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    Obviously cruise holidays, theatre, cinema, live music,
    keeping fit
  1. sapperjoe

    Xmas and New Year cruise

    Well I'm a friendly northerner who has lived down south for many years and love it. I have also made lots of friends on cruises who I keep in touch with and occasionally meet up with but no one wants to leave their families at Christmas, that's my problem
  2. sapperjoe

    Xmas and New Year cruise

    Sorry to hear that, but my experience on Oceana a couple of years ago was the complete opposite. Shame how the food and service can differ from ship to ship. I will remain optimistic!
  3. sapperjoe

    Xmas and New Year cruise

    Hi and thanks for your reply. To be honest I am looking to make new friends who have similar interests to me and enjoy cruising as I dont want to travel alone. I know it's easy to make friends on board, but travelling solo is just not for me. Dont really mind whether it's a fly cruise or sailing out of Southampton but has to be a max of 15 nights as I am still working
  4. sapperjoe

    Xmas and New Year cruise

    Why not? I did one a couple of years ago and it was one of the best Xmas/New Year's I've ever had
  5. sapperjoe

    Xmas and New Year cruise

    I am a single lady , mid 60's who loves cruising but doesn't like Xmas as its usually spent alone. I cruise mainly with P&O but am open to offers . Anyone fancy a Xmas /New Year cruise this year?