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  1. helenjackson276

    Cruise Stats

    i was amazed when i heard on the news how many people cruised, i new cruise was becoming more popular, never realised it was that popular!
  2. helenjackson276

    Nut Allergy

    Does anyone know how food is prepared for clients with nut allergies to avoid contamination, is it in a different area or in the same as all the other food???
  3. helenjackson276

    Med Bay

    Has anyone been unlucky enough to need to go to the medical centres onboard cruises, are they like mini medical centres and fully equipped or are they just like a Gp's surgery???
  4. helenjackson276

    Electronic Lighters

    Sorry , meant electronic cigarettes, having a moment!!
  5. helenjackson276

    Electronic Lighters

    Can you use electronic lighters in cabins on cruises??
  6. helenjackson276


    Are most shows and entertainment cruise lines like Azamara and Celebrity suitable for adults and children????
  7. helenjackson276

    What A Difference A Day Makes

    Sunny day,no motorway hold up and lot's of smiling faces, alot different from yesterday
  8. helenjackson276


    Could have got to Southampton int hat time!!!
  9. Brought a smile to my face this morning when my youngest asked when we were next on our cruise, i asked if he was looking forward to seeing all of the new places and trying new food, his reply.............playing on the xbox in the kids club!
  10. helenjackson276

    Would You Recommend...?

    Love the idea of a picnic on the lawn on the solstice ships:)
  11. I did a cruise a few years ago including Tunisia in it's itinerarie which I had no desire to sample so took this as a ship day which was perefect to get a sunbed and enjoy what the ship has to offer. In the same itinerary was Rome which to be honest i would have liked more time there. I've been looking at Azamara for that reason as i notice they do alot of evening overnights in port:)
  12. helenjackson276

    Good Customer Service

    been booking with Bolsover for years,excellent customer service,incredibly knowledgable and nothing is ever too much trouble,very happy customer every time.
  13. helenjackson276

    Cunard Lusitania

    brilliant way for the history of lusitania to be shared with old and new passengers of all ages.
  14. helenjackson276

    Transatlantic - Serenade Of The Seas

    Thank you for your insight, really helps to get a feel for places before taking the plunge to book similar itineraries:)
  15. helenjackson276

    While The Kids Are Away!

    Looking at a little hebridean:)