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  1. my first cruise was on a proper ship, something that looked like a ship and not a load of containers welded to a deck. In them days cruising had some magic, some grandeur about it, people dressed properly for dinner, ladies wore smart evenng dress/ballgowns, all the men in tux or full dinner suit. Manners were pleantiful, behaviour was impeccable, sad to say all that has gone, the cruising buble has burst big time. Ok you may say there are more cruise ships, and a lot of passanger/people still going that as maybe, but its lost all the things I said in the first paragraph. I could go on but wont bother, as cruising is not what it used to be, but I dont want to spoil it for others, just sadly all the newbies to cruising will never again experience what PROPER cruising was all about where you were treated with dignity and respect, not just another number like today, roll em on roll em off next please.
  2. sheilaandmike

    Drink prices on P &O

    I suppose drinks packages are ok for those that want to drink a decent ammount, but looking at onboard prices of most individual drinks for me personally they are not much cheaper than ashore, so much for duty free!!! so for me personally no they are not worth it.
  3. sheilaandmike

    P&O Policy reagrding taking alcohol on board

    p o getting to big brother ish so glad Ive finished with PO, bothem them and their attitudes towards cruisers have gone down the pan. Their standards have fallen a lot, some of the behavior onboard has been awful by some passangers, and it had been reported but nothing done by officers on board. I have experienced bad behavior more than once and reported it, but sod all was done. so glad we have no more to do with them.
  4. sheilaandmike

    Captain on Oriana August 2017

    Thanks we had captain A. the food was not good, most od it every where seemed rather bland, glad to get home. The cruise director must have been new was right up his own ar-e, when the captain left he virtually ran to catch him up, gave me the impression look look sir Im here. thought Oriana poor old girl has had better days, so much for a refurb, all fur coat and no knickers, Oh fine new carpets, everywhere and awful picture in my cabin the chart that is normally on display removed to push the sale of a PO book, the atreium was not working when last on her in 2015 now they have stuffed it with this awful green plastic its a total mess. The top sports deck the deck sides where you walk in 2015 the decks were cracking with rust need a squad with chipping or windy hammers on it and a few coats of red lead, I cant believe what I saw a couple of weeks ago they have lined those entire walk ways port and Stbd with that artificial grass, that will just hold water and make the matter worse. Glad to get off it, Totally finished with PO now.
  5. sheilaandmike

    Princess Or P&o?

    I have found all this very interesting, because as a port and seafarers chaplain living in Dover, I visit these ships. I got home from Oriana on 25th August yet again very disappointed, my wife and I have now deciced that we will never again cruise with P & O after having done 15 cruises with them. I have contacted Princess and asked on the Ship in Dover that if we went with them we would go straight into their top tier. Im not over bothered about such things, but like my ships and being at sea. By ones experience on here, in general are Princess cruises more expensive than P & O, only price is a big issue for me, being retired in the old gits league, would appreciate your views Blessings.
  6. sheilaandmike

    What would you like to see on the new P&O ship?

    I would like to see a new ship that actually looks like a ship should look. IE talking of cruise ships, that would be a nice flair on the bow, with the Anchor well housed, a typical cruiser stern as in the days of awe, smart decks, Davits all freshly painted, brass work properly cleaned, decks scrubbed, Caulked and tared, no fancy gimmicks on the hull/bow, just painted in the companies colours, no .com address down the sides, Inside for me would be all mahogany/oak work, I guess what Im saying is a cruise ship as they used to be built in the days of the great liners. Not looking like a load of Bl--dy containers stuck on a floating pontoon
  7. sheilaandmike

    Captain on Oriana August 2017

    Entertainments is Elaine Hussey, Execchef is John Carvalho, but no mention of who the old man is!!!
  8. sheilaandmike

    Captain on Oriana August 2017

    Does anyone know who the Captain will be on Oriana's Cruise August 11th 2017 please.
  9. sheilaandmike

    Was P&O better before Carnival took over?

    Yanks have ruined P O
  10. sheilaandmike


    I am doing a cruise next year, and will stop them being automatically deducted, as others have said why should you tip in advance? since carnival took over we have experienced some terrible service with cabin stewards, so from now on I will tip according to service received. Tipping is an american thing, they tip everybody for everything, the British have never done that. We were also told that tipping makes up the crews wages, if ship owners (whom I might add are known to be the greadiest people on Gods earth) paid a decent wage, would there be any need for tipping!!!!
  11. sheilaandmike

    what makes you book ?

    We always booked with P & O, with the odd exception, and mostly Oriana, did'nt always like the destinations, as been there many times before, but we went because we liked the ship, I personally liked being at sea, and of course the price. We have only done one cruise in last four years because of issues with P & O, and are doing one next year only because it was a gift to us, but i feel that after that we will be finished cruising.
  12. I think P & O are crooks, theives, and totally dishonest, they come across all caring, but they do not give a damn. I have been Gold/Carribean for a number of years, but now I will not go with them. I stopped going with them for 4 years, then went last year becaus my eldest son wanted his mum and me to be with him and his partner on their first cruise, the ship was a disgrace, and so was p o attitude. will never go with them again, in fact any company that the yanks have got their hands on. po have become a floating butlins.
  13. sheilaandmike

    Food Quality

    Based on my last two cruises the food has gone down hill, in quality and quantity, especially in the resurant, got better food in the conseratory, the quantity though or lack of it was most noticeable.
  14. When have they ever thought they just do what they want what saves them the most money, and is the cheapest option, all these surveys I used to do for them all for nothing i feel so i would say no they dont do research, well not to a meaningful purpose anyway, so I will leave po cruising to all the newbies that are still seeing things through rose tinted glasses.
  15. sheilaandmike

    Is P&O The Only Cruise Line With Declining Standards?

    We have done about 15 cruises with p o mostly on oriana, because of issues and the fall in standards, we stopped for 4 years, then our eldest son wanted us to be with him on his first cruise, and seeing as po had offered us £600 off if we booked again, we did, I would like to add that this 600 was not to get us back but an issues that took over two years to resolve, so of all four of us went, son and his partner, on oriana last september. They were not very inpressed, they made several trips to reception to complain, as for us in caribbean tier, we never got the dedicated check in, nort the on board reception, seeming there was one but we did not have it made available to us despite telling them, also the so called tier dinner, we never had that, we had a free upgrade to A deck, and to be honest i wish we had stayed on c deck where we have always mostly gone, we only took the upgrade for the benefit of our son to experience an outside cabin. three or four cabins from us there were tiolet leaks that came out into the corridor, and the smell was awful, there were clearly other plumbing issues onboard, with various public toilets all closed, part of the top games deck was all closed off with like big generators on it, then towards the end of the cruise a part of the main deck when you come out of the gym to the pool area was closed off (port side) as were the tiolets in that area. the food left a lot to be desired, how they can justify when you order steak with french fries putting 4 french fries on a plate, very skimpy indeed, over all the ship looked sad tired and ready for scraping in my opinion,( I was only at sea for thirty five years). We will never go with po again, as a port and sea farers chaplain I have been on board Fred Olsen a lot, totally different attitude you are made to feel welcome unlike our last po cruise, we thought the staff we not as friendly as they used to be, and you were at times made to feel you were a nucience. we did have another cruise booked with them and our son, but we cancelled as soon as we got home my son did the same about a month later. gone done the swanee since the yanks took over, and when you complain to senior manage ment, ( I use that term loosely) all you get is fobed off, so for us po NEVER AGAIN.