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  1. I would like to see Liverpool as a cruise liner terminal. I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire and Southampton is quite a trek for us. My grand parents went to America for two years about 1898 and I guess they would go from Liverpool as they lived in Huddersfield. I have often wondered which cruise line they went on doing the Atlantic. I have no idea on what ship they went on or returned.
  2. I should like to see All Inclusive packages. Then one would know what the total cruise is going to cost instead of adding the bits up in your head or on a piece of paper before you think of booking. Has anyone booked with Saga and does their inclusive chauffeur and insurance make sense. I am 82 nearly 83 and wondered if this would be a good option.
  3. M & S do single trip policies for over 80. I had two policies last year for cruises to the Mediterranean with them. I have just taken out a Saga insurance this year - cruise to St. Petersburg in July for £343.43 with medical conditions single trip cover.
  4. shirvic

    Adonia returns but........

    I have just returned from a cruise on Adonia, Southampton to Olbia (Sardinia) and return. Enjoyed it very much. The staff were very good and pleasant and helpful. The food was very good too. My daughter is gluten free and Mr. Davis came every evening for her order for tomorrow. Criticisms - the entertainment programme could have been better organised. The entertainers brought on board were excellent, particularly a flute player and comedian and Spanish dance troupe at Barcelona. Not enough information about the ports visited. No carpet bowls, only Wii bowling on port days not sea days. All guests seemed to be friendly with each other, pity we had rough weather the last few days back to Southampton (guess it was the wind across the Atlantic).
  5. shirvic

    Do I actually need to print my e-tickets?

    I take the printed e tickets along with my travel insurance documents in a file with other relevant details and photo copies of passport, E.111 etc. and nearest relative if something should happen to me. Perhaps I am organized, but I keep a file from the date I book until I get back home.
  6. shirvic


    I should like to know who receives the gratuities. Does anyone know a person employed by the cruise companies to be able to tell us? We usually cancel one gratuity and pay the cabin steward an envelope.
  7. shirvic

    Afternoon Tea On Cruise Ships

    As we have first sitting, I enjoy the cakes or tarts and a drink in the buffet at 4pm. Afternoon tea would be too much for me. Arcadia tarts were beautiful, the pastry so crisp. April to May 14th this year.
  8. shirvic

    Dress code J712

    Thank you very much. I shall know in future where to look.
  9. shirvic

    Dress code J712

    Thank you PopsiB, but the page was not there. However I have been to another page and found that there are 4 black tie and 12 evening casual, no mention of tropical or black and white, but some other ships do mention this. I will take black and white and tropical and hope for the best. Looking forward to this cruise as it is the same size as Ocean Princess and Pacific Princess - we really enjoyed those ships.
  10. shirvic

    Dress code J712

    where do I find if there is a tropical night or 60/70s night? I know there are formal nights and I am prepared for these. Shall I just presume!!!
  11. shirvic

    Dress code J712

    I went on Arcadia in April/May this year. I knew there would be black tie nights, but did not know about the black and white night and also tropical night. Where would I have found out about that. I am on Adonia in August doing the Mediterranean again, and I am wondering about the tropical night once again and the black and white night. I do have a tropical blouse from the Caribbean and will make sure I have a white blouse to go with my black evening trousers. Answer to my questions would be appreciated.
  12. I have recently been on the Arcadia, 27th April to 14th May. I had an obstructed cabin with my daughter. The ship definitely needs a refit. A lot of people complained of the smell of the ship and in our cabin the wardrobes smelt of dirty clothes and I think there was dust coming from the air conditioning. Sometimes the toilets were not working in parts of the ship (near the theatre particularly). The dining room staff were hurried all the time, probably giving them more work than previously. The buffet needs some sorting out, things not named and cut so small the tongs could not deliver easily. Staff behind the buffet did not seem to understand English. We went to the Ocean Grill which was excellent and Sindhu. Staff were most efficient in there. Overall a nice holiday with good weather and fairly calm seas. I like my cruises and this was my 21st one. I have been with several companies so can compare.
  13. shirvic

    Onboard Photographers - What's Your Opinions?

    The ships photographs are too expensive. I am sure they would sell a lot more if they were half price. I shall be on my 21st cruise shortly and I shall not be buying the ships photos. Yes if you are your first couple of cruises it is a nice memory.
  14. shirvic

    P&O future drinks policy

    I like a soft drinks package (not allowed alcohol for heart problems), any soft drinks. Princess did one last time on their ships, but not P & O.
  15. shirvic

    Midnight & Chocolate Buffet

    Fred Olsen did a midnight buffet this year to Iceland in June. The sculptures were beautiful, but really what a waste of money and time, when the passengers have already had a good dinner. Like someone else said, how much would go to waste.??