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  1. RobBar

    U.S Immigration.

    Om my experience with QM2 into NY , print out a few copies of your online ESTA prior to leaving Southampton or on the ship as they (immigration) do not do the online bit at times , want to see your form. For sure they will inspect you each time as to turnaround cruise , you might get lucky and led on and off as a group
  2. RobBar

    Is It A Bribe or a Tip?

    I applaud you style, no noise and the right thing
  3. RobBar

    Advance Boarding for cruise ships

    We always fly in, stay at a hotel , then get taxi to pier at around 11am, onboard by about 1pm having lunch . Course our boarding time they tell us like 2pm - 4pm, we ignore. This is our experience on Cunard,. Princess, HAL We do have the Princess status to board earlier but just use regular checkin line,, See no point ,, a waste of ones monies to my mind
  4. RobBar

    Is It A Bribe or a Tip?

    Interesting If you want to dump your monies and prove how wealthy or ignorant you are then go for it . As long as service to me is professional and a reasonable wait period, a non issue Many crew depending on ones nationality are offended by one assuming they would not give great service as that is what they pride themselves on. I cannot speak to P & O , only to HAL, Celebrity , Princess and Cunard, In those cases the bar staff are not paid via your daily auto gratuity for Hotel Staff , their payment is the 15 % or such added on to your bill AND if you give extra. In our case I always add 1-2 dollars extra to the 15 % on my bill. Do I get extra service , possible but more likely to us showing up at same spot each afternoon or evening and yes I might be remembered. Giving extra , sure, they will remember but they will not ignore other guests Course the real question is does heavy roller still tip extra on ones daily bar bill
  5. RobBar

    How much did you pay???!!

    Much like do you tip and is it the full amount or extra If you want fare variances,,, then look at planes
  6. RobBar

    First time on Queen Mary 2

    Just saw your post about QM2 concern Rest assured you will want to stay on and return to New York, do a BtB, still have time to work out costs for air/hotel/ transfers We did a QM2 TA Southampton to New York via Liverpool, Halifax, Boston, New York in July 2015 ( 12 days voyage) for its 175th Cunard Anniversary cruise When the seas get rough , you do not notice unless you look out a porthole, she just plows through at 20knots plus Service, food, staff are excellent , many activities offered day and night including just resting and reading a book or such. Here is the link for some of our pictures of our QM2 voyage In April 2017 , we did the Panama Canal World Cruise segment from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale on the Queen Victoria ( 17 days) Here is the link for some pictures of our QV voyage and for June 2019 we are booked on the Queen Elizabeth for a 10 day Alaska cruise,, Least our flights will be only 20 minutes as we live on Vancouver Island
  7. I would check with the cruise line first as to what they offer, most offer programs for children of an age where they go to the washroom or such by themselves Some do offer a nursery and or babysitting availability (charge) Age of a child must be six months on boarding or a year depending on cruise like Transatlantic Here is a link that provides some good information as to cruise lines to consider https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=628 To my mind as parents you must remember your child unless under cruise staff supervision will have to be in one of yours constant attention even in areas like the buffet or relaxing in the library , coffee area. If that baby can crawl , a ship is a place to explore and can be dangerous especially carrying on an outside deck or in a pool Having said that , I have seen couples with infants on-board but a parent is latched on all the time. You will have to spell each other if wanting to see an event in the day or evening or use the nanny service offered. If you have a balcony then that is a no to my mind if the door is open Enjoy your cruise
  8. Would I tell a lie or make false statements,, I kid you not / Rob Quote: " Can I customize the Ocean Medallion? Each Medallion is laser-etched with the your first and last name, ship name, and voyage dates (from boarding to departure). For the November launch, Medallions are in blue only. More colors may be available in the future. You can also buy accessories to display your Medallion, including watch bands, necklaces, sports bands, clips, and much more." https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ocean-medallion/ocean-faq/
  9. Would I jest I did not make this up / Rob Quote: " Can I customize the Ocean Medallion? Princess Each Medallion is laser-etched with the your first and last name, ship name, and voyage dates (from boarding to departure). For the November launch, Medallions are in blue only. More colors may be available in the future. You can also buy accessories to display your Medallion, including watch bands, necklaces, sports bands, clips, and much more."
  10. best I know is the RCCL and Princess are sent to you ahead of time preset and you can add online prior to cruise. You can also buy addons to make it more stylish
  11. As I wear a watch , a bracelet and a Fitbit than I really do not want to wear another item. Yes I do have an IPhone and an IPad (wifes) but when on a ship.. use cruise line computer only and borrow their books aside from bringing mine along. The new RCCL wrist item do much more than open your cabin door, order your drinks, pay for what was seacard purchases even follow your family movements on the ship but overall is a clunky item and in my case I value my privacy and concerned about if I lost it someone just waves it and bingo a charge .. I do have a pocket so keep it there
  12. RobBar

