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  1. EMALIZ07

    Behaviour on aeroplanes

    Its you, definitely you. Anyone with any form of disability on an 8 hour fight would obviously find the journey stressful. I feel for the poor child and his family not narrow minded folk like you!
  2. We have sailed on the sister ship Azura before so we generally knew what to expect once onboard. I travelled with my partner and 2 children ages 8 and 2. I like that Ventura has the retractable roof over the pool, so if it is cool or raining, there is always somewhere to go on sea days. I love the amount of choice there is in the evenings on Ventura. You can spend your whole holiday in a different bar each night. The choice of evening entertainment was average; the singers were standard and a bit cheesy, but fun to watch. The food was not to be faulted as well as the service in the main restaurant. The waiters happily ordered whatever the kids wanted and fetched their meals out with our starters as we asked. I was impressed straight away with the kids clubs, on our embarkation day; we had an invitation to go and register the kids in the clubs and have a look around. The staff were so welcoming and friendly and showed Lacey and Freya the activities that they could join in with during the cruise. Lacey wanted to explore the ship so we both went on a bit of a self-guided tour and went on each deck, the Spa looked amazing and the prices were pretty reasonable too. Lacey was amazed at everything and so excited, I knew we were going to enjoy ourselves. My impressions of the ship got better and better, and we loved everything about it. Being a big ship and during the school holidays i was worried about been over run with children and families but it wasn’t at all. I never felt there was overcrowding, we never had to queue to get in the restaurant, it was also never a problem trying to get sunbeds on sea days, something which people often mention. I couldn’t disagree more. The food in the buffet was always nice, plenty of choice especially for the kids, the waiters were always on hand to bring us a high chair. The bar staff were always friendly and efficient.One area that i was dissapointed in was the Glass House, this was Las Ramblas before it had the refurb. The Glass House on Azura is so nice and modern, light and a lovely wine bar but now its been revamped and put on Ventura its totally different. I expected it to be identical if not similar but its simply still Las Ramblas with a new name, so the whole feel is very mediteranean not as you would expect if you have been in the same bar but on Azura. Freya lost her favourite teddy after about 3 days, she was really upset so went spoke with reception to see if anyone had handed it in, the recpetion staff were very happy to look out for it and said they would let us know if they found it. The next day there was a Ventura Teddy bear in our cabin with a note from the receptionist saying 'I hope you can cuddle me until your teddy arrives home'. I thought that was a lovely touch and the fact that they made a real effort was extra special. 'Marny' the cat was found safe and well before we got off the ship. We booked excursions with cruisingexcursions.com, a full day in Pompeii, Sorrento and Amalfi as well as a half day tour of Pisa. They were much more better value than booking direct with P&O and were brilliant, the guides were professional and I will definitely book them again.
  3. EMALIZ07


    I agree Sammy Sun. I too sailed on Royal Princess and looking at deck plans/tonnage and passenger capacity i think they will be very similar. I love the bigger ships, especially on a longer cruise, they have so much more to offer, so many different dining venues and entertainment venues. I hope the top deck area is similar to Royal Princess, the light show and the dancers were fabulous in the evening.
  4. EMALIZ07

    Holiday Blues!

    Me too, I loved Mexico, i was there in December, we stayed at the Riu Cancun. We saw alligators too in the lagoon
  5. EMALIZ07

    Superior Deluxe On Ventura

    I think they are definitely worth the money. The extra space is great for me, the bathroom is more roomy too. It has never once bothered me been overlooked,
  6. EMALIZ07

    Hidden Charges!

    I booked a cruise last year on Oceana, i called about four agents to see who gave the better price. One of them quoted £50 less than everyone else so I proceeded to book, it wasnt until I gave my card number that they then added on a £20pp booking fee and when I asked them to send tickets as i dont have access to a printer unless I go to the library they wanted to charge me £15!!! WHAT!!! I was very nearly fooled, needless to say I told them where to go.
  7. EMALIZ07

    Has anyone used cruisingexcursions.com?

    I used them recently when I was on Ventura. I booked Pisa on your own and also a full day in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Positano and Pompeii. They were both a lot cheaper than P&O direct and also offered free childrens places (which saved us a fortune compared to P&O) both excursions were great, guides were knowledgeable. Would definitely reccommend.
  8. EMALIZ07

    Happy App?

    facebook, instagram, candy crush, river island app, maps and banking are used pretty much every day. How did i manage without my i phone?
  9. Great photos, I love Orient beach.
  10. EMALIZ07

    Florence Or Pisa Or Both?

    Thanks for all your advice, I havent been to either place and as im travelling with small chilldren I didnt want to spend so long on a coach vising both places the same day, maybe Florence is the best option. Thanks again x
  11. Is it worth visiting both places the same day, or is one any better than the other! Never been before myself so not sure?
  12. EMALIZ07

    Naples Anyone?

    Never been before and im visiting in May onboard Ventura, i will be travelling with 2 children. Can anyone recommend any trips? is the port easily accessible from the ship? thank you
  13. Id love to to go to the South Pacific and cruise around those lovely little islands. Also would love to do a full circumnavigation of Australia. I can keep on dreaming.....
  14. EMALIZ07

    Children In Need

    I have happily emptied my purse today to donate to a charity who does an amazing job in this country and overseas. I will give up the 'take away' and bottle of wine which i would have spent the money on tonight and settle for beans on toast instead. After all its only once a year!
  15. EMALIZ07

    Cunard - Which Ship Is Which?

    Ive been on Queen Elizabeth is a balcony cabin and never felt like the Britannia/Queens and Princess Grills were seregated. Some people including myself were worried about the feeling of segregation and feeling a divide. However i couldnt have been more wrong. You would never know the guy next to you by the pool, in the theatre, by the bar was in a Queens Suite unless he told you or had a huge sticker on his head saying so. I was worried for nothing. The Britannia restaurant was beautful, lovely food, great service and very elegant. Dont be put off like I was,