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  1. We prefer to make our own tea/coffee. I the mornings we get up when we wake and wouldn't want to set a time on this for room service. We also enjoy sitting on the balcony late afternoon with a cup of tea/coffee or two as we take it in turns to shower ready for our evening. To be honest the cruise companies make money out of us for this as we always use the bottled water. Hubby doesn't care for the tap water from our bathroom - now that may be another topic/thread
  2. Waves49


    Ohh we just love the Diamond Lounge. Always go up there for a drink and chat with others
  3. I always have a plan of the ship to look at when booking our cabin which will be a balcony mid to back of ship and staterooms above and below. Just on one occasion a couple of years ago I was struggling to get an accessible stateroom so we could take a relative with us. The only one we could get was a forward J.S. We accepted that but I was concerned I might get squiffy so took a pill each night - just in case ----
  4. Waves49

    TV Cruise Shows, Hit or Miss?

    We watched the Cruise and found it better than the last one. We are watching the current J.D one and yes have enjoyed it but like someone else wouldn't like to be on such a small boat with others. One tiny thing though J.D's laugh is starting to grate on me just a tad - just saying
  5. Waves49

    Am I wasting my money on a drinks package?

    We have looked at the packages in the past but it wouldn't benefit us as we wouldn't drink that amount. These days as we are Top Tier with RC our daily complimentary on alcohol is enough apart from the odd beer on a hot afternoon or bottle of champers in the Chops Grille. For others It may be well worth considering.
  6. Waves49

    First time on Royal Caribbean.

    We have cruised with both and have used more RC than P&O. Initially this was purely Itinerary preference but we are now Top Tier members and the discounts for loyalty are good so we do tend to stick with them. If you don't want to pay Gratuities automatically you will have to go to customer services and get it stopped as they will automatically bill you. We always pay up front and have never had bad service from RC - yet. We generally tip our stateroom attendant separately as well as find they will go over and above their duties. On one occasion we had taken a powered wheelchair user with us and the wheelchair needed attention. It was sorted promptly, by our room attendant. Another time hubbies belt needed attention ( don't ask ---- probably too much food ) Anyway our room attendant took the belt away and on our return to our room it was on the bed and repaired. This year we are on the IOTS from Fort Laurderdale to Southampton. I think both are decent companies to cruise with.
  7. It certainly looks a big improvement to when we last berthed there. The locals were using children as walking taxis and to sell things as we walked off the ship. It's not a place I felt completely 'safe' in to be honest but it wouldn't put me off going again.
  8. Waves49

    First Time Cruising

    Hi cadet it's all down to preference really. Port side can be interesting to sit on the balcony and watch the comings and goings but sometimes can have a bit more noise level when berthing - I can't say the latter has ever bothered me though. I'm sure others will have their preferences and reasons when they come on as well.
  9. Waves49

    First Time Cruising

    When booking on ship I always have the deck plan with me so I can see what is available ( I use Bolsover Cruises as well ) I prefer Mid to back of the ship as I easily get squiffy if there's a large swell. Also I prefer between other staterooms - not with any public area above or below me. Would you want Port Side? - check with Bolsover where your room would be. Hope this is helpful.
  10. Waves49


    We have used RCI for most of our cruises and are so used to their pre-paid Grats we are used to it now. Have to say we have always had good service ( up to now ) 'If' we think it warrants an extra tip we do but it is generally the Room Attendant and the waiter who serves us the most in the Crown and Anchor Club bar. We have had some brilliant room attendants who have been unbelievably helpful. One mended hubbies Belt and another daughters wheelchair!! To be honest we find the dining room staff can be difficult as we book in 'as and when' so have different tables and if we book late not always the same waiters. I'm sure someone will get it though. Yes we have tipped room service as well
  11. Waves49

    P&O and Cunard cancel Turkey

    Disappointing to have Ports cancelled which we are looking forward to but I would rather wait and go at a later safer time. We did a Greece/Turkey back to back years ago and loved all the ports it's such a shame that this is happening there. We stopped berthed Rhodes - and chose the Butterfly Garden - loved it.
  12. Waves49

    Cruise booked need operation

    The people concerned will get their money back. Saga have come up trumps which I'm pleased about for them.
  13. Waves49


    Our last cruise with P&O was on the Ventura for the Grand Celebration sail out of Southampton. Wasn't impressed with the food or the dining room service. One waiter gave me a nudge whilst I was speaking to another guest at our table - he wanted to speak to me. It's only fortunate for him I was well chilled, or he would certainly have got a telling off! After our third visit to the dining room we gave up and used the Buffet but the choice was poor. We generally use RCI and have always been satisfied we are now well up in their Tiers and have good benefits for this. Our next cruise with them is next April. America into Southampton ------ can't wait -----
  14. Waves49

    what makes you book ?

    Withdrawal Symptoms -
  15. Waves49

    Choosing a Luxury Cruise

    Royal Caribbean is probably not a 'Luxury' Cruise but still a good choice especially with teens. Some of their ships have special areas for the teens to go along and enjoy themselves with their Peers. They are worth checking out.