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    Anything Cruise! Spending time with my gorgeous family, friends and a glass or 2 of vino doesn't go amiss! Amateur racing - track days!

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  1. Love Jools! Would love to see him live, and on a ship would be even better!! Great partnership - hope more things like this start to happen!
  2. Popsicle

    What will the outcome be in Venice?

    I absolutely think that the port authority there need to take some steps to reduce the numbers of passengers in port each day. They have to compromise on having the tourism without destroying the locals way of life, and the place itself!
  3. Hold on.... So you don't actually get to drink the wine. I'm out....
  4. Popsicle

    P&O Cruises Announce Iona Will Be The Name Of Their New Ship for 2020

    I think they just forgot the F on the paperwork so just went with it... Actually, I love it..! A very pleasant name <3
  5. Popsicle

    Ed Sheeran's Album Recorded On Cunard's Queen Mary 2

    Oooh will be looking foward to watching this!!
  6. Popsicle

    Is It A Bribe or a Tip?

    Is it just me that thinks $10 for a full week or more preferential treatment makes the barman a cheap date?! I don't generally think it's a good idea overall, the service should be the same for all passengers and by doing this the staff will better their chances of a more generous tip at the end perhaps.
  7. Popsicle

    Has P&O implemented their drinks ban?

    Hiya Yes this is correct, and is being enforced.
  8. I like that instead of letting the moaners affect you, you have turned it into a humourous part of your holiday
  9. I've used one of these onboard Royal Caribbean, and actually it was fine. It was actually refreshing not to have to visit 'reception' every day to have my card reset as I am a nightmare for leaving it near my phone rendering it useless!!
  10. We have just had a letter from our school authority advising that the fines will no longer be issued in every case and that holiday requests will be taken on a case by case basis up to a week for reasonable leave requests but leave over 7 days will be declined & may incur the fines! So it seems Derbyshire at the least are relaxing this a little!
  11. Popsicle

    A Newbies Perspective

    3 nighter booked for next September haha! Think she is converted!
  12. So after years of nagging I finally managed to persuade one of my friends to come along and try a cruise this weekend, and she has done a little review of it! Enjoy! Virgin cruiser here.... I'm sure there are a lot of people on here that have never cruised before and I've just survived my first experience so wanted to share this for those who are not sure. A little bit about me first, me and Poppy have been friends for around 9 years and for about 8 of those she's been trying to get me on board, I've constantly declined as I suffer terrible travel sickness, cars, buses, trains and aeroplanes. After 8 years of torment I caved and booked a two night with her on the Ventura. My thinking was if I'm ill the whole time I won't have lost out on that much money.... now to the actual cruise... We arrived in Southampton around 12 noon and I when I saw the ship I was in awe, it wasn't the ferry I thought it was going to be, it's huge but having never even seen a ship before I had no idea what to expect. We parked the car and headed to the terminal where we checked in and they let us board straight away, they do take your picture when you check in so try not to look how I did (hair tied up and no makeup) 😂 we made our way onto the ship and straight to our room to drop the bags. The room was lovely, two single beds, Because I was with Poppy who is an experienced cruiser I didn't read the welcome letter, I recommend you do as a first timer, it's gives lots of information and what's happening. We did what most holidayers do and headed straight for the bar, cocktails at the ready. I thought the cocktails were cheap, £5.95 and at home we pay more like £7, you sign your name and they scan your card and it gets billed to your room. It was so easy to keep a track on your bill too, it's on the tv in your room. Cocktails in hand we went for an explore of the ship, my view was it's incredible, I couldn't get over how many bars and different restaurants there were. This is where I took about 100 pictures, proper tourist at this point. There is a theatre, shops. We then headed to the deck for more cocktails, it was quite busy there but lots of staff walking around asking if you wanted drinks, obviously we didn't decline. At this point I will go back to the welcome letter, on it there will be something called muster to look out for, this is what everybody on board has to attend at a certain time at a certain location with your lifejackets. We headed back for those and straight to our muster point. I think people should know to be on time for this, we waited around for nearly 30minutes as people were still in the bar, the captain announced he was closing the bar to kick people out. Muster is a safety check to make sure you know how to put your life jackets on and in the case of an emergency. After this we got ready for formal night, it was amazing seeing everyone in their pretty dresses and all the gents in their suits and dickie bows, I loved it. We were in the normal restaurant which I believe was called Saffron and what can I say, I love food and the food I experienced on both nights was absolutely incredible, starter,soup, sorbet, main, pudding and cheese board. We went for drinks on both nights and went to see one of the shows. On day 2 we got off the ship and went to the local town of Blankenberg which was lovely and where I could pick up some Belgium chocolates. Don't be late back or the ship will leave without you. At the beginning of this I mentioned the travel sickness, I've taken travel sickness tablets every 8 hours the whole time of the trip, from parking at 12 to the morning of departure and I have been absolutely fine, to say I'm the sickest person ever when travelling this has really surprised me that I haven't felt ill once. I'm sad to have left the ship I really had a fantastic time and we are already planning a 3 night one for next year and a family cruise. I really can't go into everything as we did so much and ate so much. One thing I do want to say is how every single person I met was lovely and I loved hearing their crushing experience. A huge thanks to poppy for spending 8 years trying to convince me. A fabulous weekend and can't wait for the next one
  13. Popsicle

    Are all cruise ships alike?

    You could compare cruise ships to cars! They come in all different sizes, styles, some are colourful others quite plain. They all have their own unique features! Some are fairly basic, others very high-tec and innovative.. The most important word to consider when you are looking into cruises is RESEARCH! The internet is a knowledge fountain, you can find almost everything you need to know out about the ships..!
  14. Popsicle

    Eden - New Celebrity Edge Reveal

    I remain to be convinced! I am a massive fan of evolution and modernizing but I think it looks tacky!! Maybe the reality will be better than the CGI but currentl it isn't appealing... I think Celebrity are trying to take a leaf out of Anthem Of The Sea's/Harmony Of The Sea's type innovation but for me this just doesn't look great!
  15. Definitely!! Add's to the fun onboard, join in and be a part of it!! They will have activities and themed events for the kids and no doubt things for the grown up kids too!