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  1. Maybe they'll remove kettles on the resort type ships and leave them on the traditional ships.
  2. Depends who it is. The one I take least notice of is Berlitz which I find inaccurate in their descriptions of ships I know as opposed to their opinions of those ships which may or may not accord with my own. Somehow the factual inaccuracy tarnishes the opinion.
  3. Boomer

    Thinking of booking P&O Cruises' Aurora

    Aurora is terrific. Been on her,I think it's now seven times,and of the medium size ships the best for me.
  4. I agree about the P&O speakers over the last couple or so years. The Concord talks (interesting first time) must have appeared as often as songs from "Phantom of the Opera"
  5. P&O moved to Barbados after Oceana's first or second season as using one of the Florida ports was such a nightmare. Bearing in mind US immigration has got worse since then it was definitely a smart move.
  6. Boomer

    Credit Card Surcharges

    Interesting that it's Carnival brands that charge the 1.5% and insist on direct processing. Also I recall Carnival brands reduced agents commissions on cruises to 10% not long ago. I'm not sure whether commission applies at all to flights. So if Bolsover (or anyone else) were to absorb the 1.5% they're down to 8.5%. Given how much cruise prices have dropped it's easy to see a fast road to ruin especially when a business is investing in customer service which certainly Bolsover do. { openness declaration - I've booked my last 24 cruises through Bolsover over the last 11 years}. American Express are renowned for their high charges and that is why here and in the US where I live 3 or 4 months a year many,many businesses refuse to take Amex.
  7. Boomer

    Single Supplement

    I met a lady on Azura earlier this year who booked a Getaway with her sister but turned up on her own,said her sister had some form of gastro complaint and thought it would be irresponsible to travel so was it okay if she went alone. No problem and over £600 apparently saved! On the subject of single cabins with balconies,I think I read Britannia would have some when she arrives in 2015.