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  1. Sounds as though you had a fab time!
  2. Fab review! Thank you for sharing
  3. I always thought three hours for long haul and two for short.
  4. These itineraires look amazing!
  5. such a difference!
  6. I thought P&O saud 2pm but as mentioned above I have had a cabin ready earlier.
  7. Do you think they will make another ship adult only?
  8. The singing at the end is very cringe but i like the rest of the programme!
  9. I have to agree with comments above that no matter what cabin you have booked surely you should receive the same just because you book an inside instead of a suite shouldn't mean you get less when you potentially have served for the same amount of time or in the same role. Don't think it has been thought through.
  10. I would prefer a balcony no matter what destination for the fresh air, day light and as others have said somewhere private to sit and watch the world go by. Saying that i wouldn't pay a massive amount more for a balcony would have to feel it is worth the money.
  11. Great tip! Worth remembering
  12. I prefer the 'freedom' dining, no rushing around and trying to stick to times. I like the fact that you can go at a different time every night if you wish so can choose what you want to do with your evening. On P&O the longest I waited for a table was around 15 minutes but we wanted a table for two and had gone around 19:30 which did seem to be quite popular.
  13. Good idea for people wanting to book for 2018 but havent travelled in 2017 yet.
  14. Where do I apply?
  15. For me it would depend on the itinerary if one stands out more than the other I would go with that rather than choose by company