenger I end up paying double the price of anyone else! However, it's so lovey to have that extra space and sit with a g and t at the end of the day., also to get early and watch the sail into port.... Balcony every time!
  2. Balcony Lover

    Queen Elizabeth Q 516.

    Ha ha good for you Rodger....... I would be doing the same if I wasn't working! Yes, I know what you mean re Inger ......not what I expected...she's very much respected by the crew, and good luck searching out your Portugese lady...maybe she won't recognise you with your clothes on! Lol.... Re the Grills, yes it's lovely and has it's advantages.. except the dining room which is more catered to couples..... As I am single one can feel out of place (plus the fact I pay double the price for single occupancy). In fact I'm on the QV new year cruise and I've booked 'below stairs' this time! Happy sunning...
  3. Balcony Lover

    Queen Elizabeth Q 516.

    Terrierian was extremely fortunate to have Captain Inger (can't remember her married name).... She's just lovely!, and the obvious advantage of having a lady driver..... Oh, boring Bob, I'm not shallow by any means, just a normal female who appreciates a fine body of a man! No different from the normal heterosexual male who being honest would admit the same about an attractive female. I always book early for my choice iof stateroom, for the best price, and best obs. Booking early Princess Grill gave me $1200 on board spend on my recent cruise. Hope the 'occurance' sorts itself out.... And try to keep smiling, it's all about fun!
  4. Balcony Lover

    Queen Elizabeth Q 516.

    Hardly offensive, I can only assume you are a sensitive sort and bereft of a sense of humour. Clearly "the occurnce" on the table has had a dramatic affect on you and I hope you get over it soon.
  5. Balcony Lover

    Queen Elizabeth Q 516.

    I'm surprised the lady in question was shouting at you in Portuguese, as no doubt wandering around without your shirt you were obviously standing out as a Brit! Sandles and socks as well per chance? I'm glad I didn't see you, so, unless you're a Brosnan lookalike then maybe you actually were offensive. Maybe your dinner companions were of a better dress standard ......which caused the problem!
  6. Balcony Lover

    Semi Formal Advice Needed (Female)

    I really like Cunard because I like to dress up. they used to have Formal, semi formal and smart casual. However, they've since done away with semi formal. So, I continue to do what I've always done,I dress up every night! Formal night I will be in a long dress, casual night I will be in a dress, usually cocktail, with fab shoes... You don't have to spend a fortune.. I buy quite a lot from Coast and often pick up so e bargains in the sale. I've also bought from Ebay! Someone told me years ago, if in doubt, dress up- not down, that applies to all area in life. Work, hols .. This year on the QV. It was the first time I've done a fly cruise, there was a large contingency from Europe who seem to have a different (generally) idea of dress code and some appeared quite scruffy.
  7. Balcony Lover

    Tables For 2

    2torts.......Conclusion come to by experience and observation.. If you are on a table of 8, it's extremely difficult to converse with people at the other end of the table. Humans are generally sociable, we arn't joined at the hip. Holidays are meant to be fun as well as relaxing, we all have busy lives and variety brings interest into our lives. You wouldn't have the same food for every meal...so why would you not want to vary the person you speak to over dinner, no matter how exciting that persons partner is ... A change is as good as a rest! When I used to travel on the Hebridean Spirit, now sold and renamed the Island Sky, they had 2 tables of 10, hosted by the Captain on one and the Chief Engimeer on the other for solo travellers. Singles only allowed. Every night we had requests from couples asking if they could join the 2 tables, ,always noting that we were having far more fun then them. Always a no of course as it was meant for solo travellers. We felt quite sad for the couples tables which were situated around the outside of the restaurant as they often looked quite miserable and eating in silence.... Why?
  8. Balcony Lover

    Tables For 2

    So presumably Squiffy would have the solo travellers sat on their own?? Maybe you'll be on your own one day - through no fault of your own ...it would be a sad person not to enjoy the company of others. Actually, it's the men on the table who are the most welcoming, generally the wives who don't want to mix .....speaks volumes!
  9. Balcony Lover