    A Newbies Perspective

    Glad you enjoyed yourself,,, and were not sick... I had to laugh about your gasp of how large the ship was ,,, on our first cruise years ago we were boarding Celebrity Infinity for Alaska in Vancouver and as we walked along the quay to the gangplank , this American family ahead of us were looking up the side of the ship , and repeating as in saying ' holy lemon ,,, look how big she is' I did not want to ask after noting the number of drinks you had prior to muster,, did you find a seat to relax in
  13. We have tried the direct customer to cruise line agent and it is normally a tuffers conversation while in the case with Cunard an assigned agent to you can work at times. Overall my TA (brick and mortar) who I have used for many years ( we work as a team ) has the muscle ability as the company she works for interfaces with the Marketing Managers of the cruise line. As I pointed out some example earlier , it was that extra we do a lot of business with your company to company so lets look into this customers case. Yes, I have a app on my mobile that signals me as to price changes which can be interesting as you say
  14. I just answered SMTCAN but in essence once you booked per my experience and like folks unless you have a good TA , you pay what you registered for and retain any OBC you were t be given. As to British Agents booking off a US ship it is a separate system such you have your cabin but they will try to bill you as if you booked via them as in their price shown. Back in 2010 when P & O were running Sea Princess as an Air / Cruise from UK to Barbados return cruise I elected to book for that 10 day return trip cruise part only as my wife is Barbadian and though we see family about every 2 years we had not as a couple seen all the Islands. I discovered Princess advertising the cruise price on their American / Canadian Web site so asked my TA to book it but she came back and said it had to be booked via P & O UK agents. Short Story , I got CEO of P & O via email to give me a contact and allow us Canadians to get on their air/ cruise ( I am British born ) for the cruise part only . Well all was fine , got contact , cruise only price but when converted was still almost 20 % more . I contacted my TA and complained that the Princess web site said such at a lower price even if converted while the UK was saying different,. She got hold of Princess Marketing for our area and bingo we were on the cruise at the advertised price also told that she had the authority ot book or such. I was as happy person as 2010 was my first year allowed to travel after a kidney problem. Back in 2006 for a Holland American Eastern Seaboard cruise Boston to Montreal as both daughters lived in both cities , great way to see them I booked an Outside Cabin as the Balcony was expensive. As we got closer to the date the Balcony price was now only about $200 more and cheaper than the original quote. I asked for an upgrade and would pay the new variance. HA said cannot do that , have to cancel reservation and rebook but at the older quote. My TA did some inner work and HA only charged me the difference for my original booking
  15. In my experience the cruise line does not offer this automatically , for me it is my TA who looks for it and registers as such but as far at the OBC I have seen it happen two ways. On my recent Cunard cruise I was offered a lower price from the initial special offering by taking it , a $1,000 CDN reduction I did loose the free gratuities or such about $400, still a reduction of $600 and kept the OBC original of $150 each. I then got a further $1,000 reduction as the price dropped and my TA in essence ran me though a new booking number. On Princess I had booked a cruise on-board four years prior with a total of $200 OBC to be honoured, well I had not used Princess for that next four years and lo an behold they honoured my booking and refunded the monies to my TA thence to me