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  1. nice to see they are doing a cruise southampton - southampton
  2. I think it's a good way of getting to see different ships, agree, just wish she wouldn't sing at the end,
  3. Is it a religious ceremony onboard or like a civil ceremony same as in a hotel for instance, just wondered
  4. I agree Furby, personally I do prefer freedom dining but think there is still passengers that definately prefer a certain time and sitting with the same people
  5. I think it does depend on itinerary and price of course, don't think I would want to pay the extra if not doing a warmer climate
  6. such a shame if that happens, love a good cup of tea first thing
  7. I agree cruise chef, Tokyo was definately a deserved winner
  8. Can't wait to help you celebrate xx
  9. HI David I am also going on a Britannia cruise soon, with regards to the 3 shows per night which as you say is a huge improvement, roughly what time do they do the shows
  10. Same, I would book my own flights but would probably go the day before just to be on the safe side
  11. definitely pulled at the heart strings, don't know how people cope
  12. I couldn't understand how it had got as far as it did, how was it left that he actually boarded, why was it not sorted at the departure lounge stage, think someone will definitely be getting compensation