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  1. Seanda666

    A Double First For Us

    Just a further observation, we have since returning had a telephone call from Cunard asking how we enjoyed the cruise and a follow up emil from them with a lady introducing herself as our personal cruise consultant, Excellent service from them pre and post cruise. Sean p.s many thanks for the kind words from members for the initial post.
  2. Seanda666

    A Double First For Us

    Hello Duncan I don't remember a fridge on Ventura/Azura but my wife insists I am wrong Sean
  3. Seanda666

    A Double First For Us

    We have just returned from a short (3 night) cruise on Queen Victoria to Bruges. Our first short cruise, and our first cruise on a Cunard ship. I think I can say for all three of us it certainly will not be the last visit to that part of Belgium,or our last cruise with Cunard. We booked a balcony stateroom on deck 6 for the three of us and I can say we were impressed with the cabin layout, and quality of fittings and furniture. Although only a three night jaunt, our cabin steward was as attentive as any we have had on longer cruises, and greeting us by name on our first meeting with him. The addition of a fridge in the room was a bonus we did not expect, but proved useful to keep the two bottles of wine I took on board (with no issue) cold, to enjoy when dispatched to the balcony at 18:00 while the females got ready We booked second sitting in the Britannia restaurant and had a table for ten with superb company for every meal. It may be the nature of a short cruise, but on our table I was the oldest passenger at the grand old age of 57, dispelling some of the stories quoted on cruise forums regaling the advanced age of Cunard customers. It was also interesting to see all 4 groups on out table ordering wine with every meal, again in contrast with some comments regarding the cost of drinks on Cunard ships. The food was excellent in every aspect, excellent selection every evening, with our table waiter taking time to give his recommendations for the evening meal. If there has been a dumbing down on service, quantity or quality then I am sorry I missed how it used to be because I found it all very, very good. We took breakfast in the main restaurant and lunch one day in the Golden Lion, a true pub at sea with a great pub atmosphere. I can not comment on the buffet as we did not use it, but my wife and daughter took afternoon tea one day and returned full of praise. Room service was quick with morning tea/coffee arriving within the 15 min time selected, and a sandwich ordered on our return from Bruges arriving within 20 minutes at what must have been a busy time. We found the bars and lounges full of atmosphere, and enjoyed a G&T in Hemispheres every evening before dinner, and the show in the theatre post dinner. I think what surprised me most was the level of service we enjoyed by every staff member we made contact with, nothing was to much trouble and they all seemed to enjoy giving good service, and certainly seem to enjoy there work. I think this may be led from the top, commodore Christopher Rynd was often seen on deck or around the ship interacting with passengers. So, in conclusion, and I apologise for the lengthy tome, but I could really carry on extolling the virtues of this wonderful ship, a fantastic double first for us, but certainly not the last in either respect Sean
  4. Seanda666

    Queen Victoria

    My apologies Richard for not crediting your photographs, and no my expectations are not set too high I have read enough advice on forums to realise the short cruise probably bears little resemblance to the cruse experience proper. However I hope I am pleasantly surprised, and go, as always with the intention to enjoy myself fully. Sean
  5. Seanda666

    Queen Victoria

    Thanks for the photographs jaguar01, we have a three night mini cruise on Victoria booked for half term,a double first for us , first Cunard cruise and first mini cruise.I hope we get to sample a little of the Cunard brand that is available on longer cruises. Sean
  6. Seanda666

    Dr. Who

    I am happy to give him a couple more episodes but at the moment I tend to agree with Jaczs, he has not yet developed a character of his own, although I think its going to be an absent minded professor type. Sean
  7. Seanda666

    On Board Photographers

    We have formal night protographs of the three of us from all our cruises (3) framed on our dining room wall and very nice they look to. Regarding the cost, its just another nice to have momento of a good holiday taken by a skilled photogtopher with good equipment, and I hope this option remains available to those who wish them Sean
  8. Seanda666

    Hello Cruisers

    Hello Richard Indead, I hope your allotment has been productive this year we are having a great season. Yes the forum seems very intuative to use, with a few familiar names amongst the members Sean
  9. Seanda666

    Hello Cruisers

    Thank you eyes12 she is a bundle of fun, we also enjoyed Azura and to be honest its a toss up between Azura and Britannia next year. Sean
  10. Seanda666

    Orange Is The New Black

    Wife and daughter addicted to this one Duncan, however a bit to graphic to watch when dad's in the room for Jess lol Sean
  11. Seanda666

    Hello Cruisers

    After a couple of years break from cruising due to the addition of a puppy to the family we are now considering a cruise on Britannia next August. Do seasoned cruisers have any thoughts (possitive or negative) regarding taking a cruise during the ships maiden season. I would expect by August for things generally to be running well but would be happy to hear of anyones experiences Regards Sean