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  1. Advance Boarding for cruise ships

    Agree with you on that point Captain Kidd, those who wait for the cheaper fare should wait to embark & reward those who have paid full fare, the idea of paying to board sounds bizarre when you have already paid for your cruise anyway . Next thing it will be board by raffle ticket number at a £1 a strip

    Good point Mitch, Is it just that in these enlightened times we expect more for less and this is more a culture change, After all when some of the moaners started cruising consumer TV programmes didn't exist so they had little to compare to or moan about
  3. Currency help

    That's a really good idea, I just worry for the poor staff though, I know Bolsover don't have a Bureau de Change. I t would probably be reliant on someone in their office having to do this for every location for every voyage and of course it could lead to errors which I'm sure some customers would hold them to not if having the correct information. It is not something I have seen any travel agent do for a cruise, great on a single trip to one location but so open for errors on a multi location holiday. Most currency outlets in either the Supermarkets or Post Office are happy to give this information and they of course will also try to sell you the currency if they stock it!
  4. Poor customer service

    Cant see what the problem is personally, same cruise with an additional feature, if you dont want anything to do with Strictly then just avoid the events. If your itinerary had changed and they hadnt been in touch then I can understand your gripe but I cant see they have done anything wrong. Like one of the other forum members has said its more likely to push your fare up!
  5. Travel insurance for USA resident

    I think your right Sinbad, I believe travel insurance has to be in the country you are living in and its to do with repatriation if you were medically unwell. I could be wrong but I'm sure thts what a broker told me as he had several clients who lived abroad
  6. "Dixon's at Sea" on P&O

    Amazon at sea would have been a lot cheaper and like the recurring theme I'm also not a fan of Dixons
  7. Iceland in July

    It can be very mixed, I also cruised to Iceland a few years ago in July and had the complete opposite, we had a balmy day of bright sunshine and shorts & short sleeved shirts, so as you thought pack like you would for UK holiday and you wont go wrong
  8. Aurora to become adult only.

    It makes sense as the larger ships have more activities for the families but as sinbad has mentioned earlier this sometimes has the problem that it drives up the average age of guests. It is the age old thing every decision made has its pro's & con's
  9. P&O Service Reward Program to increase

    Good Point OWT and the fact that when restaurants in the UK try to adopt the American tipping system with an automatic addition they tend to be frowned upon, and s you say the best solution would jut be to include this in the fare and the grats handed out to those who regularly get the positive feedback on their surveys, I am sure this would improve the service throughout
  10. P&O Service Reward Program to increase

    I agree HLM, the only thing we are missing tht prior to that they had remained the lowest in the industry for many years whilst some of their American competitors were more than double in some cases,and it looks like a case of them catching up, compared like for like they are still good value if the service is what it should be. Before anyone says I am pro P&O, this is not the case as I have travelled other lines more recently that charged considerably more.
  11. Hand Gel

    & we are always lead to believe its the men with the worst toilet habits - clearly not !!!!!!
  12. Increase in tip's for P&O

    It sounds like Fred Olsen are increasing theirs Gratuities from the 7th of March to £5 per person per night, but are giving passengers the opportunity to pre pay them before that date at the lower rate, so at least they have the chance to take them at the lower rate
  13. Weather fjords in april

    As OWT has advised just like the UK at this time of year so be prepared for all weathers
  14. How are cruise ships built?

    Also worth watching Mighty Ships on Quest that have showed some ships being built, for example Queen Mary 2
  15. I've stayed in an Obstructed view cabin and never had any problems, some on Arcadia also have very little obstruction, ask your travel agent to check for you which would be best but you shouldn't have any issues