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  1. Pogeoff

    Britannia or Azura?

    We have been on both P&O ships and on Eclipse (our favourite ship). We preferred Azura to Britannia partly for the layout of the ship but mainly for the more friendly crew. However crews change every few months so Britannia may be better in this respect now (we were on in February). Generally we have found the crews on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean to be much more friendly and communicative than on P&O but you may not want to chat anyway so that is very much a personal thing. Whichever you choose hope you have a great time
  2. Our absolute favourite was Chic but this is a restaurant on Quantum class so it will depend which ship you are on. All the restaurants try hard and we have always found the service excellent on all the RCL ships.
  3. Pogeoff

    Hard sell and cynical lack of information on MSC

    Have recently completed a couple of trips on RCCL and did the Arabian Gulf 7 day cruise in January on the Vision of the Seas. The encouragement to do Shore Excursions is there but information on the ports is delivered to your cabin. The big plus we have noticed is that on RCCL when inside (Buffet etc) you are asked whether you want a drink it is always a free juice, water, tea or coffee unless the customer specifically asks for something else. On deck the waiters come round but relatively discretely. We have cruised a lot on Celebrity but not recently due to the lack of new itineraries but as others have commented Celebrity are now much less helpful. And this seems weird given the attitude of their parent group
  4. Pogeoff

    bay of biscay january?

    Have crossed the Bay a couple of dozens times and only one was "rough" and even that one did not stop the buffet being full as usual. As many have said the weather is unpredictable but most modern cruide liners seem to cope quite well. Hopefully it will be worth it for all the other benefits of a cruise and the others will enjoy it even if it is not tranquil. Good luck
  5. Pogeoff

    Food Quality

    This year we have been on Azura in the Caribbean, Britannia in the Bay of Biscay and Ventura for Potygal, Spain and Morrocco. What we noticed on all was the lower quality of the food served but on Ventura this was combined with it only being served warm rather than hot. On a 14 day cruise only three dinners could be classed as hot. Informed the Maitre D but without response or apparent action this seemed a waste of time. Anyone else noticed this trend (presumably to save money)
  6. A bit late to the table to help Harley1 if a cruise was imminent but we went on Anthem in May and selected Dynamic. Whilst booking was definitely the way to go if you prefer popular times to eat I doubt you would go hungry. It may be that extra effort was made by the staff because it was new but as regular Celebrity travellers we were hugely impressed with the Dynamic option. I am vegetarian and this creates real problems on Cunard and P & O with a bit less of a problem on Celebrity. On Anthem the staff worked magic. We prefer select dining as we have found, on Classic dining, the first sitting too early and the late can intrude if you have additional plans for the evening. The selection of restaurants was interesting and varied (Decadence was brilliant)
  7. Pogeoff

    Anthem Of The Seas: Booked!

    Did a three night mini a month ago and was very impressed. All the staff were excellent, very friendly. Dynamic Dining worked very well but you do have to book early to get preferred time in the restaurants of your choice. Get web site as to when you can book as would definitely not recommend leaving it until you are on board. Did not go surfing, rock climbing or roller skating but it was good fun to watch.
  8. Pogeoff

    Formal Nights On Mini Cruises.

    Did a two night mini with Celebrity a month ago and no formal night (although a number of guests did choose to dress up) but advise to check Cruise Line's web site seems sound. Have a nice one
  9. Pogeoff

    Cruise Line Loyalty

    Like you we cruise with several companies but with Celebrity currently top of the list. We are Elite members with Celebrity and the perks are definitely worthwhile. P and O is second for number of cruises and the perk is 5% off any spend on board. A token really. We are going to try Royal Caribbean and automatically gets perks because of our Celebrity status - this is not available within Carnival group. Having said that Itinerary is still the most important thing