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  1. I think it relates to customer buying the products after the treatment as they always try to sell the lotions for you to use at home
  2. oops! sorry land ahoy didnt see your post so we've doubled up!
  3. I always give the same answer 'more than I wanted but less than I expected' they really dont have an answer to that!!!!
  4. Just been talking o my friend who was on Oceana recently, apparently the tax is for any cruise departing or finishing in Malta, the tax as mentioned of 18% is charged on any shop products, photo gallery or products bought in the spa. It isnt included on spa treatments or drinks onboard.
  5. Just seen this article on BBC news website, such a shame that such an iconic ship isnt being used to its full potential in Dubai http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-41282633
  6. Very true Land Ahoy & well put! I am sure that may out there will not be as understanding but by giving your support you at least will be helping the locals rebuild their homes & lives
  7. Sign of the times Badminton Girl, they are all making cut backs to keep costs down and I suppose this maybe would mean 1 less member of staff required
  8. Thats very interesting, I just wonder though if someone has a big puff of vapour on their balcony which someone else mistakes for smoke how many false alarms the ships staff will have to call out for. Hopefully thats just me thinking the worst!
  9. Someone made me laugh to today when they said she should have been on Titanic as her singing would have shattered the iceberg!!!!!!!
  10. The best advice I could give you Towny44 is to make sure you have done all your check in and pre cruise information online as this really does speed up the embarkation process, also if you were thinking of trying the alternative dining venues book these before you go to avoid disappointment. Enjoy your cruise
  11. On your thinking Tom we will be having the 1st beach at sea with Candy floss, sticks of rock, fish & chips shellfish stands, penny slots & cheesy postcards. Not liking the sound of it!
  12. Everything tends to be on the opposite side of the harbour from where the ships dock so the bus is a good option
  13. Cunard still have a dedicated smokers lounge onboard as you made reference to wanting to sit indoors this may be of benefit to you providing you dont mind either a pipe or cigar called Churchills
  14. I just wonder what the cruise companies are going to do to help the islands get back on their feet, maybe a collective effort by all of them could really give much needed help and I'm sure it would reap rewards for all concerned in the future.
  15. The ship looked like there was plenty to do and even though they made reference to 5000+ plus people onboard it didnt look like a constant rugby scrum. For families it looks amazing with the entertainment area. Like you already commented Rosey -Roo, we can do without the singing at the end!!