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  1. JAC

    Complimentary cake

    Back from my cruise on Arcadia. Visited Costa three times and enjoyed their cake on each occasion. Delicious.
  2. JAC

    Complimentary cake

    Many thanks. So the 6lb I lost leading up to my cruise is probably going to find its way back on.
  3. JAC

    Complimentary cake

    Does the Arcadia offer complimentary cake when you purchase a coffee in their Costa venues? Thank you
  4. JAC

    Dress code J712

    What a great forum this is. Thank you. I now know what to pack. Do you think 16 pairs of shoes is excessive? That's a whole other thread
  5. JAC

    Dress code J712

    Thank you Jenjen for trying on my behalf. I am sure when I have been before I have been able to see what the dress codes are including tropical and 60s/70s and on which days. Must be that page and as you say, in the process of being updated. Have a great time wherever you are off to on Friday.
  6. JAC

    Dress code J712

    Thank you all for your your replies. 2torts - yes I too found that page was not available. The Pesky Pirate - when I go to the cruise personaliser, port itinerary it says: Dress Dress Codes for your Cruise Jenjen - Can't seem to find the "advice centre" on the cruise personaliser. Could you advise me where to look? Thank you Tinkerbell - I certainly will enjoy. Going with my best friend who happens to be my sister. We started our countdown about 6 months ago!
  7. JAC

    Dress code J712

    Apologies if posting in the wrong section. Can anybody tell me where to look to find the dress code for Arcadia, cruise J712 other than the generic "There are generally 4 black tie....."? I have received my holiday brochure this morning and this information dos not seem to be included. Thank you
  8. JAC

    Dress code

    Thank you for your welcome and quick replies. As a result I have now found the information I need.
  9. Please can somebody direct me to where I can find out how many black tie/smart casual/themed evenings there are on P&O Azura A626. My printed booklet just says there are two dress codes, no mention of how many of each and the cruise personaliser on line says there are three and on a typical 14 night cruise.........No specifics. Many thanks for any advice you ca give.