    Tables For 2

    I am a solo traveller, but often cruise with my sister, different lines, but these days usually Cunard. I/we always ask for the largest table possible, 6 or 8 by a window. I have seen tables for 2, 2 people usually looking miserable and not talking. Can't think of anything worse! I have been lucky with the tables apart from the odd time when get couples who insist in sitting next to each other.... How ridiculous, the best tables i have sat on are the ones where you move around every night. Why would you want to sit next to the same person night after night? Had one bad table, on the first night of the cruise we were sat with 3 other, very elderly sombre couples who refused to speak to us, a word with the maitre d soon had us moved to a fab table.
  10. I am currently on the Queen Victoria, it's lovely, been on here several times and this time enjoying an upgrade from a balcony cabin to a Princess Grill one.....it cost but worth every penny. However, somewhat marred by the fact 2 days out I lost a beautiful and very expensive diamond bangle. Having searched by room, .... All other jewellery in my safe - bangle lost whilst on the ship one evening - I contacted the concierge who in turn contacted all outlets/bars where I had been that evening, even the laundry in case it had ended up with the sheets etcs. Finally, last resort they came and did an official sweep of my room to they could officially deem it as lost. What upsets me is that my bangle had fallen of my wrist and has clearly been picked up by someone, if it were a member of the crew I know it would have been handed it, so, out there somewhere I can only assume that there is a passenger who has picked it up think all their Christmases have come at once, I hope they can live with their conscience after keeping something of mine which was very dear to me and also very costly. yes, I can claim on my insurance, but I'm more upset that someone has kept it.
  11. Balcony Lover

    Is This Usual With Cunard?

    I have cruised with Cunard numerous times and on the Queen Victoria. I have cruised with other co's. Cunard is nothing but professional, it's a very slick operation which is what I like. I am on that cruise and my flights are with BA, having upgraded to Club Europe I'm not planning to pre book my seat. yes, Naples has been changed, there is a perfectly good reason they gave (actually can't remember what it was......) and to substitute it with Salerno is Inthink a better port. I think once you have travelled with Cunard you will be hooked. Inhave no complaints.... Only that as a solo female passenger sometimes couples can be unfriendly, usually the wife who thinks you want to steal their husband over the dinner table! Have fun,
  12. Balcony Lover

    My Own 12 Days Of Christmas - On Oceana

    I think it's the wife who is miserable ........ Turn down the Christmas/New Year cruise? says a lot! Go on your own, you'll have much more fun!
  13. Balcony Lover

    My Own 12 Days Of Christmas - On Oceana

    I think it's the wife who is miserable ........ Turn down the Christmas/New Year cruise? says a lot! Go on your own, you'll have much more fun!
  14. Balcony Lover


    I always stay in a Brittania suite and found the food generally very good. It was only on the QM that the food was shall we say 'erratic', confusion over who'd ordered what etc. I did the tail end of the world cruise, the sector from Dubai to S/hampton, generally enjoyed it but decided the QM is not for me, it was unfriendly, never saw the Captain, and even at the cocktail parties never circulated. If you are single ie not part of a couple, you do notice this! Now, the Victoria and Elizabeth are totally different and really enjoy these ships. Captain Olsen on Victoria is a joy. Food always good, nightclubs and bars are excellent.
  15. Balcony Lover

    Any solo cruisers?

    Hi Christine.. I always sail with Cunard. I'm divorced and travel with my sister who is a widow. However, I'd quite happily travel solo - there's a singles group which meets every morning - thereby giving the opportunity to meet others like yourself and basically 'pal up' with... If you like dancing there are dance hosts in the ballroom. You'll make friends at dinner - I always ask for the largest table possible. Plus the night clubs on Victoria and Elizabeth you could quite comfortably go and sit in there on your own. Otherwise, I have a friend who is in her late eighties who always goes Fred Olsen on her own, she loves it. Not for me though - I think slightly older on there! Not sure about MSC though......