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  1. Alanb

    Embarkation Times

    Hi we arrived early to board the Azura and no checks made and on talking to other passengers it seemed many ignore the actual given embarkation times and arrive early to board as soon as they are able. We waited around an hour to be called to the desks and then queued for another 15 to 20 mins or so to clear security and board.
  2. Alanb

    Embarkation Times

    Many thanks , very much looking forward to the day lol
  3. Hi again , can anyone confirm how early we can arrive at the southampton Ocean Terminal , the Embarkation time on our E-ticket states 15.30 but due to bank holiday traffic etc we do not want to arrive and have to rush to check in etc. Many thanks.
  4. Alanb

    Star Acts

    many thanks we where hoping this would be the case
  5. Alanb

    Star Acts

    Hi we are due to depart on our first P&O cruise and the entertainment on one of the nights is Alfie Boe, I assume that this will be a very popular act and we are wondering are there tickets for this type of entertainment to ensure all passengers have a chance to watch or is this a case of having to get in a queue.