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  1. There have been 2 new brochures since that brochure was printed.
  2. Hi Land Ahoy- I am so excited, I have always wanted to that sort of itinerary- would you say that's a good time of year to go for the fall? I know about 6 weeks ago I booked for the Britannia 25.11.17- I am nervous but I know P&O will offer an alternative port. I think we have to count our blessings and touch wood.. only 2 of my scheduled ports have been affected! Good luck to you on that too!!
  3. Thank you Cruise Addict, This one is Canada and New England. I have always wanted to do something like this but we tend to book late and miss all availability for balconies so I bit the bullet and booked early.
  4. Waited eagerly this morning for the call from Bolsover to say my 2019 cruise has been confirmed! And.... YES!! they got the cabin of my choice, which was very lucky considering it went on sale to top tiers on Monday. I am over the moon. Now time to save up....
  5. if you want to avoid a chest infection on fred.olsen- 100% get a balcony.
  6. I don't think P&O will follow suit with RCI as that's what makes them different. RCI are generally a lot more expensive, because they have more adventurous facilities- if P&O added these and heightened their price, could you imagine- All hell would break loose!
  7. Did your bank contact the 3rd party company that P&O have advised us of Jacka? My friend who was affected has received hers back but my bank is taking up to 7 working days. Nightmare for everyone really. My Bank took the number for the 3rd party and said they will call them so will hopefully know more soon
  8. It is very unfortunate what has happened and so many people have been affected. This could of happened with anything , at least as per their email we know it isn't a security breach.
  9. Hi Little Mermaid, I do hope the weather is good for you ladies, especially during sail away!! Pack essentials only.... WINE!! have a good one x
  10. Looks beautiful Yiddish Boy
  11. Wonderland on Harmony, I know it is weird and wonderful but I love the fact you can try something completely out of your comfort zone whilst on holiday.
  12. It is amazing really isn't it what happens behind the scenes. Easy to forgot how much hard work goes into making things. I really enjoyed and was surprised to see, as you say, what tests it has to go through.
  13. Stavanger doesn't operate one as it is a large town with small narrow streets and can be navigated easily by foot. However, when the ship docks in Bergen we were greeted almost immediately with a free ride into the town by a very friend Norwegian operating a troll car. We later went on a tour on the same car for about an hour and it was a guided tour up into the hills of Bergen overlooking the docks. there were 4 different cruise liners in there, was a great sight to see.
  14. I mean you are on a ship at sea, not a land based holiday... Most ships have more than one pool anyway
  15. Hi afcandrew, Welcome