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  1. Cruiseada

    New England & Canada For The First Time

    Sorry I mentioned the buses on this trip, at the time we went they were Pink and sopporting Breast Cancer. Ticket prices were the same if purchased on the buses or on board ship. Don't forget to have a Lobster roll, in Boston, Halifax and many other ports you will stop at.
  2. Cruiseada

    New England & Canada For The First Time

    In Sept/ October 2012 we used the city red open top buses in some of the ports. They were very good value as you were able to hop on and off as you please. We had a few queues as there were other ships as well. It's a wonderful cruise do enjoy.
  3. Cruiseada

    Congratulations P&o Cruises

    I really can't see why people ( cruisers ) have to moan, it's not compulsory to watch the entertainment, leave the seats free for others that do want to enjoy.
  4. Cruiseada

    Norway Fjord Excursions

    We used the red open topped buses in most ports in June , keep your first ticket then get a discount on all others after, you can pay by debit or credit card. quite safe , also free Wifi on the buses. But we did the organised trip in the Lofoten islands there wasn't many other options. Also its nice to see the local area where you dock . then thats the excuse to go back on another cruise to Norway, always leave something to make you want to do a return visit.
  5. Cruiseada

    Buffet Nightmare

    We have never found the buffet a problem. As Ron says one half of a couple sits at a table and the other gets their food, if you find a table with just one or two on it it's nice to ask may we share, we have yet to be refused , some are happy to converse others just want to eat, we have met some very nice people by sharing a table in the buffet. I have tried the MDR but was disappointed with my breakfast it was only luke warm I don't know how far it had travelled from the galley. At least in the buffet it's a quick turn over so the food doesn't sit around and always looks fresh.
  6. Cruiseada

    Superior Deluxe On Ventura

    The larger balconies on deck C on the Ventura the same as Azura are partially overlooked. Half of the balcony is under the cover of above, the other half is out in the open, therefore overlooked. On A deck the cabins and balconies are standard size , B deck is the same. C deck the cabins are standard size but the balconies are big. D deck the cabins are larger but the balcony is standard size.the The balcony is all out in the open, Personally I prefer C deck you have the choice of shade or sun if you are on the sunny side of the ship.
  7. Cruiseada

    The Price Of Water In The Dining Rooms

    I think as regards bottled water EVIAN spelt backward says it all.
  8. Watching people jogging along the roads amongst the traffic thinking its healthy. All those fumes
  9. I also found free wifi in coffee shops and at the Bus stops for the hop on and off you don't have to buy a ticket. A tourist shop at Lofoten Islands had free wifi.
  10. Cruiseada

    I Can't Access The Smileys

    Ron I must be brainless, I have tried on my PC as well I still can't find the box or the B you are referring to.
  11. A lot of the places in Norway do the Red open top bus, hop on and off you can pay by credit card, also keep your ticket and get 10% off the ticket price in the next town another bonus they are all Wifi . Very easy to connect up.saves buying wifi on ship.we have been home a week now from our cruise to Norway stunning scenery and we had good weather. The red bus doesn't go to the Glacier if that's any help. Feel free to pm me if I can be of help with info re wifi places for free.
  12. Cruiseada

    I Can't Access The Smileys

    Hi Ron, does your advice apply to iPad's. I must be thick because I cannot locate the little switch you refer top.thanks cruiseada
  13. Cruiseada

    Least Favourite Cruise Line

    Possibly each cruise line has their niggly points, but holiday is what you make it, I go to enjoy not to find fault.
  14. Cruiseada

    Toiletries Brand On P&o

    The White Company toiletries on P& O are lovely saves taking all your own
  15. Cruiseada

    Norway June 2014-Pics

    It looks as if we were following each other around, the pic you have of the lighthouse is missing from my collection. I thought the best time for the photo's was leaving Trondheim at 1am on a lovely sunny night . Were you leaning on the rail in a grey jacket if so we have a pic of you.