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  1. Like you OWT i look at the prices work out how much I would normally consume (even including speciality coffees, bottled water for trips etc) and work out which is the best value. It makes sense if its cheaper, then to book the package and save the cash for trips etc
  2. Ive been on the cabins at the very front Dozydo and I would suggest th the cabins to the rear would possibly be better, if you have any tender ports and anchors are deployed it can be a noisy wake call at the front
  3. It must be coming round now to everyone making their plans for 2018 and beyond, so where do travel plans fit into members plans and where do you intend to go?
  4. Speed 2 filmed onboard a Seabourn ship or Live and Let Die which was partly filmed in Falmouth Jamaica although this has improved dramatically since the filming
  5. Interesting OWT is Acapulco now deemed safe to visit as the last time I read a travel report it was classed as a no go area, not quite certain this will appeal to the UK market for that reason
  6. Great to see reports last week of the 1st cruise ship returning to TORTOLA
  7. Happy Christmas to you all & may your travels in 2018 be plentiful
  8. I recently travelled back from holiday and experienced 2 airlines, having received very differing service and comfort on both companies it prompted my question. Which are the best to travel with & why or which have been the worst as I'm sure some of the reasons could be quite enlightening
  9. Thanks David H for the advice on visiting Halong Bay, it was certainly worth the trip and stopping in the Vin Pearl Hotel on its own island with the views was well worth it
  10. From memory I think Jane Macdonald travelled in the last series on an MSC ship so that might be a good reference point also, as other members have said some people will find fault with anything if it doesnt conform to what they consider normal so the best way is to try it for yourself
  11. Years ago you used to be able to pay for your shore excursions booked in advance but this stopped a while ago and now its only excursions booked onboard, other than that I'm not aware of any other changes but look forward to your reply Dave45 when you have it
  12. It will be interesting to see if they enforce it!! As clearly from previous comments everything else seems to be allowed!
  13. If you like a tipple the Malibu factory is a good day out as you can relax on their beech once you have finished the tour, also not too far from the cruise terminal by taxi
  14. Evoking some great childhood memories Mitch. I remember Space Dust when I was a child but I think this was banned and removed from the shelf, it has re-appeared as popping candy now but doesn't seem as strong as years ago. I remember Dandelion & Burdock from the pop man who used to call once a week and the money back from the bottle paid for our sweets from the corner shop
  15. Maybe Jinky jumping into the recycle bin and someone photographing you reading it could be your entry