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  1. DGH

    Vias's For China & India

    Anyone done their own visa direct with the Embassy concerned or did you use CITB?
  2. DGH

    Sun Beds

    Not that big Rodger but I thought it needed saying. To be honest if that is how he behaves when sober that would be even more of a worry. Regretfully P&O refuse to police the sunbed issue properly as they blatantly say its down to us passengers. As the Benidorm crew know that and us Brits generally would rather leave it they feel that just carry on regardless. If anyone from P&O ever visits this site please please please get this sorted as it is a massive problem as highlighted by the many replies. If it happened just once early on a cruise it would be sorted straight away.
  3. DGH

    Sun Beds

    Agreed too many people think they are in Benidorm - as one postee said if you reduce the fares you will encourage the riff raff. I have to say that especially over the last 5 years the problem has got worse but as they have got the holiday cheap they do spend on drink. Sailaway last year - neanderthal reserving a seat at the fixed bar stools whilst his wife was hogging the rail - my wife ordered a drink and sat down and he proper went on with himself. When I spoke to him to calm down he said I had to get out of his space to which I replied you need to drink a lot less if you can't take it. It is usually fine with the beds but some older guests and those with wheelchairs are seriously inconvenienced by the lunch time and lecture goers who leave things for well over an hour.
  4. If you are on this trip the itinerary from 3 April to 12 April has been changed
  5. If you are on this trip the itinerary from 3 April to 12 April has been changed
  6. DGH

    The Baggage Company

    Hi Mike Thanks - we did the Bridge Climb on Aurora's Grand Voyage in 2011 but Oz was as far West as we went so it's the Asian ports we haven't been to.
  7. DGH

    The Baggage Company

    We are flying to Sydney in February 2015 to pick up Arcadia's World Cruise back to the UK. My wife wants to send 2 extra cases down to Southampton - has anybody experience of using them. Secondly anyone on the forum on the same cruise?
  8. DGH


    For us 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice is Second sitting - several reasons. Sailaways without rushing, getting back on board without needing to rush, relaxed pre dinner drinks in Andersons, Classical concerts pre dinner, never rushed at dinner and we eat late at home as well etc For us it just works but its not for all. As to Freedom we really like to get to know our dinner table (we always ask for an 8) and with the best will in the world that is difficult to do - over the years we have made some really good friends who we are still in touch with 10 years on.
  9. We are picking up this cruise in Sydney - anybody give us some advice about what to do in the ports on the way back. We have some ideas but are stuck wiht what to do in Bangkok, Sihanoukville and Bitung. It's a new ship for us also so can anyone advise what the equivalent of Andersons is.
  10. DGH

    Formal Nights On P&o Azura

    As someone has already said - those who don't bother look at of place. We have just come back from 17 nights on Aurora - my wife and daughter wore a dress very single night as did many others
  11. DGH

    Dress Codes

    All depends on the ship concerned - we have only done P&O and regardless of where they cruise to they all tend to be a mix of Black tie, Jacket required or Casual except I think Oceana which just has Black tie and Casual. The one thing that disappoints is the wearing of jeans as I think that should be restricted to the last night only when everything else is packed. Also we have just got back from Aurora and some of the stuff that was being worn on casual nights I wouldn't wear to do the garden in. Scruffy casual for some. We did have a few guys binned for just having a shirt on from Andersons and Alexandria Restaurant on a Jacket required night though which was amusing.
  12. DGH

    Formal Nights

    We love formal nights - shame too many let the side down.