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  1. woodgnome0161

    aaaaaah formal wear on a mini cruise

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Took the formal wear last week on Explorer of the Seas Paris and Bruge 3 night mini cruise and I reckon 70% of men made the effort too! I have to admit it does make you feel special dressing up.
  2. woodgnome0161

    Formal Nights On Mini Cruises.

    Thanks Sammy Sun, you've convinced me! I'll take the formal wear - bags of room in the case on such a short cruise!
  3. woodgnome0161

    Formal Nights On Mini Cruises.

    I too will be on my first mini cruise on Saturday: Explorer of the Seas to see Paris and Brugges. Do many people bother to dress in formal wear on the formal night as it is just a 3 night cruise? I don't want to stand out like a sore thumb in my tuxedo and bow tie if nobody else is making the effort!
  4. woodgnome0161

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks Sammy Sun, I'll bear that in mind. At least I have several months to do my "trips homework"
  5. woodgnome0161

    Hi Everyone!

    Well, this is the first cruise club forum I've been on so here goes! My wife and I are on Liberty of The Seas in August in the Med and would like tips on trips from La Spezia. Is ten Cinque Terre trip worthwhile? Is it cheaper to do it yourself and if so how? Also, what are the best parts of liberty? It'll be our biggest ship so far after being on Mariner and Adventure of The Seas. Is Liberty noticeably bigger when onboard?