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  1. It will be interesting to see if they enforce it!! As clearly from previous comments everything else seems to be allowed!
  2. If you like a tipple the Malibu factory is a good day out as you can relax on their beech once you have finished the tour, also not too far from the cruise terminal by taxi
  3. Evoking some great childhood memories Mitch. I remember Space Dust when I was a child but I think this was banned and removed from the shelf, it has re-appeared as popping candy now but doesn't seem as strong as years ago. I remember Dandelion & Burdock from the pop man who used to call once a week and the money back from the bottle paid for our sweets from the corner shop
  4. Maybe Jinky jumping into the recycle bin and someone photographing you reading it could be your entry
  5. Well it looks like things are finally improving for the Caribbean Islands as cruise operators are slowly returning to some of the regular ports, Some are still a little behind in getting back to normal but it certainly shows the islands spirit and endeavour that they can bounce back so quickly
  6. As DavyBe has already mentioned there are loads of taxi's just make sure you fix your cost before travelling with the driver and do a little research before you go of what you want to see, and of course enjoy yourself
  7. If you can get the back catalogue Davy Be I thinbk they have also featured Crystal Serenity, Hurtigruten Fram, Queen Mary2 & one of the large RCI ships, they were good to watch as featured more unusual locations
  8. Interesting comments re the venture, will he sell after a few year like he has with other projects? Certainly a market out there for child free as the 3 P&O ships seem to sell well
  9. Echo that RayO! why pay to convert twice as you are bound to lose out, just take Krona as that will always be accepted
  10. Personally If I were the ships reception I would offer someone like this the noisiest cabin on the ship and when they came back complaining about that I would just say it was your choice not ours' put up & shut up' it might stop them being so rude in future
  11. Nice one Davy be, at least he would have to pay the excess weight fees at the airport & his bag wouldnt be too big to fit in the overhead lockers
  12. Thanks Davybe for this handy hints always good to know what to pack for your travels
  13. Good point Land Ahoy & dare I say it that maybe most of British guests may not want to pay the higher prices when being used to! Although I would consider it for the extras included
  14. Just had a text to say that Azamara Pursuit has gone on sale, once it comes out from its refit from being the former ADONIA it will heading to Europe and even making an appearance in Southampton, fares are probably more expensive than P&O but as the ship will have a more inclusive experience this is hardly surprising. I would think it's worth a look for any former Adonia passengers who were looking for high standards without having to worry about the purse strings on top of the cruise fare. The journey that has really caught my eye is Christmas & New Year in South America - I'll just have to convince my better half its a great way to enjoy a break from the cold!
  15. Just had a quick look at this, not only are Cunard venturing to Alaska for the 1st time in many years but they are also selling combination packages with the Rocky Mountaineer train and looking at this also in Gold Leaf, had I not already had something big planned this looks really appealing