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  1. smtcan

    Time to Wave Goodby

    I am generalizing, but often the people who miss the ship have been in a local bar, not on a tour. When we take a private tour we always ask to be back an hour before all aboard time. In these days of social media, a company that caused passengers to miss their ship would be out of business pretty quickly.
  2. smtcan

    Would you pack this??

    To be serious ..... I have never taken duct tape on a cruise, but when my suitcase was damaged recently a fellow passenger provided some to repair it. He just had a small amount wrapped round a pencil, but said he never travelled without it. Duct tape may be on my list from now on.
  3. I believe Spain has a tourist tax for cruise passengers while in Spanish waters. I am not sure if it is called a tourist tax, but it affects prices on board. Also, isn't the reason most cruises include a non EU port tax related? Sheila
  4. smtcan

    Back to Back

    It depends entirely on the port regulations. Some are more stringent than others and require all passengers to leave the ship, others don't seem to worry. It is not within the cruise lines control, they have to follow local rules. I have embarked and disembarked in Dubai, but never on a B2B, so can't advise specifically on that.
  5. smtcan

    Drinks Package

    We are not heavy drinkers and only have a drink package if it is included at a very low additional cost. In fact our next cruise will only be the second time we have had a package in more than 30 cruises (although some of those were before the advent of packages). I very much doubt if cruise lines are seeing diminishing returns however. I'm sure their system works to maximize their profits, Fewer drinkers, fewer staff needed, lower overheads. After all, they have a captive clientele. Sheila
  6. smtcan

    How Does Music Affect You

    One of my favourites always was Myfanwy, but since it was played at my Mum's cremation I have difficulty listening to it.
  7. smtcan

    How Does Music Affect You

    I always enjoy Dave Brubeck,but my abiding memory of Take Five is hearing it played on a saxophone by a street musician in San Francisco. We were there for a week and every day he seemed to be at the same cable car stop playing the same tune. I told my grandaughter recently how we enjoyed the cable cars and hung onto the rail on the outside. She thought it was very dangerous until we explained the San Francisco cable cars go on the ground, not up mountains!
  8. smtcan

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    I feel that I have exhausted the Caribbean and Mediterranean ports and cruises further afield are getting expensive when air fare is included. We blew all our airline points on our up coming Asia adventure, which made that cruise affordable, but I don't know where we or how we will travel after that. The benefit of being able to travel at the last minute is often outweighed by air fares. Guided tours have no appeal so road trips may be an option.
  9. smtcan

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    Cruise prices were stable for quite a number of years, although this was done by reducing inclusions and cutting corners. I suspect that if prices had increased by smaller increments over several years, todays prices would not seem so out of line. This doesn't make me feel any more inclined to pay for a cruise at the moment. I just hope the prices become more realistic while we are still in good enough health to benefit.
  10. smtcan

    Celebrity Pricing?

    I will wait for prices to come down before I book after our spring Asia cruise. If they reach a level I am prepared to pay, we will be on a ship. If not we will look at other options. I have several places on my bucket list, the Grand Canyon and the US National Parks out west and New Orleans come to mind as do several European destinations the are worthy of more time than the brief port stop we had on a cruise. Our money is finite, so unless one of my preferred cruise lines (which do not include P&O) has acceptable prices we will not cruise. Unfortunately as long as passengers pay the big money, prices will not drop. We are fortunate to be able to travel at short notice, so I will hope ..... Sheila
  11. smtcan

    Princess cruises from UK

    I can't imagine there would be a big demand for sailing out of UK in the winter months. The weather is so unpredictable and the length of time taken to reach sunshine would put many people off. The outward journey would not be too bad, because of improving temperatures, but the return would be depressing for me. We once cruised to the Caribbean out of Baltimore. There was snow on the decks when we left and it took three days to reach the sun. The Caribbean was hot, but the three days back North had everyone crowded inside. Even though the snow had gone when we got back, it was still a miserable end to a trip.
  12. smtcan

    Princess cruises from UK

    Princess comes close to Celebrity in my opinion. I have cruised on Star, Ruby and Royal and enjoyed them all. I like their International Cafe for a light lunch or snack and their MDR food is quite acceptable. The only thing I don't like is plastic plates and mugs in the buffet - makes it too much like a canteen in my opinion. However, the coffee, tea and juice table service there is a plus.
  13. smtcan

    Help please

    Just ask your cabin steward and he/she will remove the kettle. It does take up a lot of room, so we had ours' taken away. A kettle in the cabin is not a priority for us.
  14. Small denomination US bills are best for the reason mentioned above. You do not want change in local currency.
  15. smtcan

    Help please

    Silhouette has two US sockets and one European two pin. The hairdryer uses the European and is quite powerful, not like the older type that were fixed to the wall. With a plug adaptor for UK to European, British hair appliances should work reasonably well. They will probably not work in the US plugs unless they are marked dual voltage. Even then some functions may be limited. I had a UK dual voltage dryer that would only work on the lower speed in US. All the plugs on Silhouette are by the desk. I have not seen any USB charging points. They would be very useful. Hope this helps. We were on Silhouette in April.