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  1. dancefloordemon

    Galley Gosh

    Hi JenJen, I suppose we will never really know where it goes but I think seeing behind the scenes really made me realise how hard everyone works.
  2. dancefloordemon

    Galley Gosh

    My My My.... I have just been lucky enough to have seen the Galley Onboard Royal Princess on her British Isles cruise. I must say, it is something I have always wanted to do so decided to book the excursion and see what the fuss was all about; Firstly- I was amazed at how clean the Galley was, so spotless indeed it looked brand new!! Secondly- I under estimated how hard the staff onboard really do work, I was amazed at all the different servicing stations and was shocked but not surprised to hear the kitchens are home to 77 cleaners onboard- they do an amazing job. Chef Giovani was hilarious and full of flare and F&B manager named Guy was also very friendly and really put things into perspective for me telling us how far ahead they need to plan to bring local produce onboard. 420 Kilos of F&B is brought onboard every 2 weeks and the chef advised us in 10 days on they go through 504,000 eggs- EGGSTREME i know!! Still, I am a sucker for all that fresh bread onboard. Very fun tour worth doing if that sort of thing interests you. I must say though, it has strongly changed my view on gratuities. I must admit in the past when I have travelled I have removed the grats for 2 of the passengers or even halved the value- I tell you what, having seen that Galley (1 of 7 by the way) and how spotless and how hard they work in the background, I will never question Gratuity charges. My kitchen at home is a mess for 3 days after cooking for 4 let alone 3 thousand!!!
  3. dancefloordemon

    Has anyone done a cruise and stay holiday before?

    Hi Daveybe, Good Advice there and I suppose a nice hotel relax would go well after an active cruise. thankyou x
  4. I just wondered if anyone has ever done a Cruise and Stay holiday before with Bolsover? My partner and have been looking at cruise options for what feels like forever and we’re finally settled on something we’d both like to do having seen it on Bolsover’s site. I didn’t actually know they did Cruise and Stay offers until I saw it on their website. We’re looking at the Washington, New York & Transatlantic cruise. There’s a decent range of dates available too so that’s good. The price seems pretty reasonable and having spoken with them the whole package is very appealing. Has anyone done one of these cruises before? Is it as simple as it seems? We’re relatively inexperienced and want to make sure we get it right.
  5. dancefloordemon

    Would you sail on Her.

    I would love to try this ship, amazing!!
  6. dancefloordemon

    Vietnam and Cambodia

    Hi Jinky- That sounds amazing, thank You. I am really excited, just looking at all of our options, very surreal.
  7. dancefloordemon

    Vietnam and Cambodia

    Myself and my partner have been looking to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia, We love cruising and think this would be a great way to travel these destinations from an ease point of view. I know most cruise lines don't go far and they tend to be quite short- I have seen a river cruise starting in Ho Chi Min through to Sein reap I have never done a river cruise so I don't really know what to expect- Maybe land based would be better?! any advise welcome
  8. I would really like to see a Celebrity ship or a river cruise in China
  9. dancefloordemon


    There have been 2 new brochures since that brochure was printed.
  10. dancefloordemon

    Pre Registration J915

    Hi Land Ahoy- I am so excited, I have always wanted to that sort of itinerary- would you say that's a good time of year to go for the fall? I know about 6 weeks ago I booked for the Britannia 25.11.17- I am nervous but I know P&O will offer an alternative port. I think we have to count our blessings and touch wood.. only 2 of my scheduled ports have been affected! Good luck to you on that too!!
  11. dancefloordemon

    Pre Registration J915

    Thank you Cruise Addict, This one is Canada and New England. I have always wanted to do something like this but we tend to book late and miss all availability for balconies so I bit the bullet and booked early.
  12. dancefloordemon

    Pre Registration J915

    Waited eagerly this morning for the call from Bolsover to say my 2019 cruise has been confirmed! And.... YES!! they got the cabin of my choice, which was very lucky considering it went on sale to top tiers on Monday. I am over the moon. Now time to save up....
  13. if you want to avoid a chest infection on fred.olsen- 100% get a balcony.
  14. dancefloordemon

    Has anyone submitted a name for the new P&O ship?

    I don't think P&O will follow suit with RCI as that's what makes them different. RCI are generally a lot more expensive, because they have more adventurous facilities- if P&O added these and heightened their price, could you imagine- All hell would break loose!
  15. dancefloordemon

    Duplicate payments

    Did your bank contact the 3rd party company that P&O have advised us of Jacka? My friend who was affected has received hers back but my bank is taking up to 7 working days. Nightmare for everyone really. My Bank took the number for the 3rd party and said they will call them so will hopefully know more soon