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  1. Enjoy Grand Caymen we love spending the day on Seven Mile Beach !
  2. Northern Star

    Customs at Southampton ?

    Last Canaries cruise we did every desk was occupied by customs officers !
  3. Northern Star

    Azura - Are they good hairdryers in the cabin?

    We thought the hairdryer was. ok ....at least it wasn't' attached to the bathroom wall or the dressing table drawer !
  4. Northern Star

    John Lewis advert

    I think it's great !
  5. Northern Star

    Secret Santa in the office at Christmas

    Excellent suggestion ...As this is exactly what I received as my Secret Santa gift a few years ago & I was delighted ....but sadly my ticket didn't win !
  6. Northern Star

    Saver Fare - Dining Allocation

    Hi Falmouth girl you raise some very valid points regarding loyal passengers like yourself who need to travel last minute due to health problems. I totally agree with you. If you have not received a questionnaire about the loyalty changes I suggest you email the P&O loyalty club direct with your comments so they can be taken into consideration . NS .
  7. Northern Star

    Game Of Thrones

    Great ending for series 6 .....as you say Jaczs 'who let the dogs out ' .....very fitting end for Ramsay !
  8. Northern Star

    Will Brexit have any impact on cruising?

    Oh dear Terminator!! So sad you didn't win the £300 to put towards your cruise on Koningsdam ! Does this now mean you will have to spend your days waiting in Hollywood .....or was that Cricklewood !!
  9. Northern Star

    Leaving the EU

    Totally agree with you Seawitch the scaremongers on TV have been backtracking today ! As you say we are a democratic country and the people of UK have spoken so we all have to get on with it in the best way we can whether we like it or not . Nobody can really predict the outcome as we are in an unprecedented situation .
  10. Northern Star

    Leaving the EU

  11. Northern Star


    Have a wonderful cruise I am sure you will find a varied age group onboard during August as this is the main holiday period .
  12. Northern Star

    Norway- July 2016- weather and spending ashore.

    Have been to Norway many times and As others have said the weather can be very nice in summertime but take clothes you would take for a British summer holiday . Sometimes showers are never far away . Take Norwegian Krona for coffees .
  13. Northern Star


    Hi Kevin I have sailed on Arcadia a few times , the age group is varied and can depend upon the itinerary . However since it is an adult only ship it does attract a majority of people of 50+ Age group . I am sure you will enjoy the ship.
  14. Northern Star

    Leaving the EU

    Oooohh! Know exactly what your analogy implied .....just not relevant .
  15. Northern Star


    Totally agree Tally it appears to be survival of the fittest ,everyone for themselves.