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  1. terrierian

    Insurance and Covid19

    Do we believe Dr Zhong Nansham or anything coming out of China? So many lies have been told already. The FCO do not want anybody to cruise ever and Public Health England just want us 70 and over to stop indoors and fade away. We have two cruises booked for next year but I have not taken out any insurance yet because no one knows what is going on.
  2. terrierian

    Are CMV going bust?

    I have just been looking in the money section on the web when I came across an item about the owning company of CMV which said the they were having cash flow problems and were looking to ditch their cruise arm.
  3. terrierian

    Carnival selling 6 ships

    From what I have found out is that the ships will all possibly from the American market and maybe older ones from P&O or Holland America lines.
  4. terrierian

    Bolsover Cruise Club

    Having just read this blog I am shocked at what SINBAD has written. We were booked to sail on 24 July with CUNARD. I have had lots of e-mails from them explaining all the options that we have. As we are both 70 and I have heart trouble CUNARD advised me not to sail. I rang BOLSOVER but the lines were very busy but, the next morning I got a call from them to see what they could do for me as my number came up as a missed call. This is why we book with BOLSOVER because they CARE. I explained what CUNARD had e-mailed to me and asked if our deposit could be used to book another cruise. This she did. The next day the girl rang me to explain what CUNARD wanted me to do because if I cancelled the July one they would give me 125% FCC not as you say 110
  5. terrierian

    Scarlet Lady

    Just looked at OWT's photos. This looks an amazing ship with its radical new shape. As we are now both 70 this is not for us but, for the kids in the future this will very tempting I am sure. We are waiting to see what the new Cunard ship will look like as that maybe more our style.
  6. terrierian

    Where is everyone

    Just back from a Med cruise on the Queen Victoria and was saddened to read about your illness. Hope that it does not stop you from cruising. Several people on the cruise were new to Cunard and had swopped from P&O and Princess as they thought that these two lines were not up to there past standard. Having only cruised with Cunard over the last 10 years I think that they are now cutting corners. As for on board tipping that they add to your bill, well I think this is getting too much so went to the purses desk and got it removed. As most cruise lines have now put a stop to it so should Cunard.
  7. terrierian

    Would you book it?

    Is this for real? Will she be walking with that little camera and bumping in other passengers like she does, then there is the film crew. If you are in shot will they want you to move. NO....this is not what I want from a cruise (nurishment not punishment) thank you very much.
  8. terrierian

    Newbie Cunard dining seating question

    Been with Cunard 7 times now. We always book Cunard fares ( cost a little more but get what you pay for) With booking this way you can book your dining time and also a table for two. Bolsover always sort this for us.
  9. terrierian

    New style blog

    Not been on the forum for a while. Got quite a shock when I signed in with the new set up. Has any one else found this or is it just me?
  10. terrierian

    Azamara Quest - Using Room Credit

    You can give it a try but, I would like to bet that hidden in their T&Cs there will be a get out. So be lucky and keep us all posted.
  11. terrierian

    Using your Mobile.

    We go on cruises to get away from these things. It is on for the 200 mile trip to Southampton and home again. I text my son when we are on the ship as he likes to know we have arrived safely. It then goes in the safe until the return trip home. Why bother with a cruise just to keep finding out what is going off at home?
  12. terrierian

    Best price booking.

    Is this for the same Princess grill suite ie same deck, same position (front,back,middle) as prices differ. All cruise lines advertise the lowest price to pull you in then when you have found what you want the price is always more.
  13. terrierian

    Cunard Drinks Package.

    On the Queen Victoria in 8 weeks, does anybody think that they will be rolling this out to her and Elizabeth any time soon? Does this include drinks with evening meals or is this excluded?
  14. terrierian

    Advance Boarding for cruise ships

    As we do not like to rush and that we have over 200 miles to travel, we set off the day before and spend the night in the Newbury area. The next morning we take our time have breakfast somewhere and just trundle down to the ship aiming to get there between 11 and mid day. Last year in July on Queen Elizabeth got to Mayflower terminal at 11:30. Cases gone walked inside filled out health form and was called to board. Mid day sat having a cuppa waiting for lunch service to start. Well done Cunard.
  15. On the Queens Victoria and Elizabeth you cannot get into the Britannia restaurant without the gel. In the Lido buffet there is usually some one at each end with the gel. As I have a skin problem I should not be using the gel but do as I hope not to catch anything. Also at the doors of all public loos there is a sign above a box of tissues saying use these when opening the door and there is a waste bin to put it in. I always wash after using the loo but you see many men walk out without doing so after using the shed or urinal the dirty sods.