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  1. Blueberry25

    Pullman Berth Cabins

    This is very useful. Just out of interest, is there enough space to sit comfortably on both upper and lower beds without having to duck your head? i cant quite tell from the photos. x
  2. Blueberry25

    Celebrity Big Brother

    I watched it, it seems to be a lot of realitiy tv "stars" on reality tv. I only knew of about 50% of them. i think claire aka kim tate is about the most famous in there.
  3. Blueberry25

    Hello From The Usa!

    Welcome to the forum!! i am a massive love of the usa and have spent a lot of times there. I hope you get to cruise to the uk and see what a beautiful country we also live in.
  4. Blueberry25

    The Summer Is Over !

    Noooooooooooo!!! just a few more weeks to enjoy im sure. FINGERS CROSSED.
  5. Blueberry25

    Aurora Multi-Million Pound Refit?

    I did not realise that she was going to have her hull done before britannia.... i thought Britannia was going to be the launch of the new look. Im sure that P&O have made the right decisions to complement the ship, fingers crossed.
  6. Blueberry25

    "hurricane Bertha" Heading Towards The Uk!

    i was listening to this on the redio this morning. Looks like britains super summer is not going to happen this year. I got caught in a tropical storm in bermuda at the end of last year and it was not nice, so fingers crossed she is just a storm.
  7. Blueberry25

    Pepsi Vs Coke - The New P&o Rant

    if i had a choice it would be pepsi, however where one or the other is available then i am happy to drink either. not a life changer for me.
  8. Blueberry25

    Caribbean Excursions

    i have been on many excursions in the caribbean and there are some fantastic ones. sometimes the local tours take you on nice routes, you sometimes get more out of the excursion and yes they generaly are cheaper, however the down side is, if you are late back then that ship will leave withot you. let us know where you are going, maybe we can give you some great excursions.
  9. Blueberry25

    Youth Clubs

    I know it differs by company, but i have personally experienced ncl on a few occasions. children under 10 must be signed in and out by parents 10-12 years- parents have the option. if you want to allow them to sign in and out on their own they can but they must be in the club a minimum if 2 hours before they can sign themselves out and the ship must be at sea. Alternatively parents sign in and out as normal. The staff know this by the colour band the child is wearing. i quieried about them knowing my location as we wanted to wander around the ship and did not want to be tied to one place, the staff member said that they needed to know a location incase of an emergency so they could find us, so to give the most likely place and to call them should it be different.
  10. Blueberry25


    welocme to the forum, im sure youll foind out a lot of information on here.
  11. Blueberry25

    Cruise Experience Interview

    hello, 1) 28 2) destinations 3) to try something new 4) yes, i was under the impression that cruising was for "old" people, however my opinion is 100% changed 5) getting to see many destionations rather than just being stuck in one place like on package holidays and of course the food. 6) definitely will cruise again, would like to do alaska land and cruise with princess hope this helps.
  12. Blueberry25

    Only One Problem

    tell me about it, you spend ages getting slim and toned o have a great bikini bod and then you walk on the ship.....and boom its like youll never ever get fed again once your holiday is over. then you tell yourself youll go to the gym or make use of the jogging track which we all know will last for the whole of 1 day. x
  13. Nothing booked, but loving the uk weather right now. x
  14. Blueberry25

    Gratuities..pre Pay Or Pay On Board ?

    pre pay and then it is done and dusted
  15. Blueberry25

    Malaysian Airlines

    Both cases were extreamly tragic, however i do agree that it is a good airline and i think they could survive the set back.