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  1. We had this happen to us last year on a cruise to Figi. Our suite case went missing at the airport in England. When we arrived in Australia one case light,and panic stations. My wife was all set for getting straight back on the plane for home.We where on Princess cruise and they were brilliant. They gave us on board credit to cover essentials and offered me a tuxedo for the formal night and free laundry. Our case followed us around the islands for ten day days befor it turned up.The one good thing is my wife does all the packing and she shares both our clothes between the two cases so we had something to wear.
  2. This happened to me on a P&O charter I per booked my seats then on our return flight thay changed the plane so our seats did not exist so they upgrade us. Well worth the money.
  3. Holidayplane

    Yellow Fever Exemption Certificate

    We went to the Amazon about five years ago and flew on a P&O charter flight from Doncaster. P&O staff checked the yellow fever certificate as you checked in. They told us no certificate no flight. We holidayed in Cape Verdi about three years ago and nobody mentioned anything about yellow fever certificate. It sound like everybody as a different answer.
  4. We have just seen the northern lights at the beginning of October. Absolutely amazing. According to the guild she said there is an 11 cycle with the light but never mentioned anything about them disappearing.
  5. Holidayplane

    NCL Gratuities

    Just returned from a trip aboard NCLBreakaway. Gratuities for all passengers 3years or above were 13.95 dollars this worked out at £10.98 per passenger per day and if you were in the Haven class it was 15.50 dollars and this worked out to £12.24 a day. The ship has approx 4000 passengers and £10.98 works out at over £307,000 per week. This divided between the 1500 crew members works out at over £200 each for a 7 day trip. What my point is I thought Gratuities were tips. £30 a day tip is not bad. This was my 15th cruise and have always paid may Gratuities but I think this cruise line is asking the passengers to pay half the crews wages.
  6. Holidayplane

    Cruise to Bermuda

    Thank you Oldworldtraveller this is another option but we are flying out of Newark airport.
  7. Holidayplane

    Cruise to Bermuda

    This is an idea as we are stopping in a hotel for three nights before we board the ship so we could have a word with them. Thank you Popsicle for your reply.
  8. Holidayplane

    Cruise to Bermuda

    We have booked a cruise to Bermuda on NCL Breakaway.Has anyone been on this cruise with an evening flight from New York home, is there any provisions for your luggage as we disembark 8am and flight not till 6pm thanks
  9. Holidayplane

    Going Ashore By Tender

    Thanks for your replys , I am platinum level so no early tender so going to book a couple of excursions and take our luck on the other tenders.
  10. Holidayplane

    Going Ashore By Tender

    Thanks for your remarks but I meant waiting in a room for 2/3 hours with another 500 people or more waiting till your number is called out so you can get on a tender which may only take 15 minutes to get to shore, as any body else experienced this.
  11. Holidayplane

    Going Ashore By Tender

    I have booked a cruise to Fiji on Dawn Princess and have heard it can take upto 2/3 hours to get ashore by tender. As anyone been on Dawn Princess and experienced this? We had a similar experience to this on the Sun Princess on a cruise to Ball, nightmare!!!
  12. Holidayplane

    Coach From Manchester

    Thank you Ron for letting me know which coach company P&O use. I have used Eavesway a couple of times but never from Manchester. Tony
  13. Holidayplane

    Coach From Manchester

    Hello there I am traveling to Southampton docks from Manchester Airport on a P&O courtesy coach. Can anybody tell me if they are Eavesway coaches and how long it will take.